We all know that having a show with so many characters involves lotsa money as well and to skip that payment that is totally irresponsible 20th Century Fox has come up with the idea that the same actor will voice numerous other characters.

Such a man is Dan Castellaneta, which, with some throat clutching he ended up with other numerous voices over the show, and pretty acceptable I’d may say, cause at some point is barely realizable that someone else is acting that voice that appears like from nowhere giving him the aptitude to cover all that basis for other things.

And the personality is changed as well and not to be frown we see some linguistic patterns in which you can see the character loud and clear.

This baldie guy has his voice on over 170 characters in this show, saving a bunch of money for his company in which it regards the voiceovers. He is the record holder of the most character played by his voice which engulf Homer Simpson, Abraham Simpson, Barney Gumble and Krusty the Clown.

He was so narcissistic that his starred himself in the show, creating the episodes alongside his wife Deb Lacusta and those episodes are “ Gump Roast”, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore”, “ The Ziff Who Came to Dinner” and “ Days of Wine and D’oh’ses”.

11. Mayor ‘Diamond’ Joe Quimby

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Dan CastellanetaThe mayor, yea, he is like any other mayor I know, womanizing and corrupt. Fuck those guys. He had survived lotsa re-elections or how is done in my country, buy people with rice and flour. He is mayor since 1986 and is well known for his frauds and bad doings in his career, fathering several kids.

He cheated with numerous women, exposing the number in “She Used to Be My Girl” to around 27 times. Once he hired Bodyguard Homer Simpson to see a busty redhead and honk her horn.

The mayor very much resembles John F. Kennedy, being a democrat like him and having the same language pattern, speaking with a Boston accent, separating words with “er” and “ah”. His family like the Kennedy’s is irish-american and he lives on a coastal estate with his family.

His election had occurred in 1986 and since then he was only a wrong doer, admitting once that he used tax pays to kill his enemies.  He attracts only the bad karma of Springfield alongside with the Republican elite who are said to be dark, ghoulish persons who meet in a castle.

10. Jeremy Freedman

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Dan CastellanetaOr as he is known Squeaky- voiced teen, often seen at the Krusty Burger, or the Grocery Store. He had also a number of other jobs like Aztec Theater, Barney’s Bowlarama when we find out that hi mother was Lunch Lady Doris.

He once was in a managerial position, having Jimbo , Dolph and Kearney as his employees.

Being a suicidal tempered man he once tried to jump off a cliff cause Fox has canceled Futurama, landing on a car which had two persons making out, crushing one of them. The girl in the car, presumably he is good in bed as well started to make out with him instead.

9. Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Dan CastellanetaWas Krusty’s Jewish father, and he died of old age. His son wanted to become a clown instead of a Rabbi and for that he was abandoned after he saw him perform as a clown.

Later on Bart and Lisa Simpson found of their problems and made a quest in which they tried to reunite those two using passages of the Jewish scripture. After some attempts they succeeded in reuniting those two, quoting Davis Jr. Hyman.

One day he was visited by Homer, needing $50.000 for a bypass, making him react shocked and refused the poor Homer. In one episode he stated that he didn’t do his son a bar Mitzvah cause he would’ve make a joke outta it so instead he waged on not doing it. After Homer took his aura of audience he finally decided to do one and televise it.

8. Melvin Van Horne

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Dan CastellanetaThe sidekick of Krusty the Clown making him part of the big family of Krusty in which Dan Castellaneta voiceovers. He replaced Sideshow Bob in Krusty’s show, the previous being sent to prison.

When he is not in his character he uses a Shakespearian voice and accent.

There are little known about him but however we know that he graduated Cornell University and he was quite an alcoholic mad, attending numerous Alcoholic meetings and from time to time at the church. Until he watched Ned’s home movies he was a declared atheist.

Leaving aside the bone, he has a Marge-like blue hair and haircut which rounds at the top. It’s said that he is married with a woman named Barbara, who may be Krusty’s sister,  wanting to create a family with her. He also has a son named Warren and a daughter named Becca and other unnamed kids.

7. Artie Ziff

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Dan CastellanetaThis is the guy Marge Simpson could’ve been married with, being the date at her prom, taking him instead of Homer.

After a while he is said to become a software billionaire, being the 5th richest man in the country. And despite his richness he was not feeling complete, most of the time being alone and sad. He was kinda obsessed over Marge, having an entire collection with art pieces reminding her.

He once proposed in an episode to pay her to date with him one more time, and having need of money she accepted and rejected afterwards when he tried to kiss her, slapping him on the face.

