Eve Torres Gracie, best known for her time with the WWE as Eve Torres, was at first a model and a dancer. She danced on shows like: “Show Me the Money”, “Sunset Tan” and “Deal or no Deal”.

Her first contact with the wrestling scene was when she entered WWE’s 2007 Diva Search, competition which she won thus getting a contract with the WWE. At first she appeared not as a wrestler, but as a backstage interviewer (2008) and as a contestant in bikini contests and dance competitions, nothing wrestling-related.

Eve Torres wearing sexy outfits

Eve became a wrestler in 2009 and got involved in feuds with other female wrestlers like Michelle McCool, Layla, Natalya and others. Eve also managed “Cryme Tyme”, a tag team that had JTG and Shad as its members.

After being moved to Raw, in October 2009, Eve Torres won the Divas Championship three times, first in April 12th 2010. Later, in January 30th 2011 and in September 16th 2012, Eve got her other two titles. Eve Torres is tied with AJ Lee on the number of reigns for the WWE Divas Championship.

Eve retired at the beginning of 2013, after she suffered a loss in her storyline against Kaitlyn. It was later found out that Eve Torres asked WWE for her release earlier, in December so that she could have time to focus more on her role as instructor for the Gracie Women Empowered Self-defense program.

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