If there is one thing humans are, that is reluctant. Few people are actually excited about trying something new, especially something recommended by someone else. This applies even on trivial things such as books, movies and TV series. So, when someone introduces a new show to their friends, there are a couple of things they have to point out in order to make them watch it.

They usually start with the name, a few details about the genre and story – but no spoilers! –, the characters and of course, details about the cast. The cast is much more important than one would believe, because unfortunately, often people are not interested in series for the reason that they do not like the cast. But once they are informed that the cast is made out of actors they consider very handsome, they are officially signed up for the fan club.

To build the perfect man

When it comes to actors, it is quite difficult to decide what makes them appeal more to the public. Blue angelic eyes, brown doe eyes, maybe dark black or sea green with a fierce gaze? Full lips or thin, long fabulous hair of all colours or a crazy mohawk – maybe no hair at all; a very worked out body or a frail one? A perfect face or maybe one with freckles, birth marks, moles or even scars? Tattoos and piercing or a completely natural body? Accents? British and Irish accents are to die for, while the Spanish and French ones are the most sensual.

In other words, men are as complex and complicated as women, especially when admired by them. With so many options, it is a wonder that we have even managed to make a list with only 10 Most Handsome Guys on TV. But let’s face it! No matter one’s tastes, at some point all women and even men agree on who are the indeed the most handsome ones. You only need a pair of eyes to end up agreeing with the rest.

More talents, better man

Despite our beloved society’s constant superficiality, there are other facts that make a man seem more attractive and we are not referring to his conventional or not so conventional beauty. We are talking about their talent. The people we are about to present are generally good on TV, but they are also great movie actors or fantastic on Broadway. At the same time, some are amazing musicians, astonishing painters, outstanding sportsmen, remarkable photographers, ideal husbands or boyfriends and perfect fathers. While the last are not exactly talents, they make them score some extra points.

In order to shorten the list, we have resumed not only to 10, but also to only one actor per series. So if there are series with the cast made out entirely of Greek gods, we are sorry, but we want to give equal chances to everyone. But we promise to have some honourable mentions! Meanwhile… enjoy our gorgeous men!

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