Having pets is as fun, stressful, and hands-on as having a child. As a parent, you have to take a good care of them, make sure that their needs are met, and are away from life’s perils. However, some pet owners aren’t fully aware of the dangers that threaten their pets such as many common household objects that could definitely harm or, in extreme cases, potentially cause death to your beloved pet.

If you’re a pet parent or you’re planning to be one, you should know that having a pet won’t always be rainbows and unicorns – you need to be ready for the storms, or the accidents that your pets are exposed to. You should be informed on the different things that can pose hazards to your beloved furry companion – thus, the existence of this article: here are 20 of the top dangerous things that can kill your pet for you to take note.

20. Human food

dangerous foods for your petOne of the most dangerous things that can harm and potentially kill your pet is your very own food. Just because it’s edible for you doesn’t mean that it is edible for them too. It may seem harmless but sharing food is tricky when it comes to or furry friends.

Food like chocolate, cow’s milk, nuts, bread, bacon, sausages contain ingredients that are not suitable for your adorable babies. This is also the main reason why animals have food specifically made for them. If you’re unsure whether a food is safe for your pet, it is best to do your research or ask a professional.

19. Drugs/Human Medication

things that can kill your petAll forms of drugs can be harmful to pets as much as they’re damaging to people, especially when taken either accidentally or without supervision.

Prescription and non-prescription drugs like painkillers, anti-depressants, vitamins, diet pills, ointments or creams have substances that can cause complications or worse, death to you pets. Your cold medicine may treat your colds but it is definitely not what they need. These will only cause them further harm than cure them.

There are medications made for animals and there are professionals who can treat them and prescribe medicines for them. If your pet accidentally ingested a pill or two, it is best to consult a veterinarian immediately.

18. Chemicals

most harmful things for your petJust like drugs and human medication, chemicals can be deadly to animals as it is for humans when left unsupervised.

Chemicals, both toxic and non-toxic like insecticides, air fresheners, perfume, and laundry detergents pose great hazard to your pet and can even cause death. It’s no surprise that even the most careful pet parent is not exempt to having pet accidents. Your pets can jump, fly, slither, crawl on any surface and it’s not unlikely that they will grab and ingest almost everything within their reach.

One way to prevent your pets from accidentally consuming chemicals around your house is to make sure that they are not within their reach. Make sure to store them somewhere they can’t access like cabinets and drawers with locks.

17. Traps/Poison

Not every animal is suitable to be a pet for a person. Rats, spiders, snakes, cats, or even insects will be pests for some people but can be adorable, lovely pets for others. It’s very common for people to set up traps to catch pests around their house or property.

As a pet owner who sets traps or poisons for pests, you have to make sure that your pet won’t be able to accidentally step on it or eat it.

If your pest traps are something that can be accessible or easily seen, just make sure that you check on them once in a while. Animals are curious creatures and are most likely to check on something that piques their curiosity.

16. Cigarettes

20 most harmful things for your petIngested or inhaled, cigarettes can be a killer to both humans and pets. Cigarettes contain nicotine that is extremely dangerous not only to you, but also to your pets. When inhaled or ingested, they can incur respiratory problems, allergies, nasal and lung cancer, and ultimately death. 

We’re not telling you to quit smoking (Actually, we are. That would be good and beneficial not only to your pet, but for you, too.) just for your pet, but to be wary of where you are smoking and are leaving your cigarette packs and cigarette butts, as your pet might come across them and decide to chew on them.

Also, it is best to not smoke where your pets hang around. If you feel the need to smoke, it is advisable to do it outside or to move somewhere else where your pet can’t inhale the smoke your cigarette produces.

15. Alcohol

alchol can kill your petAlcohol is obviously something that isn’t supposed to be given to animals as they chemicals that are very harmful to them, like it is for humans when taken in excess. If ever they ingest alcohol, it can cause vomiting, intoxication, seizures, respiratory failure, coma and death in some cases.

Just like other dangerous things that are easily accessible and deadly for your pets, it is best to store your alcohol in a safe place, somewhere that they won’t be able to reach. Make sure to not involve your pets when you’re drinking.

14. Leftovers

hazardous things that can kill your petLeftovers are just as or even more dangerous as human food. Leftovers like bones, fruit and vegetable peelings are choking hazards for your pet.

For some pets, like dogs and cats, it is permissible to have them chew on bones but it should be given cautiously and with careful supervision. Still, even if your pets are allowed to chew on bones, you have to keep in mind that they are capable of ingesting them.

Puppies and kittens won’t be able to chew on bones that a grown pet can typically chew and are very prone to choking on them, which can lead to death.

13. Garbage

harmful things for your petGarbage is called garbage for a reason. They’re something that are not useful anymore and therefore should be thrown away.

Since garbage contains different types of wastes that are made up of different kinds of materials and chemicals, your garbage is a plethora of stuff that are harmful and will kill you beloved companions. If your pet has the habit of clawing, sniffing or going through stuff, make sure that your garbage bins are closed tightly and can’t be easily opened by them.

12. Toys

There are toys that are appropriate for your pets and there are toys that are not. As fun as it may be for both you and your pets to play with toys, it can be very dangerous.

For one, toys are made up of different chemicals and there are certain parts of it that may be unsafe for your pets (hence, choking hazards).

Toys, edible or not, especially those with moveable and removable parts can serve as a choking hazard and can cause intestinal blockages for your pet.

