If coffee isn’t your most drinkable beverage but still want to try the Starbucks experience, then the Raspberry Passion Tea Lemonade is the answer for you.

Raspberry Passion Tea Lemonade, StarbucksFor the lemonade and tea lovers, here is a blended strawberry lemonade mixed with a black ice tea. It doesn’t sound that amazing but the taste will make you reconsider the regular lemonade you’ve been drinking.


The drink contains passion tea, lemonade and raspberry syrup, a combination that will make your taste buds happy. The lemonade is in the Starbucks secret menus, so if you want to order it you have to make sure to name the ingredients so that the barista knows what you are talking about.

Also don’t forget to mention the raspberry syrup as a replacement of the regular one to get an even more delicious drink.


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