When it comes to hot celebrities, you can say it almost every time: Two is better than one!

It’s an age-old belief that, somewhere in the world, there’s someone that looks exactly like you. It is weird every time when two people from the same family look nothing alike and get to discover they have a look-alike out there in the world. And it gets even more obvious when it comes to the public faces we call celebrities.

Celebrity doppelgangers

Of course, even us, the normal folks get told from time to time that we look just like a famous star. However, having a celebrity doppelganger isn’t as interesting for us, as it is for the actual stars of Hollywood to have one.

If you come to think of it, in Hollywood it is very important to have a unique look if you want to get noticed. Then again we have several celebrities who, even though look like other celebrity doppelgangers, are famous, or got noticed, for this particular reason.

Some of the pairs may not be news flash, like Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley or Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox but there are others whom you’ve might not notice before. Find out what do these celebrities have to say about their obvious resemblance to another famous face and who belittles their twin and why.

The odds

What are the odds of two people becoming famous that also look strikingly similar? Well it isn’t that great, considering that the famous look-alikes we found are definitely telling us we have a type when it comes to Hollywood faces. Here you have a list of Hollywood’s most obvious and uncanny resemblances and a few details about their similarity. Take a look and see for yourself!

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