Being a support isn’t easy, and carrying the team from this position as well. Usually supports are the most accused of all due their lack of offensive role, everybody looking for blood in this game and risking all for it. Usually is best to take your own support of make a pair with a marksman to have some kind of correlation and coordination and succeed in taking a match well to the shore.

RIOT have been adding lots of new choices when it comes to supports even reuse old champs like Annie or Fiddlesticks, not being a suitable option in other places but still get to cc the hell out of the opponents. Bot lane is called nowadays the Kill Lane, being the most active area of the whole map, and the most important, covering Dragon at the near distance.

Even if patches changed a lot the structure of some supports, some being soo much better in the past, there is still left some juice to enjoy in champs like Janna or Sona, and not to mention Soraka, who is the most annoying since her release, doing heal after heal after heal after heal, needing nowadays to focus her instead of the carries. It’s a must. Not keeping the blabbering still on, I’ll get straight to top 6 most successful supports in bot lane, or top for some little experimentalists.

6. Soraka – the banana thrower that really must be focused

best supports in lolThis support has been a pain in the ass since…ever, managing to escape fleeing enemies with a simple touch of a button-voila, and you get to live, or to kill someone, retarded and skill-less the same.

At the moment I find her the most annoying support in this game, succeeding in doing successive heals like 10 in 10 seconds, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? I’ve worked my ass of and he stays in lane full health and I’m struggling with this Alistar that barely heals at all.

Having a ban rate of 20% makes her one of the most feared supports in this game and it’s on my line of thinking as well. Her 52.6% win rate makes the reason for that merely that makes you angry the entire game, escaping barely alive some of your opponents from other lane- that’s the problem, and in the other problems of matter, she has a root as well, difficult to land I agree but still she has a Swain-like root that can develop badly for your engaging team. Or fleeing.

Her proper runes are: 3 Quints of Armor, 9 Marks of Armor as well, 9 Seals of Health and 9 Glyphs of Magic Resist. Her Masteries should be 0/18/12 and her proper build covering shielding and movement speed considering he has no escape mechanisms.

They items are the following: Ionian Boots of Lucidity-doesn’t even annoy me with that heal already at 3 secs CD, Talisman of Ascension, Locket of the Iron Solari, Mikael’s Crucible, Ruby Sightstone and Banshee’s Veil.

Her most feared opponents are Blitzcrank, Varus or Gnar, being able to poke heavily at her, but she manages at countering extremely well, and singularly the most effective counter against Karthus or Yasuo. She could synergy well with Karthus is suppose.

5. Tahm Kench – aah, how much I hate this guy- pardon me- the fatty with the hatty

fat frog, league of legends, Tahm KenchYet another champion to make you swear indubitably. Eating everything he can get his mouth on, a stun passive like Braum’s and logic-free ultimate, being able to swim and make a whole through ground. It should only be used in the river, him being the “River King”.

As well as making others escape he can escape as well with that preposterous shield that makes him like a shell, not being to actually touch him, even when it comes to reducing health regen. Particularly good in late game he excels at tanking but lacks options when it comes to hard engage, that’s his minus point, the big one but he covers that up in that other fucked-up abilities.

With a ban rate of 64.6% I can understand why he is so avoided in high-elo, making a 51.3% chance of winning with him. His runes make him even more annoying if they have health in them, making this retarded-nuclear appeared out of the jungle frog to be one of the best choices when it comes to supporting. It does a really good job sincerely, being able to carry and making the carry invulnerable for a good amount of time.

Never mind his critics, these are the runes proper for him: 3 Quints of Health, 9 Marks of Scaling Health, 9 Seals of Scaling Health and… wait for it … 9 Glyphs of Scaling Health. Health all over the place. His Masteries must be 0/12/18, MUST. And the proper build for him is based on health as well… Eye of the Oasis, Frozen Mallet, Warmog’s Armor, Mercury Threads, Dead Man’s Plate and Spirit Visage. If the boots could have health, you should buy them as well…

Tahm Kench is a water type Pokémon, so electric attacks (Kennen, Xerath) are super effective! Just kidding. He is weak against Janna or Vayne but counters the hell outta hookers like Thresh or Blitzcrank. Nice synergy with Kalista though.

4. Thresh – The dead guy who stalks you when you want to go pee

best support league of legendsOne of the best supports when it comes to lane sustenance and options, leaving free with 3 cc’s and one lantern that can chance the course of a gank or an escape or even a dragon steal.

This champion excels in turning the tides, making plays and hooking unaware bastards who they think that they can outrun your chain of love. Let’s face it, it’s pure love, and he has the mating ritual all over it written. Very good engaging, lovely passive and an list of 4 options when it comes to helping your team.

