12 Tips to Have Better SEO results

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    Do not use # (hashtags) in the URLs, because Google does not index them. You should use alphanumerical characters only.


    Do not use black hat link building technics, use only white hat ones. If Google catches you using black hat methods, not only the forbidden links will be devaluated, but all the links pointing to you.


    Try to get mentions. Google does not only check the links, mentions also have values in SEO. This is more important, when you have a unique brand name.


    Do not submit your links into weak link directories, but you should use directories which are edited by humans, have value and real visitors. You can get customers from the latter ones.


    Do not change anything on your site when moving from http to https. This is already a big challenge to Google, do not mess its indexes with other changes!


    If you set the canonical tags, the SEO improvement won’t be faster. This is because Google will index the duplicated content pieces as well – otherwise how it should know that it is a real duplication?


    Your website should be loaded in 2-3 seconds. If it takes more than 3 seconds, 40% of your visitors will leave before see it. If your site is too big then use lazy loading and show immediately only the above fold area. The Google Pagespeed Insigths is a good tool to measure your site’s speed.


    Use Open Graph elements on your site, so you can control how your pages look like on Facebook.


    Domain age is very important in SEO. If your site is a brand new, it will be very difficult to fight against 10+ year sites. It is worth to try to buy an older domain name.


    You should take care of your link profile’s quality. You have to gain both nofollow and dofollow links.


    Write less but high-quality content, instead of writing more but weak articles. Focus on longer and well-performing topics. Know your keywords and use them well. If it is needed, ask a SEO consultant!


    Build up a user-friendly website layout and work on your articles’ look. Use internal headings, bold and italic text pieces, internal and outgoing links, embed images or videos and use bullet points or ordered lists. All of them make your article easier to read and boost your SEO.

    Source: https://www.keresooptimalizalas.info.hu/12-tipp-a-havidijas-seo-elvegzesehez/