Everyone is definitely tangled up in the whole vampire idea. Are they real? Are they walking among us? How can I become one? Only the name alone just screams mystery and there are more than enough legends to go around that inspire us.

Vampire fiction has caused a big craze in the 18th century and it hasn`t lost its popularity at all with the passing of time. It`s the sense of danger and secrecy that just draws us to them, not to mention the idea that people are not always what they seem. If we were to find out vampires are real, that would become one of the most exciting features of our lives, and despite the fact that most stories say we will be more of a buffet for them.

When did it all start?

There has been a great deal of literature that deals with vampires, but the most renown probably are Bram Stoker and Anne Rice. They`ve set up some high standards. Have you ever wondered why you believe vampires can turn into bats? Or why you think they are undoubtedly good looking? It was Bram Stoker that consolidated the bond between the vampire and the bats.

He ignored the fact that bats are kind of small animals, and in doing so he set the bases of one of the most debated ability of vampires: can they really shape shift? In his book Count Dracula frequently disguises as a bat in pursue of his meals. What other abilities do they possess? According to Anne Rice, immortality, super strength and agility. Who wouldn`t want all these?

How can I recognize a vampire?

The first pictures that come in our minds are of a young tall persons with pale skin, mesmerizing eyes and red lips. All in all, not a bad representation. Only later do the victims notice their long white fangs and the blood thirst from their eyes, but by that time, it`s usually too late. What makes the whole vampire myth sell well is the fact that everyone is sure they will be either handsome or beautiful. Would we like them less if they were not so hot? Luckily most representations of vampires nowadays don`t trouble us to answer that question.


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