The Simpsons, one of my favorite cartoons in my early childhood, and still further to the adolescence and even in the manhood. A brilliant creation of the Fox/ 20th century which never ends in good taste of jokes, even though they are absurd at some points, they easily manage the strangeness with the logic but in a way our mind cannot perceive.

Brilliantly inspired by the modern American family, usual typo written, in which the girls get the hold of the main points of intelligence and empathy which are the main characteristic in a successful person, seemingly they tend to evolve around the boys, Homer and Bart, accentuating their intelligence making them stupider than the law says you can.

Unimaginably stupid the boys get most of the time the 1st frames, making them the focus of the show, Homer being also the carrier of that brings the name into eternity. Poor fellows that are actually called Simpsons. Nonetheless they are the typical family with typical characteristics in their behavior, Homer being the obsessed kinda father over money, Bart obsessing on the naughty area, leaving the school realizations to Lisa and the well-being of the family to Marge which they seem to get around with their tasks, even though each-and-every moment you get to see a brain task to resolve their idiotically problems.

the best the simpsons charactersAround this family included Maggie the evolving around character that never have actual lines in her repertoire, we get the hold of the actual design of the cartoon. They never change, never having episodes that link together and most importantly this show has only one season if we were to think their evolution over the time.

Lisa is still 8ish, Bart is still 11 and Maggie is still a fucking baby. You were to expect that they evolve somehow but no, they are the axes of the mediocre type of family that never get the hold of something better in their life and they simply, Simpsonian coexist with other families of the show.

Having their neighbor get the hold of the Darwinian evolution, having it all around getting from the lower middle to the upper middle class in which he got the hands onto a business, of course developed with the help of Homer, even though they were enemies in the past, so called past, in which Homer kills Ned’s wife and seemingly wants at first to kill his future as well cause of his success in better parenting and why not to say, everything else.

I wouldn’t want to be in Homers position of lower odds in life so therefor I will never get married, seemingly the most important problem in this family.

5. Maggie Simpson

best the simpsons charactersThe little brat that doesn’t wanna grow no more, having 25 seasons with her at the same age as she started, hack of a vampire.

Her name Magg, “egg”, resonates with the fact that she is still developing, being the youngest member of the family in which her main role is to suck on that little trumpet of hers, the most annoying character in the whole show, the “forgotten Simpson” as Homer says.

I hated every appearance of hers cause of the annoying squeak that pacifier makes and still let her on this list being the 5th Simpson in the Simpsons, being present in the movie most of the time with little importance on the screen in which she always trips over her cloth every time she wants to do something interesting.

For a kid of her age she is surprising extremely strong succeeding in lifting up a mallet and elevate her father with it and accidentally shooting Mr Burns after he blocked out the sun. She is capable as well to drag a fully-grown man to the shore and lift a shotgun. Hell of a kid.

4. Marge Simpson

best the simpsons charactersMarjorie Jacqueline Bouvier-Simpson as her real name is the house maker and housekeeper as I’d say having with Homer some ridiculous family. She is the moralistic voice in the family which she provides care and support 24/7. Leaving the mom-job aside she had performed during the series some other careers such as police officer to anti-violence activist.

She is the younger daughter of her previous family attending Springfield elementary and in the senior years she met Homer, being wary at him as a study partner, which he was banana and found out that he was only trying to get to the prom with but she ended up going with Artie Ziff who only tried to get in her panties, ended up going home, meeting Homer on the way and complaining to him of how awful her date was, repairing the bond between two when she said that she would’ve been better with him instead of Artie. Her sisters were totally against him, seeing that in their faces at every appearance on the screen.

Marge is the kinda person that lets you wrap with her warmth in case of emergencies being just that for Homer. She avoids having any meaningful conversations with Homer being aware of his lack of skill in that area and simply skips over that subject.

She is usually seen wearing a green strapless dress with a red pearl necklace, having a bunch of those as we can see in an episode, all stuffed in a drawer. She is bilingual having great skills in French and the only one in the family that encourages church meetings. Her usual status is a house-worker indulging Lisa and protecting Bart from Homer’s rage episodes.

She has as well quite some athletic abilities. Also her marriage with Homer is very strong seeing at some point that commonly refusing to go to a key party once they realized what it was. In the Simpsons Movie she was all along with Homer even he was creating lotsa fuss around him due his incompetence and neglecting over the environment. Long short story, the perfect house-wife.

