Famous new-coming singer Ariana Grande, 21 and Australian comedy star Jai Brooks, 19, have ended their relationship. This is actually the second time the couple broke up but it definitely is for good now. They first started dating in August 2012, but in July 2013 the pair allegedly split. After their split, Ariana started seeing The Wanted star Nathan Sykes but Jai said that they were still in a relationship when she started seeing Nathan.

Jai wasn’t there for Ariana in her time of need

The couple have been on and off for a while now but the reason why they broke up for good was that Jai wasn’t there for Ariana during her rough time with her grandfather that died in July, a source saying “When her grandfather was dying, everyone was there for her. People flew to Florida to be with her, but Jai didn’t. Ariana just felt he wasn’t there like he should have been.” Ariana added to that the fact that Jai was really immature for her.

Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks

The Janoskians star said that he won’t let himself have any post-break up emotions. Being busy with his tour and his fans, Jai said “I’m good, I’m very good. I’m just focused on our movie and our upcoming tour,” but we don’t know what to say about the comment he made on a radio-show. “I like a girl that will allow me to be myself without getting pissed off 24/7, and that has my sense of humor,” he said leaving us wondering if that was a not-so-subtle comment on Ariana.

The two young stars have moved on, each in their own way

We do know instead that both of them have moved on, especially Ariana with her new song Best Mistake, her album “My everything” being released and her new boyfriend rapper Big Sean with whom she collaborated for the song Problem.

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