After a while, we discover that Artie was living in the Simpsons attic, running from his company to escape the investments, stupid ones over his firm. Homer won his dying company over a match of poker and having troubles back at the company he was taken by SEC agents cause he was the main shareholder.

6. Abbie

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Dan CastellanetaShe is the half-sister of Homer, being the result of his father Abraham and Edwina’s lust game. He appeared during the Second World War. Homer met her when she was 58 years old.

Even though she has biological Simpson in her, being born a year after grandpa’s affair she is not recognized officially by the family.

She, being a female of the Simpsons, usually the intelligence being found on the X chromosome of the family, she is much of a Simpsons man as Homer is, having her resembling him in majority.

5. Gil Gunderson

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Dan CastellanetaThis one is in the poor side of Springfield, being a failure in life after he was hired at the age of 6 by his 8 year old brother to sell lemonade at a stand. Till the end he bankrupted his brother and drank the remaining lemonade himself.

Since then he never actually really held up to a job. He held many jobs in his life, most of them involving sales, making him a useless person in that area, mostly cause of the presence of Simpsons.

He is often mocked by Homer, thinking of him as being a loser, being very poor, never seeming to miss out a chance of doing so. He has as well lotsa health problems including a bad back and lung problems.

Gil once tried to kill himself using Christmas lights, appearing later that day with Christmas lights around his neck when he went ice skating.

4. Poochie

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Dan CastellanetaIs the result of needing to keep the interest high in the show Itchy & Scratchy and was Homer’s actual voice over this character.

Having the bad karma attracted by Homer he was immediately put to death as a character and he was never seen again.

Homer was shocked when he received the part when the cartoon aired. He also appears periodically on merchandise such as t-shirts and puppets.

3. Barney Gumble

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Dan CastellanetaHe was born in April 20, in the same date with Adolf Hitler. He is Homer Simpson’s best friend and a frequent customer at Moe’s, being as he says “If this bar wouldn’t close I wouldn’t have any motive to go back home”.

In the past he was an A-student but lost it all due the alcohol consumption, seen after that as a disgrace to the family. He had a great potential and had a Harvard opportunity but Homer introduced him to the beer before they taken the SATs. He also started drinking after his sweetheart left Springfield to become a TV reporter.

Despite all those years of alcoholism he still happens to have the same potential like in the time that he was an astronaut candidate and leaving the beer aside to take the test, he regained his diction and balance and proved to be a great candidate, but immediately relapsed after drinking for celebration, non-alcoholic champagne.

He remains a decent person even if he has a bad condition and prove to be a friend in need for Homer Simpson, even if he was the one to put beer in his hand.

2. Crusty the Clown

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Dan CastellanetaThis character really annoys me in some sort of manner, being ridiculous created as a temper and discussable actions in which he finds our pain as a fuel. He never did something good in his whole life and somehow resembles nowadays politicians.

His main characteristics are cynics, he is a gambling-addicts numerous times actually, making stakes with his life at some point, and he is quite a smoker. He would be the last persons in real life to host a TV show but in this film it doesn’t really count.

However he remains the children in Springfield’s hero despite his incompetence in teaching something good to them. He has also a chimp that’s called Mr. Teeny which is fond of skating and smoking.

He always seem to have it off hand, doing only the bad things in life, representing nowadays entertainers who would do anything for a bunch of money in their wallet and seemingly a bad role model for every child possible in this world, being represented as a clown, with no one to exceed him saying to us that all are the fucking same and we must not adore those kinda persons.

1. Homer Simpson

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Dan CastellanetaThe typical kinda American father, a little dumb, working all times on small gigs, getting only one raise in his history of money bringer in the house. Around him and the baby evolve the whole action.

He is still a great father nonetheless having actually a carrying heart for his family and not a soul more, his family being actually his only friend pool from which he draws his creative energy and surprising development of the future actions.

Even though he carries the name of a well-known philosopher, he is one of the most stupid characters I’ve seen on TV, having only Dumb and Dumber to overtake him in brainless actions.

He tries every time to amuse the crap outta you with his sense of humor which is actually born from the role of absurdity over the lives matters. The most important thing is that almost always the episodes turn out to have nice endings, the Disney kinda finishing action in which you aren’t left with a sour taste over time from the fact that you didn’t solve anything great.

And that’s what are the TV shows for, if you are left empty-handed in solving something that day you get the solving virtually via the show and making you involved in the actual show purpose, getting you on the stake then get you off of it. “Yes I had important chores today… to fully watch an episode of The Simpsons and nothing more.

He is definitely a role model in our lives but not in the good way, in the way that suggests “ this is the how not to fuck up your life”, be less of him and you will prosper in life, be more like him and you will swear the shit outta your brains and most probably shoot them as well. Poor Homer…  

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