Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular are starting to change the way we live. We have been introduced to various new Bitcoin investment possibilities over the last few years. The technology that cryptocurrencies are built on allows for transparent and uneditable transactions to be made. These exchanges are completed in a flash, without any substantial fees having to be paid. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have allowed ANYBODY in the world to invest into this new phenomenon that is shaking the foundation of finance as we know it. If you’re not familiar with the term “blockchain technology”, read our article on the topic. Through it, you will gain a better understanding of the fundamentals that cryptocurrencies are built on.

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Let’s not forget why we’re here; take a look at what you can learn about this new Bitcoin investment fund through our Bitley’s review:

We have already talked about another project that the team behind Bitley’s is working on. Optioment is a Bitcoin investment fund that offers some impressive financing opportunities for individuals. Optioment and Bitley’s work on the same principal, but they follow a different business plan. Both of these investment opportunities only accept Bitcoins as investment. These are both very much viable investment options and you should familiarize yourself with both of them as much as possible. If you want to learn more about Optioment, be sure to read our review on it! You can also click here to start your Optioment account.

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What is Bitley’s

Before we get down to how Bitley’s works and where the money comes from, let’s take a look at it from a potential investor’s point of view. You, as the client have the option of investing Bitcoins into the Bitley’s system. In return, you get a profitable interest rate on your deposited Bitcoins. As I’ve said before, Bitley’s only accepts Bitcoins as payment. The great thing about this is that you’re also getting paid in Bitcoins. You can make up to 150% of the initial investment through their longest plan. 150% on your Bitcoin investment; meaning that you can also add the inevitable rise in Bitcoin’s value to your profit.

Bitley's investment plans

There are three different plans that Bitley’s is offering to their users:

  • 1.5% weekly interest rate, one-year (52 weeks) contract
  • 2% weekly interest rate, two-year (104 weeks) contract
  • 2.5% weekly interest rate, three-year (156 weeks) contract

First of all, you need to determine for how long you want your contract to last and how much weekly interest rate you want. Once this is determined, there’s one more thing that you need to consider. You also need to choose what percentage of the weekly interest rate you wish to reinvest. This number can be anywhere between 30%-80%. For example, if you choose 50% reinvestment, each week you can withdraw half of the 2.5% interest that you’re getting. The other half will be added to your account as a reinvestment. This further increases the total amount of Bitcoins you have, thus increasing how much money you make on a weekly basis.

Currently, the minimal amount of Bitcoins that you can deposit is 0.15 BTC. The minimal deposit might go down as Bitcoin’s price goes sky high.

bitcoin investment

Bitley’s earning example

To better explain exactly how much money you are able to make with the Bitley’s system, we are going to do an example. For this example, we will be looking at the most beneficial Bitley’s plan with the 2.5% weekly interest rate (3-years). We will also choose the above mentioned 50%-50% reinvestment, with an initial investment of €10,000 (in Bitcoins). After the first week, you are already getting €125 that you can withdraw.  The other €125 get reinvested and added to your total deposit. Next week, you are getting 2.5% of your current deposit total (€10,125 worth of Bitcoins).

So, with an initial investment of €10,000’s worth of Bitcoins, you are making €27,686 from the weekly withdrawals that you’re getting. This is spread out across the 156 weeks of the three-year contract. This means that you can almost get your initial investment back after the first year. Once the 3 years have passed, you are also getting back the initial investment that you have made. In this example’s case, that’s €10,000. Again, this is the same amount of Bitcoins that you initially invested. Since Bitcoin’s price is going up in value, you are already making money on storing your Bitcoins for three years.

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Remember the 50% that got reinvested? That money needs to stay in the system for another three years before you get fully paid. This ensures a continuous steady weekly income of Bitcoins for three additional years. With the €10,000 in mind, the total reinvestment earning after the 6 years (from the initial deposit) is €37,686.

