When we hear about school, some of us might shudder, as the first image we get is most likely an unpleasant one : waking up early when you`d rather just be sleeping, then sitting still for hours in a row and going through endless classes that you find boring, that isn`t really our idea of fun.


Everyone has their own opinion of school, and it usually depends a lot on them having finished it or not. If you didn`t finish, you immediately say it`s the last place you would want to be.

However, if you did finish, you tend to look back and remember all the fun you`ve had. But that is only possible because you don`t have to go there anymore, so your judgment isn`t clouded by the boring side.

Best memories

School is undoubtedly a major part of our lives and whether we remember it fondly or not, one thing is for sure: that some of our best memories are made during that period. Everyone belonged to their group of friends, made their best friend at school and had their first crush.

The teachers are not to be forgotten either, as they mainly shaped our opinions and become role models, even if we weren’t aware of it. And no matter what your feelings toward school were or are, you, at some point, have had a favorite teacher.

The following list of movies is here to make you look back and remember some of these priceless moments, but don`t be alarmed, it purpose is not convincing you to love school, rather showing you that at times, it can also be interesting.

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