We all know the game industry is a business force to be reckoned on the wide-world stage, having tons of money put in investments and developments, an industry that caught on the little ones as well as the adults, and still is a big part of our lives, nevertheless singlehandedly bringing pleasure as well as personal development.

Some people play them for fun, some play it for the money, some play for the showoff but most play it for a sport. Let’s face it. It’s a sport like any other sports but the mental is caught up in this loop of fire, probably making muscles for the fingers that are doing all the action.

There’s always a new world for you to explore, some smart guys farting it from their imagination and letting us to take a taste of it, most of us liking it and enjoying every-day and some of us do it for the salary.

Damn I envy those people. Skipping the chit-chat let’s go straight to no. 10

10. Dungeon Fighter Online(PC)-2005- $4 Billion

highest grossing gamesA Korean online beat-em-up game that never get the grasp more of its originally place, a game which is still played competitively. Really can’t see what was all the fuss about this game but apparently people still find it very challenging, of course after you have only two directions to shoot of the enemy, I can understand where is the problem.

It’s a very- very linear game, not giving you the space to choose from something or take another different path, it’s like they dictate your way through the game, it’s not open wide, the graphics are excruciating bad, more like old-time street-fighter even though this is not a so old game, it’s actually released in 2005 still hasn’t improved their graphics.

100 million play this game, wow, this shitty stuff is actually appreciated world-wide, probably by retarded kids which weren’t let up to play normal games like the rest of us, of it’s just that they are retarded and appreciate indeed the game.

Comparatively with other dungeon games this one right here is a total shit whole in which you can barely do something flashie or hard, not to mention the fact that is straight forward 2D. I love 3D like hell, but this scenery is like a fucking little retarded kid went on with this idea and made it threw for other retarded kids, in which you shoot a weapon in 2D in 2 directions and hoping for the best to land a decent gear.

When I saw this I realized that ALL other dungeon games are much better than this but still this one is one of the highest grossing of all time. Fuck logic. Never mind, we should ask the kids what they see in this shit and as well pay from mommy and daddy for them to play.


9. Donkey Kong(Arcade/NES/Coleco)-1981- $4.4 billion

highest grossing games listSeen this game in Pixels in the arcades and wondered what it was all about. Apparently this is one of the first game invented ever and had a huuge impact upon the kids and adults the same.

With $4.4 Billion Grossing, considering that he hadn’t so much competition at that time, being the precursor of Mario-jump game, this is one of the most cool stuff you could do in that period.

I remember having lots of fun with Mario but this game being able to be played competitively with high scores and shits, really can make you waste all of your time to solve this out.

On that period this was an innovation, now it’s looked with pessimist eyes and wondering if anyone still plays this. Maybe the nostalgic still do, but to be ones, if there weren’t for this kind of games we wouldn’t try to force our limits into innovation and bring so many options of games that are a real world for a brief period, seemingly more real than the reality.

Now graphics it’s kinda no.1 to be looking for when in terms of picking seeking that immersive power that the game has and lends us a very quality time to waste. Well if you like it, there is not a waste of time. Trust me, dunno who said it but it’s letter by letter very true.

8. Wii Fit(Wii)- 2007- $5 Billion

highest grossing gamesThis game successfully replaces a real person trainer giving you the opportunity to practice wherever you like, with your friends or family, or single when you wake up and looking for a decent program and not being able to look for it online, being old school and not up to date.

This is actually one of the most interesting games I’ve ever seen. Considering the fact that it’s a simple fucking board on which you stand and to all sorts of tricks like you are a trained dog to do so, but nonetheless one of the truly immersive games out there, requiring from you to actually move and win point not like others where you can lay on the bed with a mouse in one hand and the keyboard in the other.

I’d really wanna buy at some point, when I’m older one of this shits to remember that I have to do workouts as well. A branch with very few competitors which brought them a huge amount of money, rounding up to $5 Billion. Good job Wii.

7. Lineage Series(PC)-1998-$5.7 Billion

highest grossing game listOne of the most original games of all times after most online RPG players, an universe full of wonder, instances, modes and things to do, and full of shit if you were to ask me. In this game you can not JUMP.

What the actual fuck? People use that as an immersive tool and hopefully dodge skill, positioning of the camera, interrupt a spell casting, or I dunno, simply jump on to things to make you feel like the king of the hill.

You can’t without that option and it’s not like a complicated series of commands to do so, leaving a perfectly good game handicapped for a simple minor detail. The graphics at the beginning weren’t all that good but over time, with the Lineage II it came the improvement alongside it.

People spent lots of dollars , not to mention lots time from the optional in-game purchases which as well don’t make any sense to me. You can buy something virtual in a virtual world, ok? And what if that virtual simply disappears, you left stranded on the sea of virtual with no other choice than to be robbed. By a virtual thief. Some kind of fellows…

This is another South Korean, being developed by NCSoft, being played by a no. of 14 million users worldwide.