Parts like eyes and noses from stuffed toys can eventually be chewed off by them. Also, double check the material of the toys you are buying and giving to your pet. If you ever have other pets in the house, make sure that these toys, if not safe for them, are kept away from them. Not every toy is fun and safe for every pet.

11. Weather condition

20 things that can kill your petAll of us, both men and animals, have different needs in order to survive. Humans and animals alike have specific weather conditions that we can tolerate and live with.

Animals instinctively live on places where they can survive. Not all animals can survive the cold of the North and not every animal can survive the heat in tropical regions. So before you plan to have a pet, you should consider where you live, where you plan to raise them,  and whether or not it will be safe for them.

10. Metals

Metals of all shapes, sizes and materials can be equally harmful to your pets. Common metals that you use or can be found lying around such as coins, keys, nails, hooks and tiny bolts pose immense danger to your pets.

Carelessly leaving these things lying around can lead to these little this being easily downed by your curios furry friends.

Store these things in a place that  they can’t access. It saves you the clutter, as well as the agony of losing a pet over an ingested coin. In the event that your pet accidentally downs on a metal, bring your pet to the doctor immediately.

9. Airtight spaces

things that can kill your petWe all know it is fun to bring your pet with you when you’re going out. Leaving them in your locked vehicle with the windows closed on a hot day will suffocate them to death! It is disappointing to see some pet owners do this to their pets.

Pets like snakes, mice, spiders etc., which in most cases are placed in a plastic or glass container should still be able to breathe inside. Imagine yourself stuck in a car for so long with the same conditions – yep, you’ll probably die too.

8. Household Items

don't left your home appliances unawareHousehold items like appliances, office supplies, kitchen paraphernalia, toys, etc., can be the cause of your pet’s death if not stored and handled well and with care.

These things no matter how mundane or common they are, are either powered by electricity, are sharp, are small and are made up of materials harmful for your pets just as it can be dangerous for you too.

Make sure to keep both your pets and your household items in check. Is your knife set just settled in the counter? Are your appliances near liquids which can potentially cause electrocution? These are just some of the many things that you have to check and double check for you and your pet’s safety.

7. Small objects

unsafe small items for dogsSmall objects, edible or not, are obviously choking hazards for your pet. You may not even notice it at first but your stealthy (but adorable) pet can effortlessly chew and swallow small objects they see around.

As explained in the previous items and is dictated by common sense, choking can lead to the untimely death of your beloved pet.

To avoid this awful thing from happening, don’t let small items lay around your household. If ever your pet has accidentally swallowed a small item he found on your kitchen, or practically anywhere, bring him to the animal doctor immediately! Don’t wait for him to throw up the item and don’t try to handle it yourself because it might just cause more harm.

6. Plants

poisinous plants listIndoor and outdoor plants can also cause death to your pet. Some plants are the source of food of your pets, but it’s not the case for all animals.

Not all animals are herbivores the same way that not all animals are carnivores and omnivores. What you can do is to make sure that the plants you have around your house and your backyard are not, at least, poisonous. Examples of poisonous plants are azalea, lilies, and mistletoe.

5. Heat/Fire

harmful things for your dogsDirect heat, just as it is harmful to you, it is also deadly to your pets. If you’re cooking in the kitchen, make sure that your pet is nowhere near where you’re working to avoid burning them.

This also applies to when you’re having a bonfire, a BBQ, burning leaves in your backyard, or anything that involves heat or fire. If you have a fireplace in your house, make sure that your pets aren’t near enough to get burned or be accidentally set on fire.

4. Improper diet

harmful things for your petResearch comes a long way when planning to have a pet. Don’t get too excited about how cute your bunny hops or how that hamster runs on his wheel or how awesome the pattern on that snake’s skin is!

You have to consider lots of things to properly take care of your pet and one of them is their diet. What do they eat? How often do I have to feed them? What are the things that are not allowed for them? If not done properly, this can be the cause of your pet’s death. Do your research or ask your veterinarian or fellow pet parent about their diet.

3. Handling

Most 20 Dangerous Things Could Kill Your PetYou know that feeling when you see a very cute animal? You want to squish them and hold them against your chest and hold them there forever? We all know that feeling.

However, improper handling of pets (which definitely includes your desire of squishing them) can be very dangerous. Not that we are discouraging you from doing these things – it’s just that improper handling of your pets can actually kill them!

Not every animal are handled the same way. There are parts of their bodies that are sensitive and should be handled with care. It is your responsibility to know how to properly handle your pet and to inform people who want to hold or pet him/her on how to do so as well.

2. Human Actions

Human activities, whether on purpose or not, can be highly risky to your pet. Humans can harm animals as much as they can harm their own kind (us to ourselves, basically).

As your pet’s parent, it is your responsibility to make them feel safe –  and activities like smoking, drinking, and doing drugs can obviously threaten the safety your pet. Even mundane activities such as cleaning your house, cooking, doing laundry can seriously harm your pet if not done cautiously.

Other human activities like destruction of their habitats to make way for infrastructures, animal slaughter, and pollution can also negatively affect your pet and its species.

1. Other Animals/Predators

harmful things for your petsIt is but part of nature’s paradigm to have predators and preys. This is one of the main pushes of nature to evolve and reinforce the survival in the animal kingdom.

If you’re considering owning different types of pets, it is best to have safety precautions as you would if you have a child – it is best to ask an expert regarding animal relations before planning to have different pets in your home.

Pets can also get stressed when a new pet comes home which will lead to complications if not properly addressed. Your home should be the safest place for you furry babies.

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