We all know that producing a movie can be a difficult task especially when the entire requisite is blasted or torn apart for the sake of entertainment. Not to mention the cost of the whole staff traveling in foreign countries, like Avatar for example- it really must cost a fortune to travel to a foreign country, not to mention planet, figure that out hmm.

Skipping out the jokes the actors must to a terrible workout or burnout-in case of Christian Bale that had to lose a terrible amount of weight only to look poor and torn by life, and not only fat amount, muscle amount, meaning he went through starvation and solely for that their work should be paid, if it’s a well-known actor, nominated on Oscars and stuff, of course a lot of that films budget must be sided away in their direction-their mutt is stuck on your screen for 2 straight hours and situational explosions and killings aside that, pf, waste of stuff.

But not the budget is the main goal that the movie producers are aiming for, it is the Box Office, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the newest trend and one of the most successful movies of all time that succeeded with only $200 million to score, wait for it, $1.536 BILLION in only one month.  Enough to sponsor another 7 or 8 movies. So the Box Office is so much more reconciling for the initial investment.

6. Spiderman 3

most expensive movies, spiderman 3Skipping out the chatty mood let’s get straight to no. 6 which is Spiderman numero 3 with a whooping cost production of not less than $258 million. Splendid movie if I were to ask, oh wait, I was asked to make a top 6 in terms of cost so don’t mind me.

A movie in which sand experiments were made, destroying a whole water barrage, a humongous construction on the verge of constructing, see what I did there? Never mind. All those structures and cars blasted away with sand and by sand like a desert storm went throughout New York, not to mention a stunt actor, or more, in case one died, Shhh, don’t tell the others, was flying in front of our eyes by ropes, no that was not computer, most of the flying was done in real life only the background being flung over our view to make the impression of flying.

And the bad guy as well had the ability of whatever that ability is called, meaning they had two stunt actors in peril of dying, not to mention the face of Tobey Maguire, who found the opportunity to squeeze some more money after the big success of the first two Spiderman movies, and the lovely girl as well, never seen them in other successful movies by the way but nonetheless they made enough for a lifetime from only three successful movies.


Only won the Golden Trailer Awards for Best Summer Blockbuster, in rest it was nominated for nothing important in particular.

Box Office

Spider-Man 3 is one of the strongest record breakers, having at its debut, in just a single day (Friday-not that it matters that much) with $104 million and broke its own record the day after with $117,6 million. It also set the record for the weekend, with $381,7 million, being the fifth largest in present . Overall it accumulated over $890 million, being the 36th highest-grossing film.

5. Tangled

tangled animated movie, most expensiveWith a staggering amount of $260 million making it the most expensive animated film in history. And if you were to ask me where this preposterous amount for a simple animation, with a very known story, oh wait, maybe this is it- the ownership copyrights must’ve cost a fortune considering the fact that this isn’t the first animation with the same storyline, Rapunzel being the original version, and was the initial name, changing it before release.

Making it instead required a bunch of experts in computers to develop using computer-generated imagery (CGI) and traditional animation while using non-photorealistic rendering to create the impression of a painting.

Box Office

Even thought it had its premiere in Paris on November 17, being exclusively screened at the Grand Rex theatre, having two weeks in advance on its French debut, it set a new record for showing a film in a single theater with over 3,800 tickets sold on its opening day, it’s not that of a big deal. Worldwide, it’s positioned on the 22th positions in grossing and the third in year 2010.

Also it is the fourth highest-grossing film produced by Disney, being behind Frozen, The Lion King- a movie produced 1000 years ago when I was a little kinder, and Big Hero 6- Never heard of this one. So in a short story Tangled, one of the most expensive movies ever and the most expensive animation ever, had incomes that… resides somewhere at the middle of Disney and God knows where it is situated amongst the other animations with only $591,794,936 to brag about it.


It was nominated in 83rd Academy Awards for the Best Original Song (“I see the light”), 38th Annie Awards for Best Animated Feature Film and Writing in a Feature Production(Dan Fogelman), Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards 2010 for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Song- same song , 68th Golden Globe Awards for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Song, Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards for Best Animated Film and Best Original Song(“I’ve got a dream”), 37th Saturn Awards for Best Animated Film, 2011 Teen Choice Awards for Choice Animated Movie Voice(Zachary Levi), British Academy Children’s Awards or BAFTA as we all know it for Favourite Film.

Won National Movie Awards at the Animation category, Las Vegas’s Film Critics Society for the best song and 54th Grammy awards for the Best Song Written for Visual Media. Long short story- The song made the movie.

4. John Carter

most expensive movies, John carterProbably travelling all the way to Mars or Borssom as they call it must’ve cost a fortune. Not to mention travelling in time all the way back to 1881, which is expensive technology I must tell you plus renting a charriet and a mansion worthy of a Lord put the expenses all the way to $263.7 million. Reasonable enough to explain their budget, unlike Tangled which was only…drew…in style.

Exquisite movie, played in 2 hours and some minutes there, with comes and goes and the background is unmatchable, needing a lot of resources only to fuel the staff which I may say exceeded the expectances from not that really known character to, let’s face it, stars. Lovely effects, worth seeing it in 3D.

