We all know that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are a couple and they were both co-stars in The Amazing Spider-Man and apparently on the cast of the movie they felt instant chemistry, 28 year old Andrew admitting that he felt immediate connection with Emma, 23 years old, right from his audition for Spider-man cast.

Former relatonships of the young couple

Apart from their connection, they didn’t start dating right from the beginning because they were both implicated in relationships and made their relationship public in November 2011. Emma was dating actor Kieran Culkin (yes, Macaulay Culkin’s brother) and Andrew was dating actress Shannon Woodward.

If you think they look as a perfect pair in the movie, well you should know that they are a perfect couple in real life too, being both dedicated towards charitable work.

Andrew garfield and Emma Stone together in The Amazing Spiderman

Open-minded Andrew Garfield likes to keep things private

Trying to keep a relationship private is tough job that in this case would make use of Spidey’s superpowers. Andrew didn’t made a secret about his man-crush for actor Ryan Gosling, saying to host Jay Leno on Tonight Show that he is a “dreamboat”. Garfield said “He’s just stunning. Not only physically, but in terms of talent – a general sex appeal that he has.” Emma is co-star with Ryan in Crazy, Stupid, Love and Gangster Squad and when asked how she would compare the kiss between Andrew and Ryan, she replied “it’s like comparing apples to oranges”, “I love all fruits!”

Although Andrew’s open-minded way of thinking regarding the sex appeal towards another man, he doesn’t quite seem that approachable when it comes to his girlfriend. When both asked at the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 about the animals they would like to be, Emma said a bird and afterwards Andrew said the same.

But his reply to the words “Your girlfriend said the same animal!” was a bit surprising and odd, saying “Who’s my girlfriend? You’re making an assumption about my private life and my personal life and my personal life is not public property”. Despite the fact that their relationship was made official and that they are making a massive film together, Andrew’s Spidey sense gets all tingly when it comes to his “Gwen Stacy”.

If you’ve been dying to see more of your favourite on set and off set couple, you can see these love birds in the new movie The Amazing Spider-man 2 that came out earlier this year.

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