Director Christopher Nolan’s much-anticipated epic space travel filmInterstellar”, which sky rocketed to the box office this November, made us reminisce about the space movie that transformed the genre, Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”, which also reminded us of Alfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity” who heralded the return of the glorious space “porn” movie, incorporating the stunning details of the IMAX with astounding 3D effects making us feel as though we’re actually in space, on a unique journey.

Too many good Sci-Fi movies in outerspace

Talking about space movies, under this vast umbrella, we must give our respect to the sci-fi space films as well with a “shout out”.

Of course we will not be able to mention all movies that take place in space because this is a Top 10, but we will try our hardest to give you the best Top 10, not any ten movies, painstakingly choosing the “crème” and excruciatingly eliminating the “fodder”.

The vast space and the variety it presents for movie scripts

In our list we shall include films that encompass a great expands of space which tell the stories of epic sagas and thrillers that keep you on the edge of your seats.

Whether it’s because of an alien life form or just space debris gone wild, a battle between classes or a unified Earth under one flag who explores space for the betterment of mankind, we got it covered.

Before you go reading our movie reviews and recommendations, take another second and enjoy this photo with a space ship exiting Hyperspace, the Star Wars way:

Hyperspace exit, the Star Wars way

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