Every time we see a picture of a celeb, we are stunned of how perfect it looks! And this does not only happen when they are pictured by magazines, newspapers or on professional sites, but also when they use the social media with their own photos. As they look almost unreal for the real world, most of the people get to think the celebrities are those human beings that are so close to perfection even when they wake up or when they have a meal in their own living room.

In order to help us see things a little different and prove that celebrities and their “personal” pictures are not that natural and easy to get as they are trying to show it, the Australian comedian Celeste Barber decided to recreate the stars photos on Instagram. She uses the hashtag #celestechallengeaccepted and she recreates pictures taken by Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr or even Justin Bieber in order to show how unreal these posts stars make on their personal accounts are.

561129The Australian comedian says she started doing these “copy” pictures about three months ago, as a joke to entertain herself and her friends but she got extremely popular on Instagram thanks to the photos. “People take it all too seriously, they have such an obsession with celebrities, the rich, the privileged and all these life-style blogger but yet the celebrities think they are doing normal things. Kim Kardashian posing in a pile of dirt – who does that in real life?” is what Celeste Barber told the Daily Mail Australia reporters.

Celeste Barber also stars in How Not to Behave and she declares she’s never taking herself too seriously and gets the most hits when she does something completely ridiculous or posts a half naked picture – the more ridiculous the better. Here’s a Celeste Barber’s Top 9 Instagram Photos to give you a great portion of laugh while you see how a celebrity would look like as a normal person, without the tips and tricks only they get in their “not regular mortals” world.

9. Miranda Kerr’s positive attitude

Here, Celeste Barber took the same pose as the world wide model, kissing “the camera” but holding in her hands a totally different message. While the paper Miranda holds says “Love who you are just the way you are!” and owns a #actually she can hashtag, Celeste wrote on her paper: “There’s no point in trying if you don’t look like this!” using her #celeste challenge accepted hashtag in order to show that Miranda’s deep massage wouldn’t mean the same is she didn’t look as good as she does!

Miranda Kerr’s positive attitude

8. Kim Kardashian’s make up tutorial

In this picture, Celeste painted her face in the France’s flag colors to parody Kardashian’s tutorial for a perfect natural make-up. Again, she tries to point there’s no way you can look as good as Kim does without very expensive make-up and without a pro helper who knows exactly what he/she does to your face. So, no regular woman could obtain a perfect make-up without more than a tutorial’s help.

Kim Kardashian’s make up tutorial

7. Kim Kardashian’s selfie while being pregnant

This is one of Celeste’s most recent posts, showing a picture where she was pregnant, again proving that normal woman do not look perfect size and don’t wear perfect make up (not only for the face, but also all over their bodies) when they are pregnant and Kardashian’s selfie is far from being natural and not edited.

Kim Kardashian’s selfie while being pregnant

6. Justin Bieber with a knife on his tongue

Now this picture really makes the star look humorous as he shows himself in front of a mirror, almost licking a knife and revealing his upper body tattoos. If you ask us: not sexy at all! Maybe just funny, especially after you see Celeste’s pic with the hair, the knife and that tattoo of “1+1=2”.

Justin Bieber with a knife on his tongue

5. Miranda Kerr eating French fries

Again, the supermodel tries to show herself as natural as possible, but really, I mean really, do you actually believe that she can eat that big plate of French fries and a burger at any time she wants? Well, we don’t think so, but she actually also looks hilarious, just like Bieber, when you see her next to Celeste’s picture where the bread comes next to the fried potatoes.

Miranda Kerr eating French fries

4. Sleepy Kardashian

That look of Kim when she just woke up is anything but natural! Now com’ on! Only take a look at the closed eye and see what a perfect make-up she wears? Do you do that at night? It totally not healthy and it surely won’t look that perfect after your closed eyes were on a pillow! If you ask us, Celeste’s look is really natural, although absolutely not sexy … as in normal life, true?

Sleepy Kardashian

3. Serena William hanged in the gym

We totally know Serena is great at sports but … really? Do you trust that is a photo to post as a natural look? Totally not! She’s totally not comfortable in that position, we’re sure she’s never wearing huge bracelets at the gym and she doesn’t oil her body for the exhausting exercise, don’t you think? So, probably Celeste pushing herself to actually lift over those benches is much more closer to reality, again!

Serena William hanged in the gym

2. The blonde Kardashian between the branches

Now this is one of the best! Celeste Barber actually said that Kim was one of her true sources of inspiration when she decided to start this project. We don’t know which of the girls is sexier in that position, but probably … none of them! Now really, why would a sexy woman lay half naked on brunches, dust and dirt? Just why? And how can you call this a natural picture?

The blonde Kardashian between the branches

1. Gisele Bundchen’s hair flicking

It’s true that Gisele looks absolutely amazing in this picture. It is a beautiful photo but never the less more edited than all the others presented in this top before. So, here’s what Celeste did: showed herself flicking her hair in a natural way. The result: it doesn’t look amazing at all, but it’s natural and it can make you laugh for some minutes on! And as she said: the more ridiculous the picture looks, the more appreciated by the fans!

So, we’re waiting for some more! We bet, you also expect some more ridiculous and funny parodies of the celebs’ selfies!

Gisele Bundchen’s hair flicking

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