Particularly good in early game, he doesn’t succeed in carrying games that well to the victory, with only 48.5% win rate and a ban rate that explains those bad numbers, of only 0.5%. His designated runes are 3 Quints of Armor,  9 Marks of Attack Damage, 9 Seals of Health and 9 Glyphs of Magic Resist. His Masteries are 0/12/18 and his balanced build should be looking like the followings: Face of the Mountain, Ruby Sightstone, Boots of Mobility– to get that hook as well as you can, Zeke’s Harbinger, Righteous Glory and Locket of the Iron Solari.

Thresh is generally weak against Alistar and Lulu, but successfully counters Blitzcrank and Leona. Superb synergy with Kalista.

3. Blitzcrank – The yellow robot which everybody calls him “OH SHIT!”

the best support league of legendsI personally love playing this brute, lotsa carrying options, resists, burst, movement speed, an Over-Powered hook that everybody hates. He’s just like the perfect option when it comes to bot support.

He can be used as well as a topper or a jungler, very successful indeed, but his main position will remain support, until they will disable that hook or something. Until then, My preferred support after Janna, with a fun play-style, escape mechanisms and capable or easy roams and ganks.

With a win rate of 52.9% and a slim ban rate of 0.9%, I definitely recommend this support if you didn’t purchased it yet, easy to play, very fun and personal Robocop. His proper runes are: 3 Quints of Health Regen, 9 Marks of Armor, 9 Seals of Scaling Health and 9 Glyphs of Magic Resist.

The Masteries are 0/12/18 definitely the way to go and his proper build varies from: Eye of the Equinox to Face of the Mountain, Dead Man’s Plate to Spirit Visage, Frozen Hearth to Iceborn Gauntlet, Mickael’s Crucible to Locket of the Iron Solari, Boots of Mobility or Mercs.

Blitzcrank is generally good against Sona, Draven or Kog’Maw but lacks in options when he encounters Thresh, Leona or Alistar.

2. Janna – The floating lady that predicts the outcome of the game

best support of all time, JannaMy favorite support of all time. Knock-up, Knock-back, Slow, Shield, Movement Speed, I don’t know what this champion lacks in. Ah, forgot the OP heal of the ultimate, how could i? I woops Soraka’s ultimate badly, healing almost double than hers.

She is definitely the champion you should use as a support. With the highest rating of wins of all champions existing in this game, with 54.5% and barely a ban rate, she makes my day bright when I see her in my team or I play her. I know it will be a certain win.

It didn’t happen once that a whole team was after me and I escaped and outplayed the whole team, leaving time for my colleagues to respawn and kick their ass in no time.

Great champion indeed. Her runes must be 2 Quints of Movement Speed, 1 for Gold, 5 Marks of Attack Damage, 4 of Attack Speed, 9 Seals of Scaling Health and 9 Glyphs of Scaling Magic Resist.

Her Masteries round up to 0/18/12 and her proper build can be circumstantial Armored or Magic Resisting but in any case this is how her balanced build should be looking like: Boots of Swiftness or Mercs, Talisman of Ascension, Locket of the Iron Solari, Frozen Hearth, Zeke’s Harbringer and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter in my case, making your tornado a really messy spell.

I don’t think she has any real counters but hell she can counter immerging champions like Katarina, Kennen or Fiddlestiks, making them practically useless. Great synergy with Ashe.

1. Sion – The rage-full un-understood rugby player

best support, league of legendsThere’s something about this champ that unsettles me. He is ugly, his lower jaw looks kinda messy being replaced by a steel one, he is fat and bald, and on top of it he is walking naked around the waters scaring little children outta their seats for a better immerse in the game?

The most emo champ I’ve ever seen, smashing into walls and stunning himself if he didn’t do something good, running from fights like a little girl, what does this terrific champ learning the little ones playing this retarded game? To be a real man, I’m convinced. “what am I, what am i?” Shakespeare must’ve written his lines, for surely.

With a win rate of 53.6% he is definitely the support to be counting on, and on top of it, his ban rate is 0.1%, so nobody is really scared of him, but the odds say he is a pretty retarded support and win bringer.

I’ve seen this specimen played support and before the change and he was OP, Stun-Shield-Dead was the perfect combo in that period dealing literally tons of damage being fat in that patches as well. His runes for supporting must be all defensive, skipping the offense one for a better survivability rate so he can introduce his ulti in style.

They are the followings: 3 Quints of Health, 9 Marks of Health, 9 Seals of Mana Regen and 9 Glyphs of Scaling Magic Resist. His Masteries are rounded up to 0/12/18 and his proper build should be looking like the followings: Face of the Mountain, Ruby Sightstone, Boots of Mobility, Locket of the Iron Solari, Warmog’s Armor and Dead Man’s Plate so he can stay and cc as long as he can during the fight.

He is weak against high-ranged carries and Garen or Riven but he excels at giving a hard time to mages like Le Blanc, Kassadin or Annie, being well balanced when it comes to soaking up some damage.

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