6. Goat Simulator

Goat SimulatorAs if there weren’t enough simulator games, Coffee Stain Studio, the guys behind Sanctum series, released Goat Simulator after a clip showing off the game went viral and was asked by thousands of gamers. And you know what? This is one of the best and funniest simulators out there. Because you get to be a goat.

You get to jump, you get to butthead everything from objects to people, you get to fight other goats, fly with a jetpack, get your own ‘kingdom’, dance on Dead Mau5’s music, stick everything to your tongue and run with it, bleat at everyone you want, become an angel or the complete goat version of Baphomet, fight robots, go into rollercoasters, butthead cars, travel on roofs, go on a waterslide, jump on trampolines, destroy Coffee Stains Studio and I can safely say: and so on.

There’s not much to expect from graphics so this is not the reason why you should play this game. You should play this game for its crazy physics, for the small and big challenges, for the little hidden objectives and Easter eggs for the sheer of being a goat that scares the hell out of people. There are 2 maps that allow you to go goat-mode: One in a city and another one at countryside with completely different props, buildings, textures and things to do. No such thing as repeatable stuff.

Goat SimulatorIf you however get bored, an MMO expansion is available for free allowing you to connect your goat to other goats and do missions and dress it up. And even if that is not enough for those of you who are extremely greedy you can pay for their last expansion ‘GoatZ’ named after the tons of Z games appeared overnight.

GoatZ is mentioned to be better than most of the other zombie survival games so there is nothing to regret; maybe just the fact that you didn’t knew about it sooner. So, go ahead, be a goat. What are you waiting for?


– You are a goat


– There can’t be any because you’re a goat.

Genre: Action

Price: 9.99 $/€

Steam Store Page: Click Here

Score: 4.8/5

Similar Games: No other game allows you to be a goat.

5. Sanctum 2

Sanctum 2Sanctum Duology is one of the first games that combined Tower Defense gameplay style with another genre. Set in the future, an alien attack is imminent against your energy cores so you and your friends have to defend it by picking up your weapons and building weaponized towers.

The second dominant genre of this game is the FPS element, where you can control a character, use its weapons and also build towers to defend the core from the aliens. There are 4 character classes each with their weapons and type of gameplay. While some focus on heavy weaponry the others prefer small ones for fast reloading and fire rate or even something in-between.

Each character can be upgraded with new weapon tower unlocks, perks and weapons. Each weapon has 2 modes of using, selectable through left or right click. A player can equip 2 weapons, one of them which is the signature weapon of the class and cannot be changed, 4 tower types and 3 perks.

The map allows you to place the towers almost everywhere, thus creating a custom pathway that can delay the alien arrival to the care by much, enough to make sure that they will never actually reach it.

The controls are rather easy to master: Mouse to look around for a spot to place towers/weapons, Hold Left Click to place said item, same for upgrading an already existing weapon, right click to remove. After everything is done press Enter to start the wave. During each intermission, at the place where the enemies spawn, you will be informed what kind of enemies you will face.

Sanctum 2 supports co-op up 4 players, each with his own money, but there’s also the possibility to give your money to any of the teammates and leave the tower placement tactics to him.


– Tower Defense meets First-Person Shooter

– Comic strip at each new map while loading it

– Variety in every domain, from weapons to enemies


– Gets boring quite fast.

Genre: First-Person Shooter, Tower Defense

Price: 14.99 $/€

Steam Store Page: Click Here

Score: 4.3/5

4. Platformines

PlatforminesA curious platformer, published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment (why do they need to scream the name?), in an 16-bit design, presents you as a soldier that has to gather some sort of block cannons of different colors that will help you build Robodig in order to escape from the mine you’re in.

The first thing the player will be faced with is the rather extended customization window. You can choose your sex, different haircuts, noses, grins, clothes and boots. After that you’ll be taught how you can quintuple jump because it feels so natural to do it (But it is helpful). A shop exists in the safe area that gets updated with new weapons and other items as you advance through the game.

There are 4 weapons that you purchase or find and use: Pistol, shotgun, uzi and bazooka.  Upon checking the inventory or purchasing the item, a stats comparison feature will give you information about which weapon is better and at what stats. You can also purchase inventory and health expanders, where the latest also increase your field of view, allowing to see your enemies from a greater distance. If you get damaged, your FOV will diminish.

PlatforminesA way too replenish your health is by finding floating minerals and grabbing them. After that you can either sell them or use them through the inventory. Metals will also be found only to be sold, giving the player a considerable amount of money.

The map tab is presented in a VVVVVV style, with each area as a different highlighted sector instead of a real-time uncover. On the map you will get see an arrow where your next objective is but, the arrow will most likely point to an unexplored area, leaving you to find your own way towards that spot.

There are several types of enemies like bats and humans and some flying huge bug which is absolutely disgusting, but hey, variety. The maps are procedurally generated so you will never have the same map twice should you choose to play it again.


– Fun, short platform game

– Looting, treasure hunting


– Some of the enemies are plain disgusting

Genre: Indie, Platformer, Rogue-like

Price: 9.99 $/€

Steam Store Page: Click Here

Score: 4.0/5


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