Pamela’s relationship have always made it to the headlines and her on and off relationship with Rick Salmon still gets even today in the scandal news.

Friends with Benefits

marriage of 5.	Pamela Anderson and Rick SalomonShe first told Ellen DeGeneres that she will get engaged to Rick on the show in 2007. They got married in a small ceremony in Las Vegas but the marriage lasted only 60 days, Pamela citing fraud in the court. The Baywatch star then told in “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2013 that she and Salmon are now “friends with benefits”. And in 2014 she announced that they got married again on an unspecified date.

Rekindle the romance

Even though they tried to rekindle their romance after 7 years, the marriage didn’t last. When they first got back together she said that they were happy.Our families are very happy and that’s all that matters.” Apparently second time is not a charm. After only 6 months they got divorced again, Pamela saying:  “I love being in love – but expectations, make it impossible to be happy – or satisfied. No man knows what to do with me – I blame myself.

Paris Hilton’s sex tape

Rick Salmon is famous for co-starring in Paris Hilton’s sex tape. Friends of Rick say about their relationship that he is too nice for Pamela. In this case “irreconcilable differences” is the exact reason why these two split after less than 10 weeks the first time.

As for the second time, nobody is to blame that the blonde bombshell tried to settle down but as she said, “No man knows what to do with ”. For more details on Rick Salmon’s famous sex tape with Paris Hilton, check out our other article:


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