Everyone has a unique vision about the things that make him a real man. A nice suit or an expensive watch ? When you become older, you become more mature and wiser.

What are the things which prove that you achieved this state? The things you own, the company you keep, and the deeds you do. I would suggest that 30 is the turning point in a man´s life. His career may be in full blossom, he may already have a wife, a house and a car. Of course the inner values are also very important, as having a proper moral compass etc.

There is a gut feeling, an instinct in every man -or a sense perhaps- for what makes him a man. This feeling is not easy to articulate or express, but you may feel a certain glimpse of it when you take in hand something which was carefully crafted and designed. This may be the smell of the collar of your dog, or the perfect crash of an ice cube in a whiskey glass engraved. Something just feels right, and you deserve to feel this in everything you own.

Everyone has a unique vision about the things that make him a real man. A nice suit or an expensive watch ? Of course, but now let’s take a look at ten things that certainly should not be missing from a repertoire of a man! There are certain things that will improve when you obtain everything on this list. I mean your intelligence, your emotional life, your sexual life and all together, the quality of your life.

10. Knife

things that man should haveA knife is hip and commanding. It is so versatile and well-balanced. You can use it for many things: cooking, hunting. whatever. It will be your best friend in the kitchen.

But you have to care about it: it needs sharpening and it has to be protected against the rust. And of course do not forget to keep it away from the kids. Assuming that you have.

Naturally a serious and socially committed man should have a knife. It may even be convenient in a situation where you have to defend yourself or your family. You never know.

9. Necktie

10 things mens must have“I can go all over the world with just three outfits: a blue blazer and gray flannel pants, a gray flannel suit, and black tie.”- Pierre Cardin

Do you want to be impressive? Buy a necktie and put it on! It is really elegant and an adult man over 30 has to express somehow his maturity and his solidarity toward society.

It is really attractive and seductive, showing a high degree of dignity and self-assurance. A necktie tells a lot about the personality of it´s wearer. It is a symbol of power, authority, success, eroticism and good behavior. We can also draw conclusions from the color of the necktie: a darker color expresses seriousness and officialdom, the brighter ones are about positive attitude and buoyancy, while the provoking motifs the individual to stand of from the crowd.

8. Mobile phone

mens should have phoneNeedless to say. This is basic. Every man should have a mobile phone to be available all the time.

It may be your boss, your woman, your best friends inviting you to the party of the year or just a silly hoover agent, from which you would probably buy the best vacuum cleaner on the Earth, or just have a funny conversation with. But anyway, be careful where you put the phone: it may harm your potential and cause cancer if you use it too often.

7. Whisky

things mens shold wear“Well, I´ll tell you a story

of whiskey and mystics and men,

And about the believers and

how the whole thing began.”

-The Doors

Yes. A good bottle of whisky on the bar, with the proper glasses and ice cubes. This is really mannish and yobbo. It is man´s drink, a currency of respect among men.

If you show up with a bottle of it, you will surely get positive feedbacks as “I acknowledge you as a man, and we can be good friends, I won´t beat you up“. Besides this it may be an entrant to high society, so if you want to get rich, stylish friends, just visit them with a good brand of whisky to impress them. Keep on walking, and don´t look back, man! And have a lot of success!

6. Sunglasses

things every men should wearEvery important man character in famous Hollywood movies owns sexy, fancy sunglasses. From James Bond through Terminator to Kojak. It is really stylish and looks good. Especially if it is a Ray Ban.

The brand and the design is important though, so select carefully. Round glasses does not fit a round face, so people like this should choose a frame with sharp angular lines. Square shaped faces are looking good with round or oval shaped lenses.

The owners of oval faces are the lucky ones: their face is universal which fits any kind of frames. Of course the age is also an important factor that determines the style of the ideal sunglasses. It is normal if a younger person follows the general fashion, while older people should choose something with more character and individuality. The important thing is that you should feel comfortable in it.

5. Card holder

And elegant and serious man has to possess a card holder. It is a symbol of confidence, solemnity and adulthood.

In a world like this, which is about contacts, name cards and networking, you need to have a case where you can keep your business cards organized.

A business card is your sales tool. It advertises you and your entity and plays a role as a lead generator and influencer.

4. Jack

things that every man has to haveAs a man who is always ready and capable to handle the unexpected situations, you need to have a jack in your car.

Your vehicle may crock up anytime, consider this. And nothing is more sexy and attractive for a woman than a man who pulls up a glove and fixes up the occurring problem. But don´t be satisfied with the one you find in your brand new car! You definitely have to buy a better and bigger one with a proven quality.

3. Valid passport

things men should haveIt is essential to have a valid passport. Without a passport, you cannot move to another country. And a real man is flexible and dynamic without any boundaries and barriers before him.

How to get one? You need to check the location of your regional office of passport services, go there and apply. It is simple like that. And you can already plan your next vacation with your girlfriend or your wife.

2. Arm chair

10 things mens should haveAn armchair. Again something which is about confidence and severity. Even if you are a serious businessman or a lawyer or just an ordinary artist or something, you need to have an armchair.

It is really expressive and impressive at the same time. If a guest would visit your room and see it`s furniture with the armchair, he would certainly say, “Wow, man! That´s how a real man´s room should like ! Gripping!”

Owning it with a necktie is the infallible way to ultimate success in life! Do not hesitate to go to the closest furniture shop (or to the one with the best quality and price/value rate) and buy a stylish black one. Black is the color of power, lordship and elegance.

1. Garden grill

ten things mens should haveLast but not least: the garden grill. Imagine yourself on a hot summer afternoon in your holiday house with your wife and your friends all over.

What will you do? Watch TV? Play cards? That´s boring! You bring out the garden grill and you make a big grill party to the greatest joy of your loving companions! Well that`s virile, that´s a ballsy thing, man!

The essence is rooted in human quality. We can not really be true women or men, because our human qualities are inadequate. Misplaced values, the unwillingness to grow up, laziness, irresponsibility are the characteristics of today’s men in the majority of cases. We are mentally fragile people who are lost in terms of identity. Neither women nor men. We became children. Drifting Peter Pans make up our society.

Masculinity is strength, support and dignity ! Not violence, of course and not necessarily physical strength! Unbroken spiritual strength, which is able to stand against any threat or danger for the protection of the individuals belonging to him by sacrificing himself!

A real man does not exist according to the needs of women, but outperforms their expectations while meeting the expectations of himself! A man does not want to measure up to women, but simply wants to be responsible for himself, and thus for the single lady chosen by him! The essence is inner strength! Responsibility, rectitude, honesty, balance, respect, pride, intensity …

You received now an aggregation of what makes you really a man in life. Take it seriously, fight and get what you want! Of course you can´t always get what you want, but failure should not take away your “appetite”! Stand up and do your thing!

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