6 Run’n’Gun Games

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6 Run\'n\'Gun Games
1. Broforce
2. Cave Story
3. Risk of Rain
4. Shoot Many Robots
5. Dust: An Elysian Tail
6. Super Panda Adventures

The Run’n’Gun games are the second most important in the platform genre, and they played a really important in the past through games like Contract and Metal Slug.

Graphics don’t make the game

Lots of people considered that they should still be honored through more games based on those old mechanics and combine them with the technology of today.

While others went nostalgic-mode with 8-16 bit graphics, some tried giving them toonish graphics like Shoot Many Robots, ShankAfter all, everyone knows, or at least should know that the graphics don’t make the game, but gameplay and story. Without further blabbering, here are my favorite Run’n’Gun games.

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