Taking the above example, the total amount of money that you can make on a €10,000 worth of Bitcoin investment is €65,372. Again, and I can’t stress this enough, everything is done in Bitcoins. This means that the earning can go a lot higher, depending on the current price of Bitcoins.

How Bitley’s works

Now that you know how much money you can make, it’s time to look at how is Bitley’s able to offer such beneficial interest rates. While Optioment works with trading robots, Bitley’s rather focuses on giving Bitcoin loans to micro-credit companies. They use the users’ Bitcoins and loan them to companies that offer Bitcoin micro-loans to people around the world. Bitley’s is making a profit off of the loan’s interest that the micro-loan companies are paying. The people behind the company have also deposited a large number of Bitcoins to the system as a safety net in case anything bad happens. This ensures that your money is always safe and the interest rate is fixed and guaranteed.

The team behind Bitley’s has traveled the world and assisted micro-loan companies for the last two years. They already have hundreds of micro-loan companies that they are working with and more will follow. With each user that joins the Bitley’s system, they are able to serve even more micro-credit companies, meaning even more income for the system.

Bitley’s affiliate program

bitcoin optiomentIn addition to the plans that they are offering, there’s also a Bitley’s affiliate program that every user is eligible for. Basically, you are able to get additional income if you invite other people to sign up. You are getting a percentage of that user’s initial investment and reinvestments. This is paid by Bitley’s and it’s their way of thanking you for adding a member to the system. Since Bitley’s can be financially beneficial, this is also a way of thanking the person or website that introduced the concept to you. Signing up through someone is free and doesn’t take any extra effort.

You can build a network of referred users and make thousands of dollars every week with the Bitley’s affiliate program. There are five different account levels and depending on your “loaner” level, you get commissions for your referred users. You get money for the referred users’ all active and passive deposits. There are certain criteria that you need to fulfil in order to level up your account. For example, in order to get the level two (Micro Loaner) benefits, you need to refer at least three active users.

The Bitley’s affiliate program can be very beneficial, especially since you are allowing other people to benefit from the system too. This is good for everyone and we can all thank the team behind Bitley’s for it.

Should I invest into Bitley’s?

The main question we’re here to answer is one that everyone’s been curious about from the start of this Bitley’s review. Should I invest into Bitley’s? The short answer is yes, but we will also share why we think this is a good investment opportunity.

First of all, the company behind Bitley’s has been successfully operating another Bitcoin investment fund for a couple of years now. They have the necessary know-how and they are professionals in their fields. This means that your money is in safe hands. Your deposit is also backed up by the founder’s personal Bitcoin deposit. If anything goes wrong with the system, you are not the one who’s going to suffer.

Secondly, the business model does not resemble a Ponzi scheme at all. The money comes from the loans that Bitley’s gives to micro-credit companies. All exchanges are done with Bitcoins, so the transactions are transparent and public. Even though there is a Bitley’s affiliate program, you are not dependent on it for your profit. Your weekly interest rate is guaranteed and you are also going to be paid each week.

Since only Bitcoins are involved, you don’t need any documentation about yourself and anybody is able to open an account. You just need a Bitcoin wallet, and that’s it. This makes registering with Bitley’s a fast and seamless process. While with other investment options you would have to wait days, the Bitley’s registration process is done in 5 minutes or less.


We all know that there are cryptocurrency scams out there, but Bitley’s is not one of them. The main reason why we can trust this company is because they are working solely with Bitcoins. Ponzi schemes and crypto scams revolve around a private blockchain that is not visible to everyone. A great example of a blatant Ponzi scheme is OneCoin. If you do not know what this is, you will want to read our article about it. While we do recommend opting for Bitley’s, we also warn you to avoid OneCoin as far as possible.

Hopefully, this Bitley’s review has helped you understand how the company works and their business model. Who knows, you might have found the new Bitcoin investment opportunity that you have been looking for. Anyways, if you want to check out some of our previous articles, be sure to take a look at the related articles section:


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