There are numerous ingredients that will harm your body even if you don’t realize it, feel it, and especially know it. I will try to make some light about some ingredients that will make you realize why the fuck you are a fat bastard(including me-a bit) and simply can’t get the hold of it, not to mention the hypostasis in which you are put to avoid every fuckin’ shelf food.

The industry isn’t really carrying about your health or your well-being. They simply won’t make money outta that and probably they are hand in hand with the products that supposed to get you rid of the fat. What a nice world, isn’t it?

There are products that will make you yell, what the hell happened with me? There are all sort of goods that are actually made of plastic and cardboard, but nobody wants to tell that they are the main ingredients as well, only to long the life of the products on the shelves. And it’s even more harmful for the kids who engorge any kind of shit they can lay their hands on.

Not knowingly you could make the mistake of your life, knowingly you would not have something left if avoiding to eat, so till the end… What could you do to resolve that? Cook naturally with products from your own garden, that are more likely to rotten. Why, cause I personally don’t trust something that doesn’t rotten. If the mold doesn’t like the product… why should i?

Skipping the hatred for the worldwide industry let’s get to our business.

8. Partially hydrogenated oil

most harmful ingredients listThis little shit over here is one of the most harmful cunts on the market, and pretty wide-spread amongst the products. Manufacturers love it cause it reduces cost, increases the shelf life and stabilizes the flavor. What could be more deceiving than that?

These trans-fats as they are called are twice as hard to dissolve from the body fat, rendering you stupid for a while not understanding why all that workout doesn’t show any effects, making you think, I’m an obese motherfucker, and I’m ill, couldn’t do shit about your weight and fall probably in some sort of depression.

They also boost bad cholesterol (LDL) and it was demonstrated that it reduces the good one (HDL), being an active agents of heart diseases, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies and cellular deterioration. It makes me wonder why the hell was invented this shit anyhow, and why didn’t been banned for good from all sources. Fuckin’ crooks.

Some of our products have already have small amounts of trans-fats such as mean and dairy products but most of it is obtained through an industrial process that adds hydrogen to vegetable oil, causing it the solidification at room temperature. What is more outrageous is that some restaurants are using it to fry shits cause it doesn’t spoil as fast as the other oils. Other usual products that have in it’s composition trans-fats are: Baked goods, Snacks, Fried Food, Refrigerator dough and Creamer and Margarine.

7. High Fructose Corn Syrup

most harmful ingredients listIt’s similar to table sugar, sucrose, the cheaper version, a highly processed form of glucose converted into fructose. His main head of accusation is the fact that inhibits the production of leptin, the hormone that tells your brain that you are full, making you eat countless amounts of sweets without even noticing, damaging tissues and containing toxic levels of mercury.

As well is very highly linked to obesity, being much easier to absorb and retain the dangerous amounts of syrup. The sugar has become a health concern in the American public in the early 1970s when the publication of John Yudkin book, called suggestive “Pure, White and Deadly”, in which he declared that most people, especially the Western, are in danger cause their predisposition of eating simple sugar.

In the 1980s and later on in 1990s Gerald Reaven and Sheldon Reiser published some papers discussing the danger of dietary fructose from consumption of sucrose and HFCS, making reference to heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Particularly this element is very cheap and was very much indulged by the industry, especially the Japanese one and the Western European(then how the hell are the Americans so freggin’ fat?) having a distribution of 27%-30% in the products on the market in the 2007-2012 period.

And when you’re thinking that there are so many kids going straight to those kinda sweeteners, putting in danger their health in an unimaginable, yet normal to us, risk. What are the big companies thinking? Let’s make them sick so the medication will pay us humongous sum of money only to make them the sales go up into the skies.

6. MSG

harmful ingredientsIt doesn’t come from Message, and it not helps us or even inform us of their dangerous effects. It goes by many names, like a secret spy: Monosodium Glutamate, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein and even citric acid.

Those crappy name lead to lotsa duck-and-cover effects, having more than 40 forms of processed additive in the shops. MSG in his forms is most ofter considered a neurotoxin due its overexciting the nerves till the cell death. It also causes obesity, type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

As a summary, it’s often found in canned soup, coca cola 0 or other crap like that, most of the fast foods, packaged sausages, instant soups, beef stew, salad dressing and many many more.

This crap helps the products stay much more as speaking of time, on the shelves, keeping them “fresh”, and eatable. Once again, another reason why I hate food that does not rotten or expire.

It’s stupid, in its natural form they are getting rotten in only a day, and with all these technological breakthroughs are making eating a living hell, having to duck almost every product on the shelves.

It’s no wonder the Americans are so fat. Not that they eat a lot, it’s just the fact that they are plain stupid. Literally stupid. Never seen an American that was applauded for its intelligence or whit. And the big companies profit from them in unimaginable ways.