3. Lisa Simpson

best the simpsons charactersThe brain of the family making herself one of the geekiest presences on the big screen. An actual replica of her mothers, revealed in season 22, episode 5 in which we are revealed the history of her straight A mother, making her wanting to work even more even she had an score of 159 of Mensa IQ test for her having an even brilliant future.

A pretty annoying presence in the series, having a geek-like character with no actual friends to be playing with even though she was stranded on the 2nd grade with the rest of her family.

She has a blonde hair shaped like a sun with grey-green eyes, always wearing a pearl necklace and a red dress and red strapped shoes with the exceptions of church meetings and other formal activities being dressed in pink skirt with ribbons and bows and a hat with a ribbon on it.

Her amorous life is pretty diverse comparing with any other character in the cartoons having crushes on Corey, Langdon Alger, Colin, Nelson Muntz, being her first actual boyfriend which she broke up pretty fast cause of lying to her, Ralph Wiggum, Milhouse van Houten in which she finds a pretty desirable partner due needing to learn Italian from him who went countless times to Italy.

She breaks out from him cause he had another girlfriend and it’s hinted in “Lisa’s Wedding” it’s hinted that she lost her virginity to him while trying to pick a wedding dress asking to her mother if white is still ok, replying to her “Milhouse doesn’t count!” having a serious laugh about that.

In Holiday of the Future Past she marries the scrub and have a great life, continuing her mother’s bad example in life, even though in that period it was used to put the family in the spotlight leaving the career on the second place.

2. Bart Simpson

The typical American boy who can’t best the simpsons charactersget the hold of intelligence, the always put in the prank evil doer with no brain at all that summons good will at every minute of the show, making you feel proud that you have something to show in that skull, even though he is an imaginary character.

His name “Bart” sounds like a “bark” making him the lower dog when it comes to decision making or dominating. He is almost always the omega male in the show, except when it comes to that long haired haha-ing all the time, called Nelson being the most stupid of them all. When it comes to fighting he is not quite the last but definitely not the one that dominates, even his sister Lisa.

Stuck forever at the age of 11, the school still gives him hard headaches instead of valuable information. You were to think that he could get some education being stuck forever at that age. Maybe he is a vampire or some sort, as well as his family.

He got the stupidity hereditary from his father, making him the no. 2 when it comes to brain usage failure. In real life I think the guy is ok, but in the show, na-ah.

Never seen him in love with anyone, making him a quite interesting fade character, unlike his sister that falls for every new character the cartoon brings in.

The cartoonist Matt Groening created the character while waiting in the lobby of James L. Brooks office, not surprising me that he has less good characteristics or characteristics at all. His only characteristic comes from his name that also is an anachronism for “brat”, a pain in the ass for his stupid father.

When he first came in school he was warned by the principal Skinner in the following way” you’ve just started school, and the path you choose now may be the one you follow for the rest of your life! Now, what do you say? Giving him a short answer that totally describes his naughty character: “Eat my shorts”

He is fond of skateboarding, watching Krusty the Clown show which includes the Itchy and Scratchy show, a parody for Tom and Jerry and reading comic books.

Being too young to have a job, being stuck in the 4th grade forever, he has though some temporary jobs like bartending at Fat Tony’s in the season three and Krusty the Clown assistant in season 5 and as a doorman in the Burlesque house in season eight.

1. Homer Simpson

the no.1 character in the simpsons movieThe typical kinda American father, a little dumb, working all times on small gigs, getting only one raise in his history of money bringer in the house. Around him and the baby evolve the whole action.

He is still a great father nonetheless having actually a carrying heart for his family and not a soul more, his family being actually his only friend pool from which he draws his creative energy and surprising development of the future actions.

Even though he carries the name of a well-known philosopher, he is one of the most stupid characters I’ve seen on TV, having only Dumb and Dumber to overtake him in brainless actions.

He tries every time to amuse the crap outta you with his sense of humor which is actually born from the role of absurdity over the lives matters. The most important thing is that almost always the episodes turn out to have nice endings, the Disney kinda finishing action in which you aren’t left with a sour taste over time from the fact that you didn’t solve anything great.

And that’s what are the TV shows for, if you are left empty-handed in solving something that day you get the solving virtually via the show and making you involved in the actual show purpose, getting you on the stake then get you off of it. “Yes I had important chores today…” to fully watch an episode of The Simpsons and nothing more.

He is definitely a role model in our lives but not in the good way, in the way that suggests “this is the how not to fuck up your life”, be less of him and you will prosper in life, be more like him and you will swear the shit outta your brains and most probably shoot them as well. Poor Homer…

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