While this specific genre of movies might not be my favorite, it`s by far one of the most interesting types that will just having you holding your breath and unable to look away.

It takes “scary” on a whole new level and it doesn`t need ghosts or vampires, aliens or possessed people to do it. Nothing is more alarming than how easy it is to control and play with a person`s mind.

Mind-Wrecking Movies

What this top will present is a series of mind-wrecking movies that you will remember forever, whether in a captivating or a chilling way, which is up to you to decide.

Why should you watch it? I want to avoid saying for educational purposes, since that sounds redundant, but some of these movies might make you more perceptive to the world around you and the fragility of a person`s mind. It`s fascinating to say the least.

Biggest Enemy

The ugly truth is that our brains are as weak as they can get and they are easily influenced to believe just anything. You think that mass-media and ill-intended people are your worst enemies, and some of the following movies will prove you right. But despite what we believe, our biggest enemy is our mind itself, for who knows your weakness better than yourself? Did it ever happen to you to have an unexplainable fear towards something? Or have done actions that you cannot explain to yourself?

Even if by watching some of these movies you don`t find a direct answer to this particular 2 questions, you are still bound to find some answers – or just more questions for which you will blame these words that have encouraged you to watch the movies. However, you shouldn`t avoid these movies just for the sole reason that they might prove unpleasant. Instead, give them a chance to captivate you and you will not regret it!

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