Box Office

John Carter made it overall winnings around $284 million, covering its production funds and a little more extra. Unfair I may add considering the fact that this classic, a book in 11 volumes, the precursor of comic books and the source of inspiration for lots of other books seemingly demised in an unfair post of letting down its expectation.

Director Andrew Stanton, winner of Oscars for Finding Nemo and Wall-E, a big fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s books since childhood, explains: ”Because the subject was written for so long behind, it’s a source of inspiration for many of science fictions stories- it’s like a comic book before comic books or like an adventure story before those became a genre on its own” or Superman I’d may add for the exacerbated powers like he had from the differences between the two planets, or even the retarded dog that runs in Flash’s style, even the couple John Carter and Dejah Thoris it’s the Han Solo and princess Leia’s type from Star Wars.

Dejah Thoris’s clothing itself (the way it was painted by Frank Frazetta) becomes the spatial bikini of Leia’s. This movie had disappointed not in scenario or display, or in any way at all but it box office with only $100.8 million worldwide being outrun by all competitors on the market at that time. Maybe just the name was crap, making people think it’s a documentary about a random democratic figure who run for president in U.S., I don’t know.


It won at ASCAP Awards for Top Box Office Films by Michael Giacchino and at International Film Music Critics Association Awards for Film Music Composition of the Year- John Carter of Mars by the same one and only Michael Giacchino.

3. Avengers – Age of Ultron

most expensive movies, Avengers - Age of UltronI must admit, one of the best movies ever. I’ve seen the first one at the cinema in 3D, and having Hulk smashing everything in his way must’ve put all the props to their death making a big hole in the movie’s funds. Like $279.9 million or so.

Box Office

Avengers: Age of Ultron set a worldwide IMAX opening-weekend record with $25.2 million (previously held by The Dark Knight Rises), not the single record t break, being the fastest movie to make over $40 million in IMAX theaters, doing it in only 12 days and it could’ve gone even higher according to some analysts because of the weekend’s featured boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio.

It’s the 7th highest-grossing film worldwide and the 4th that year (what a year it was with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World and Furious 7), totally scoring over $1.405 billion.


It was awarded in Teen Choice Awards nominations in the following sections: Choice Movie: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Choice Movie Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy for Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr., Choice Movie Actress: Sci-Fi/Fantasy for Scarlett Johansson- aargh, she should’ve won and Choice Movie: Breakthrough Star for Elizabeth Olsen.

Only Chris Evans won Choice Movie Scene Stealer, he literally stole the aura from the bigger names that were in the movie’s cast. Shame on you Chris, ugh, I mean bravos.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

expensive movies list, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s EndWith a round budget of $300 million- one of the best fantasy movies I’ve ever seen and yet so one of the most addictive series of movies coming in hand with No1 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides hitting the staggering blow of $378,5 million.

I must say, there is no doubt in the values of these two movies considering the fact that the ships they blew off are man-made and some of them even antiques, plus the treasures- that I don’t really think they bought them but still cost a lot just to borrow. And borrowing Johnny Depp must’ve cost a fortune after the success of the first two movies.

Box Office

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is not so much of a record holder but enough to make it through history being the 27th highest-grossing film scoring high for $963,420,425, but the highest in 2007 and the third highest-grossing film in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Conspicuous, the Americans didn’t enjoy as much as the outside of it, probably not so many fans cause of the immigrants coming from there but still less than Dead Man’s Chest’s with $100 million. The interesting fact is the debut, coming strong with $344 million in the opening weekend, making it the top 10 largest openings, on no. 7. At least he scored at something important.


The movie was nominated for a lot of awards but didn’t won any of them. Only in Teen Choice Awards it won five awards, out of six nominations, As well in  2008 Kids’ Choice Awards, it achieved three nominations but won only the Favorite Movie Actor award for of course- Johnny Depp.

1. Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

the most expensive movie, Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger TidesPirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is one of the most exquisite in the background surroundings, the first part of the film being made in England. The old Royal Navy College from Greenwich, with the extraordinary collection of old historic buildings from XVII century ending, beginning of the XVIII, hosting not less of three weeks of filming and the chaise chase we see Judi Dench in it, was used a long series of buildings from that college.

Being so much used to exotic screenings from the first three movies, we are not disappointed to see as well the same pattern of dreamy places that makes you wonder what could be in store more for yourself in this life, besides the seeing of mermaids that can fly at some point making a totally feast for our eyesight and our knowledge of world’s wonders. Didn’t know they exist anymore, figure that out…  In short story, a world’s encyclopedia in a single movie. Cheerios.

Box Office

On Stranger Tides is the sixteenth highest-grossing film worldwide and the 3rd highest 2011 film with earnings matching the expense, over $1 billion. Not surprised by the fact that Johnny Depp started asking for more and more money, he attracted more and more fans as well making it the second most successful installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

On its opening weekend worldwide, it registered $350.6 million, taking the other Pirates of the Caribbean’s spot on the 7th place. Anyhow he did establish a record for the fastest Disney- distributed film to reach the milestone and it’s the fifth-fastest film overall to be achieving this.


Anyhow the critics didn’t enjoy that much from an artistic perspective but the film was nominated for four Teen Choice Awards: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Actor, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Actress, and Villain. Its trailer and TV spot were nominated for Golden Trailer Awards. Kids…

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