Kung Fu Hustle was one of the most visually imaginative and unique movies we have seen in quite some time. We expected it to be another boring martial arts movie with clichéd story lines and bad acting but this is one of the most richly imaginative, creative, downright enjoyable movies I’ve ever seen. I dare to say it was almost as enjoyable as Pulp Fiction. My expectations were blown away.

Director Stephen Chow, through this film, pays homage to all those Hong Kong Martial Arts Cinema, Bruce Lee and the action genre in general.

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There’s always been a certain “cheesiness” to Hong Kong cinema, but on rare occasions a writer or director will directly tap a nerve and somehow reach to captivate your attention: ‘Kung Fu Hustle’ is one of those films.

From kung fu showdowns to dance sequences featuring tuxedoed mobsters, you’ve never seen a martial arts action movie like this one!

With jaw-dropping fight sequences by Yeun Wo Ping (choreographer of Kill Bill Vol.1 & 2 and The Matrix) Kung Fu Hustle will blow you away! And the action was deliberately over the top, which was complimented by some pretty decent CGI work.


This movie had us belly-laughing, it was so funny! It is like aself-parody” of itself. It mixes fantasy, comedy, and great action sequences very well and has a almost magical feel to it. We found it unconventional, touching, and absolutely hilarious. Almost anyone who could have had heroic qualities attributed to them did not fit the “normalstereotyped model.

If you’ve never seen a Chinese action comedy film before, and are used to Jackie Chan films, you may not know what to make of this film.

Bit of everything

This movie has everythingcomedy, drama, unimaginable action, slap-stick, great acting, a great story, wildly silly absurdity, an actual theme, a touch of poetry, and genuine soul. In a true Hong Kong style, it has a bit of everything.

In our opinion this is the best Chinese comedy kung fu movie yet to be made. All in all, 100 % enjoyable.

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