The music industry is a very wide and interesting one. Music is the art of combining notes in succession and simultaneously in an aesthetically nice shape, regular organization of such notes and their integration into a complete work.

There are many classifications of musical genres: vocal, instrumental, sacred, secular, religious and commercial, rock, Afro-American origin, electronic music, etc. The term ‘music’ was sometimes used to describe any arrangement of sounds generated deliberately or not. In general, it is assumed, however, that the sounds are organized in a very clever way.

History of Music

The term had a broader meaning in ancient Greece. Thus, all the arts were considered a somewhat ‘music’. In late antiquity Boethius defines three kinds of music: music mundane which were the universe and the Celestial Spheres, musica humana which was the harmony of the soul and the body, in the philosophical sense and instrumentalis musica, the music produced by instruments and voice, meaning the one that is preserved today. In the beginning, music appeared in the Middle Paleolithic and consisted of blows between the stones, wood or other common objects.

They were designed as hymns of glory in screams and dances. Today, these manifestations are viewed somewhat skeptically because they were limited to poor sound and thanksgiving for gods. The origins of the musical art are to be found in the distant history of mankind. As art, sound can be considered one only when the sounds are consciously organized, reflecting a degree of development in primitive man’s spirituality.

Thus, man made creative art when it come to master the thought and articulate speech. The first practices of a spiritual nature are tied to the process of work, collectively, when rhythmic orders, shouts, humming and encouragement and so on, to later be evolved forms of magic, rituals, incantations, when the melodic element is put next to dancing and speech, forming a syncretic art, which evolved for a very long period of time.

In time, music was also introduced on the big screen, but not with only words, but with images as well. The video is a short film with artistic or advertising poured into the video system. It is also used with the alternative name, clip.

Music evolved so much, that today we are making a list of 10 Most Controversial Music Videos of all times.

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