Ups and downs; that’s how you describe one’s musical career. All the big players in the music had, at some point, a stroke of bad luck, a loss of will or of hope for their art or just felt down and deepened by the pressure of their career. What happens when they go down the big black-hole? Is it permanent?

Vicious trials

There is no single artist that didn’t have a tough fist fight with destiny, where his/her faith, or lack of it, has been tested through many vicious trials. What should you do when fronted with a wall? You start to cry, or you start finding a way to climb it? Ultimately it’s about how you get out of it, how you gather the scrambled pieces of yourself and start rebuilding that beautiful puzzle that once was, only in another form.

It’s not about the genre, that’s for sure. Comebacks in the musical industry have been witnessed all around the spectrum, from rock to hip-hop, pop, jazz, country music and so on. It is curios however to see what made it happen, how did they end up in the position of needing that comeback?

The stories of the artists, thus, prove useful in understanding what transpired in their personal and public lives that lead to the moment of the “comeback”. Stories of losing ones child, spouse, band members, of suicides, of lost love, of bad management, of albums that didn’t hit the mark and scored a draw-back to some, of being left without a record deal despite the fact that he/she was an established artist in the business, and many others that turned out to eventually be stunning successes in the end.

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