Anastasia Sokolova

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Taking the second place of the 5th season of Ukraine Got Talent, Anastasia Sokolova put her name on the map. By doing so, she managed to bring a lot of attention to pole dancing as an art, not a routine in a stripclub.

Sokolova is regarded by many the best pole dancer in the world. Her moves are exquisite and every time she’s on the stage, dancing on the pole she seems full of confidence, a must-have feature in this line of work.

When Anastasia is pole dancing, she’s always wearing high heels, bringing some danger to her artistic act.

Her audition for Ukraine Got Talent, in 2013:

Anastasia also has her own dance studio, Sokolova Dance Studio, in Kiev Ukraine. Their goal is to maintain a friendly environment for their students while they learn different dance moves, most of them being on the pole.

Sexy Pole Dancer Anastasia Sokolova