Top 10 Xbox Games with Outstanding Graphics

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Top 10 Xbox Games with Outstanding Graphics
1. Halo 5: Guardians
2. Tomb Raider: Rise of The Tomb Raider
3. Ryse: Son of Rome
4. Mortal Kombat X
5. Forza Motorsport 6
6. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
7. Titanfall
8. GTA V
9. Farcry 4
10. Alien Isolation

The Xbox One has gain power and developing flexibility with an updated SDK and a refined management processor. From time to time, a small miracle occurs because games like GTA V or Destiny turn in their best resolution with 1080p on every level! A feat which should be less rare due to the Xbox One SDK update. An SDK which has also leaked on Twitter.

The Xbox One gains power through its development kit. Many experts have studied the issue, including interviewing several development studios. Apparently they believe that Devkit update of the Xbox One is partly responsible for this improvement. According to Maciej Bienkowski, designer of Dying Light, optimizing management eSRAM (RAM of the console) enables developers to “do more with ESRAM, things that developers have always wanted to do but were not easily accessible. ” he said in an interview with Gamongbolt.

To believe Digital Foundry and Eurogamer, the optimization of the development kit would not be the only reason for improved performance on the Xbox One, and therefore an easier introduction of 1080p.

Exploiting the processors

There is still some time, Microsoft’s console was blocking two processors, it embarks on the management of operating system and the Kinect. But Redmond now allows development studios to provide a little power on the seventh processor for their games (from 50% to 80%). It has a few constraints.

Developers must indeed spend the Kinect features involved to use this power reserve. Also, when a player wants to use the Kinect for action related to the operating system, this additional power available that the system of the Xbox has attributed falls abruptly, for example, when the player wants to increase the volume through voice commands. The game system does not detect this application power from the Kinect and performance is reduced because the use of resources does not fit the situation.

A small flaw that should be quick to fix, Microsoft announced an SDK modification that should remove this limitation and provide a more precise management of the 7th processor. What happens when you disconnect it from your Kinect console? This can redevelop its computing power for other purposes. The manager of the Xbox division of Microsoft announced on Twitter that the Xbox One development kits have been revised to enable more performance, access to new tools and greater flexibility when creating games.

kinect, xbox oneBefore the news, the blog Eurogamer was quick to ask Microsoft further details; including whether the announcement was related to the ability to obtain a free Xbox One Kinect. “Yes, the additional resources provide access to a maximum 10% gain in terms of graphics performance,” confirmed a spokesman. “We are committed to providing developers with new tools and flexibility to produce better xbox one games giving them the opportunity to use the computing power to reserve optimally for themselves and their games.

Should we expect a faster multiplication 1080p games? To this question, a public relations remains a publicist.

“The Xbox One is pretty and offer a rich gameplay and features related to the platform. The way developers choose to access the extra graphics power for their games is free to them. We work with a number of developers on how they can benefit from these changes. We’ll have more details about it soon. ”

Microsoft seems determined to make adjustments to respect to communications problems at the unveiling of last year’s console. In front of a PlayStation 4 more power on paper, the console manufacturers certainly hope that its new strategy will pay off.

Every gamer knows that great games are not about looks, instead gameplay and great story but it is hard to decide what games are the best in that aspect, so I decided to make a list of 10 games with awesome graphics. Let’s begin!

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