When we’re talking about Hollywood, we’re talking about celebrities. And what’s more interesting than some juicy sneak peek into the most notorious and fresh couples of Hollywood?

Old, new and lasting power couples

Actors and actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Ashton Kutcher or Jennifer Aniston have been in controversial relationships, but there are a few who managed to inspire people with their scandalous or, on the contrary, private love life.

Although some of the most memorable couples of all time have had their differences and split by now, they have their place on the listing of famous power couples. But that is a subject we will throw the spotlights on in another article regarding Former Power Couples of Hollywood.

How are these Hollywood Power Couples influencing us?

Whether they’re in the same business or dominating in their separate fields, there is no limit for these power couples. That is why it’s not only because of their great looks they became so famous but because of the work they put into their image, from body and appearance modification to our delight to charity work and organization involvement, these couples have managed to inspire us on so many different levels.

In the following listing we’ll try to guide you through these celebrities’ love life, with as many details as we have available.

Obviously, because couples always break up or further cement their relationship through marriage or children, we will update our article as soon as we find out something new and juicy.


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