Wrestling is about making a name for yourself. Making a name in the ring, a name that would resonate years after you quit the ring.

For some wrestlers, their name will have an impact even after they switched sides, moving from the “adored by the public” good guy to the “booed by everyone” bad guy. Whatever the camp they fought on, all these wrestlers had one thing in common: they fought for their fans, for their public and sometimes for their own pride.

Many believe, and they’re right, that wrestling is staged and nothing that happens in the ring is true fighting. However, the injuries these wrestles suffer from are real. The passion they put on display in the ring is also real.

It is called entertaining and it has, successfully, entertained people from all over the world. Men have identified with the heroes or the villains, while women secretly craved for the wrestlers’ toned bodies.

The wrestlers we chose for this list are the ones that made a name for themselves, they stood up for something. These are the wrestlers that made the crowd go wild at the even whisper of their names. They are the wrestlers that made wrestling into the successful business that it is today.

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