Nicky Hilton and business Todd Meister knew each other since childhood and they actually planned to get married a long time before they decide to do it quickly in the celebrity way at the Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. It seems that even though this was not a rush decision it certainly didn’t turned out to be a wise one.

Live for the moment

proposing of Nicky Hilton and Todd Andrew Meister The son of the wealthy Robert Meister is in the money business management and an old friend of Nicky. In other words he is a young man with the time and money to hang around the Hilton sisters. Todd proposed weeks earlier before the event but those close to them say this way it was more intimate this way.

A long-time friend said at that time: “Todd will dance all night, he’ll jump on a plane at the last minute and go anywhere to have a good time,” “I think Todd and Nicky share the same philosophy-live for the moment.” Their wedding song was “Whitney Huston-I Will Always Love You”. Among their guest were Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Bijou Philips.

What went wrong?

The rocky couple filled for an annulment two weeks later. What went wrong? Probably the hasted way to get married and as they both said in the annulment, the distance. While Nicky was mostly in Los Angeles, Todd was in New York. In this case their estranged time spent after the wedding help the couple to clear their minds towards their Vegas stunt.

Not to mention Nicky was only 21 years old at the time, while Todd 31, so we might say Nicky had time since then to get passed parties and settle down to marrying banker James Rothschild on August, 2014.

Famous for his also short marriage to Elisabeth Taylor, Nicky Hilton’s grandfather experienced the same kind of marriage as his granddaughter and in the spirit of inheritance Nicky married after three months of dating Todd and as a result it ended in only 85 days.

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