Christy was discovered at an early age by a local photographer while riding the horse in Miami. She began to model whenever she had some free time, after school mostly, from the age of 14 to 16. A couple of years later, Turlington moved to New York, the city where she could begin her full-time modelling career.

Throughout her career, Turlington appeared in over 500 magazine covers and a nude photo shoot for PETA’s Anti-fur campaign in 1993. The nudes of Turlington got heavily criticised by the feminist animal rights supporters.

Turlington met Edward Burns in 2000 and after a few bumps in their road, the two of them married, in 2003. Turlington was 25 weeks pregnant at the time of her wedding. The happy couple have two kids: a daughter Grace, born in 2003 and a son Finn, born in 2006.

Christy Turlington Supermodel of the 1990s

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