No matter how you feel about Kim Kardashian, you too surely were shaken by the news about the robbery of her hotel room.

A lot of information spreads throughout the media, so gathering up every fact seemed to be the best idea. Kim Kardashian West was attacked by five masked, armed men on a Sunday night at her Paris accommodation, who at first disguised themselves as police officers. After forcing the guardian of the building to open the door of Kardashian West’s apartment, they covered the media star with a gun, then they closed her tied up in the bathroom.

Kim Kardashian even cried as she described the robbery in the Ellen show and you can read her story here on E Online

Then they took $10 million worth of jewelry and two mobile phones from the house, including Kim’s diamond ring -a recent gift from Kanye West- which is worth more than 4 million dollars.

According to the news, the celebrity queen was so traumatized by the robbery that she started to attend a therapy and she has even canceled her upcoming birthday party. Kanye West began to recruit a real elite corps to protect her, but seemingly this is still not enough to calm down Kim Kardashian and she is fully retired since the attack against her.

Allegedly a video was published about the reality star staying in her own suite wrapped in a blanket and video phoning on the day of the robbery. However, this raises questions about both the events of that day, and the identity of the occasional cameraman.

And now, here are 6 interesting facts about the celebrity queen whose buttocks admittedly entered into history:

1. She owns her proper reality show with her siblings and the whole family. She is crying, she is getting married and even gets to the prenatal care in this production.

2. In 2000 she married a music producer, she was only 19 years old then. The marriage lasted three years and it allegedly ended due to the man’s aggressive behavior which affected Kim too.

3. She got married again, but it lasted only 72 days. It is suspicious that it was only about increasing the viewership of Kim’s show. Kris Humphries, the second husband claimed that they did not even pass their wedding night. The divorce proceedings lasted, by the way, eight times longer than the marriage itself.

4. And the marriage of the century with Kanye West, which cost three billion dollars. This certainly confirmed her position on the celebrity ranking list. But why is she famous? Because she is famous?

5. Like all decent celebs, she also has homemade porn, which was posted on the internet in 2007. The court assessed her a recompense of $ 5 million dollars.

6. Her terribly bad relationship with the wife of her husband’s best friend (BeyoncĂ©) gives a constant source of themes for the magazines.

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