5. BHA(Butylated Hydroxyanisole) and BHT(Butylated Hydroxytoluene)

most harmful ingredients listThis type of antioxidants aren’t so good, usually used as preservatives for cereals, potato chips and chewing gum to keep them from going rancid. Even though the Department of Health and Human Services told that they are known as carcinogens, the FDA allows them. What the fuck? And it also has a negatively impact when it comes to sleep and appetite, being associated with liver and kidney damage, as well as hair loss , fetal abnormalities and growth retardation.

It has the worst effects you could imagine. I don’t really understand why retardation is considered a normal thing these days. Maybe to eat all the shits they produce and don’t realize. And of course be much happier. Yeeeey , Chocolate, being as most effectual as getting married or having a baby. Yeeey, chocolateeee, I’m the most happy person on earth.

Potato chiiips, couldn’t be more happier. Damn I’d kill the really retarded folks that allow these kind of additives  in our food. What the hell are they thinking off? They will go unpunished?! Hope there aren’t people retarded from those kinda shits and make a fucking protest against them. Or you wanna stay happy and retarded? Hard choice, going to get myself some chocolate, talk to you later.

4. Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrite

most harmful foods listColorants, one of the most fucked up thing you could imagine. Why? Cause somebody thought that our food really need coloring to be more tasty. Yea? NO. It’s as unhealthy as you could imagine. These are double functioning, being as well able to preserve the shelf life of meats like bacon, sausages or hot dogs.

It’s a win-win situation for the producers. Their bad effect comes from the fact that it mixes with the stomach acids, forming nitrosamines, that are potent cancer-causing in the oral, stomach, esophageal, bladder and even brain cancers.

Their side effects include dizziness, headaches, nausea and vomiting. Want to eat more meat? Go ahead, one less fellow to worry about, and of course you are not counting if you still keep going onto those kinda products. Stick to uncolored meat, even though it looks less tasty and it isn’t red colored.

3. Propyl Gallate

most harmful ingredientsThis one is used by the food manufacturers to prevent fats and oils to spoil. It’s most often used alongside BHA and BHT and it’s claimed to infamy, causing cancer. Anyhow, it isn’t conclusive the evidence of it being harmful but I will still repeat myself: “don’t trust the food that doesn’t rotten, it’s made of plastic”.

It’s usually used in vegetable oil, chicken soup base, meat products, potato sticks, aaand wait for it, cosmetic products. Yes, the same stabilizer is used both for our beauty as well as our food. This means that cosmetics are good for digestion as well, it doesn’t really matter if we’re eating face cream or yogurt, they still look the same. Probably taste the same as well. And yes, they don’t spoil.

Also a study from 2009 shows that propyl gallate has the effect of and estrogen antagonist, so the shampoo you are using little girl makes you less of a woman if you ingurgitate it, your boobs will shrink and you’ll probably need a shrink to explain to you that it doesn’t need to be beautiful to have success in life.

The “popular” term for propyl gallate is also noted E310, probably coming from “eeeh, thry ten problems you could have and you are not sure about them”

2. Sodium Benzoate and Benzoic Acid.

most harmful ingredients listThese BADditives are used in the fruit juices, carbonated drinks and pickles to stimulate the growth of microorganisms in the flora of the food. Even though they are naturally occurring and generally and affect people having allergies, there comes another problem…

When put in common with vitamin C, the substances can form benzene, like in the gas and light the whole interior of ya. Who would eat gasoline?! And above that it can cause leukemia and other kinds of cancer. Good job.

It is popularly known for E211, or et will happen too a 9/11 in your stomach if you will not be careful what you eat. It is as well used in the fireworks as combustible in the explosive substance, a powder that makes a whistling noise or firecrackers, when it’s put in a tube and detonated.

They are naturally found in plums, currant, cherries and apples. The concentration is limited by the FDA in the USA to 0.1% in weight even though currants and other fruits have a content of Sodium Benzoate that gets near that limit. The international program of Security hadn’t found adverse effects to humans in doses of 647-825 mg/kg in body weight per day, and felines have a lower tolerance limit than rats and mice.

1. Food Colorings

most harmful ingredientsSeeing your food been colored in rainbow manor isn’t healthy at all, being one of the worse ideas you could have choosing processed colored foods.

Some of them are not that retarded and use natural substances like beta-carotene and carmine, but there are still left like 17.8 million pounds of food dyes(many of  which are petroleum derived)-figure that out, we’re eating oil…,are consumed in America According to a survey by the Feingold Association.

The only good news is that 17 of 24 synthetic dyes have been banned already, we are waiting for the others as well. If you were wondering what’s wrong with a little color here’s what. Red#3, used in candy, desserts and baked goods, have been demonstrated that it causes chromosomal damage and thyroid tumors.

Red#40, which is found in drinks, deserts and pet food, have caused lymph tumors in the lab tests.

Yellow#5 or tartrazine and the 6th of them may cause thyroid and kidney tumors as well as chromosomal damage.

As a summarization. Rainbow is gay, as well as your colored food. It will violate you via ass.

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