The Olsen sisters first television appearance was when they were literally just babies in the sitcom Full House in 1987 and lasted in the show for eight years while their career took off. When they were twelve years old they kept appearing on television and also on another TV series Two of a Kind and a line of musical detective videos The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley and on their famous party tapes called You’re Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s. They released a music video that went famous entitled Our First Video.

Business ventures

Beside acting, the pair was really wanted by marketing producers. Their name was very important to appear for product placement.
In 2004 Mary-Kate was facing anorexia and eating disorder and checked into a rehabilitation facility. Shortly after the Olsens released their featured film New York Minute.

olsen sisters fashionStarting with 2005 the sisters began involving in business and purchased the shares of Dualstar. Their next step was to enter the world of high-end fashion and launched their own line of clothing.

In 2008 they released their best-seller book Influence which features figures such as Christian Louboutin, Lauren Hutton and Bob Colacello.
They have since focused on fashion, launching their own high-fashion line called The Row a line that has been inspired by Savile Row and (in 2011) a T-shirt line at

In October 2012, Mary-Kate and Ashley won the WSJ magazine Innovator of The Year Award. In August 2013, the twins launched a new fashion line in Oslo, Norway.

Personal life

Mary-Kate has been romantically linked to photographer Maxwell Snow in 2006 and in 2008 she dated artist Nate Lowman. Since 2012 Mary-Kate started to date French banker Olivier Sarkozy and the two got engaged in March 2014.

As for Ashley she ended her relationship with high school sweetheart Matt Kaplan and in 2008 she began dating her co-star Justin Bartha but after three years they split. In January 2014 Ashley started dating film director Bennett Miller who is 20 years her senior.


Although the Olsens are not actually identical twins but fraternal, rumors have been sparking that Mary-Kate has done some surgery on her since they no longer look the same anymore. The two were spotted at the 2014 World Of Children Awards in New York City, but the 28 year old Mary-Kate hasn’t denied or confirmed these rumors yet.

When asked about their path towards a business of success the twins had to say what should be a lesson to all: “Every move that we’ve made through the past 10 years has been step-by-step. One item at a time.

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