I’ve heard of people farming and farming for no fucking reason for hours straight instead of playing something actual on the PC. Ok, it requires less skill and there’s a chance that you won’t die, but let’s say it this way. You are playing something virtual and made up, and not to mention, at some point overpowered stuff that didn’t reveal your skill only your gear. And there were millions who thought this way. What a waste of resources …

6. Wii Sports(Wii)- 2006- $6 Billion

wii sports screenshot, highest grossing games listAn actual ok series where the actual company Wii became synonymous with the system and its motion- tracking controllers which made its money by simply selling its systems.

This is a more likely way to do it, seriously, than to cash money from items in-game, better sale something real with real-motioned gameplay, where you can really feel that you are making a part of the game.

The game began to be reckoned all around the world and made a huge impact forcing the developers to produce more and more game options, making from Nintendo one of the most successful game companies of all time with only Sony with PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox as competitors on the market out there.

Never actually understood how the boxing schematics work with two fist and only one controller. One of the most innovative games out there making you feel like you are actually playing having lotsa choices to succeed and the only minus is the weak graphics which you can understand why are they so poor, it’s motion-based.

5. Crossfire(PC)- 2007- $6.8 Billion

highest grossing game listI don’t really understand where is this’s game income coming from, being a free-to-play kinda game, a tactical online Korean developed by Smile Gate with more than 50 million worldwide, but no quality to be brag about in this game’s graphics.

It has a Counter Strike 1.6 graphic, one of the oldest games around still being played. Bad menu itemization graphics, kinda sloppy made, but with real game expenses to be worrying about.

Overall it’s still a fun to play game, I’m used to Counter Strike 1.6 graphics so I won’t complain myself much longer about it. The game-style is catchy so it can make you spend hours at a row in it, the modes are enough to not be bored by the same style, and the aiming is better than Counter I’d may say, having a bit less recoil.


4. World of Warcraft (PC)-2004-$8.5 Billion

highest grossing games listThis one right here was one of my favorite games of my childhood, being and addict of Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne, really appreciated the transforming a MobA into an RPG, really adored it at the start, spending the most of my free time with this game and in many cases forgot to eat or to sleep, that didn’t give me any kind of XP.

Considering the fact that the options were very large in terms of world exploring, with landscapes that sent your mood into a different location, straight into the nature, beautiful created, from wilderness into large well-shaped cities with the possibility to JUMP, yes, this was one of the aspect that I very much appreciate it, now with the ability to fly and have a haircut as well as have a wedding or what the heck you would expect a real life to have in its wines.

The pirated servers asked money for items, those you couldn’t really get your hands on or not at all, created in such a way the good items you should’ve bought, in a year transferring onto the original servers which I’d may say really gave me the impression of an alternate life, with lots of stuff that belonged to me and really much appreciated the atmosphere people created.

Nowadays you can have your own castle, with employees and shit and it’s more player friendly than it was in the past. Really miss those times but won’t forget them like, never… Great itemization, dungeons, options, background story and lots and lots of stuff. Loved it.


3. Street Fighter II(Arcade/SNES/Genesis)-1991-$10.6 Billion

highest grossing games listThis game was created right in the year I was born, coincidence? I think not. I remember a time I asked for money that initially were for snacks and instead I spent them onto this game.

Really loved it, playing it with the older folks, never wining but still had the nerves to never give up, and, one day, I lost again … I really sucked at this game. Like totally, but I was a little kinder and had no clue what the buttons do.

Anyhow, this gave the impression of one to one combat in the times we seek for blood more than ever, giving us the pleasure to beat someone without real injuries. Decent graphic for that time, a very decent game for competition spirits and companies, milking lotsa money from the unexpected victims of our society.

Since then the Capcom would go on and spawn the game numerous times with a massive franchise, with Street Fighter V being one of the most anticipated releases of 2016.

2. Pac-Man(Arcade/Console/mobile/PC)-1980-$12.8 Billion

best games of all timeOne of the most captivating game of all times, with game machines in every respectable town, having all the unexpected and innocent children playing this game on and on and on, spending every quarter they had on them only to get that high-score.

I loved this game in the childhood playing it numerous times until I learnt how to deal with every level until I couldn’t handle it anymore. Really addictive and in that period you hadn’t had very much options to choose from. So Pac-Man was one of the greatest hits ever.

1. Space Invaders(Arcade/Atari 2600)-$13.9 Billion

highest grossing games listThe same pattern as Pac-Man, the main competitor and the most appreciated at that time with the mission to save the earth.

Who didn’t want to become a hero at that times, as well as now… Becoming a global phenomenon. Urban legends says that it caused a coin shortage in Japan when It first launched. It’s an icon for that period as well as the Pac-Man is, one of the ancestors of modern games that we really be appreciating for now.

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