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3. Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse Son of Rome xbox one game

To highlight the technical potential of a machine to use Crytek was clearly not a bad idea. Abandoning its FPS, the German Book developer to xbox one a beautiful beat’em all who unfortunately forgot a good head does not exclude a well-filled head.

No doubt, at the time of its release, if you are looking for a game to even put you in the eyes on your brand new Xbox One, Ryse will serve its purpose. Such rendered on a home console, it smells indeed as the next-gen full nose. From floor to ceiling, Ryse provides the show with high-flying environments, lush vegetation that sometimes gives way to a truer mud nature, all lit by lights in real time which kill the mouth and a few sequences in setting epic scene that pound the nail Hollywood inspiration of the game.

A technical quality that is felt in every detail of a face close-up of a metal armor or shield any ornament which n ‘ escapes the gaze, all these little things once reserved for kinematic and now proudly displayed at the heart of the gameplay. The highest magic in the work of fighting, with their hyper-detailed animations and plans to admire the twisted face of opponents in pain.

For once, official images give a credible preview of the final product.

gladiator scene, Ryse Son of RomeCrytek has ensured that the camera does not move away too much of its hero Marius, Roman legionary seeking revenge for the murder of his family. Thus the advantage of every detail of the fight, we often seem to come straight out of a cutscene. The images illustrated, for once, the quality of the game. In any case, its aesthetic qualities … As beat’em all, Ryse takes a minimalist formula that, despite some good ideas, it disappoints at others.

To fight, Marius has 2 advantages: he brandishes his sword and shield with X he raises with A or balance violently over his opponent with Y to destabilize it. And the third thing is his great sense of rhythm. It’s very dynamic, very fluid and very strong aesthetic … but frankly not very deep, if not downright hollow over time.

Executions are of great violence, enjoy a beautiful choreography.

“ If you do nothing, the action will continue without you ”

After some discussion, we manage to sufficiently to finish the louts with bloody execution of a shamefully enjoyable violence and staging that takes down his victim’s jaw and the player’s. A killing that makes the most stupid of the world when your enemy is surrounded by a blue halo, press X, in yellow, press Y, repeat until the end of the combo … or not, because even if you do nothing, the action will continue without you. Strange … all that pass these QTE nothing frankly difficult but, again, it is as if Crytek was afraid that players can fully enjoy the show on failure.

This strange idea, however, is followed by another more interesting: the option to choose an asset that we win at the end of finish move. Each arrow of the cross key corresponds to an asset: Gain health, XP boost, boost damage or Rage. The more we will be in rhythm during the performance, the higher the gain will be important. A hint of tactical far from stupid but that will not save the sinking ship that is the gameplay of Ryse.

Orders can be given with Kinect.

The beat’em all Crytek game is simply poor and should interest only the ones who enjoy simple but good looking game which gives it a small chance for a great game …I play really passionate, mechanically and because I love games. From time to time, you participates in a sequence out nails (take the head of a Roman column shields commander) and then just 6 minutes later, we see the end credits.

gameplay, Ryse Son of RomeThe most regrettable is that even its epic appearance goes out the window because of this damn camera stubbornly stuck to the hindquarters of Marius, the player has to deal with a field of view which does not at all fit the panoramas, it misses the potentially grandiose dimension of what is happening around us.

Besides, it’s not the only cosmetic wandering Ryse who does not hesitate to clone its enemies whose total number does not exceed 8 individuals whose face will haunt you again and again for 6 hours solo. If accurate, this is because the game also has a co-op mode which allows chaining the fighting arena. Not exactly what will save the game.

Archetype of the technology showcase, Ryse: Son of Rome’s beautiful, and it is even holding great promise for future most successful games on the next generation of sitting machines. But it is also hollow, letting you play without looking foolish, enthusiasm as a big blockbuster making too much to justify its budget and takes too long , but detached admiration.

2. Tomb Raider: Rise of The Tomb Raider

xbox game, Tomb Raider: Rise of The Tomb Raider

You maybe do not know, but the video game world is like the cinema, to the rhythm of the star system. Things sometimes go very quickly in a few years, until an actor or key figure gradually disappears, and the arrival of a new generation of icons, virtual or not, is on. That’s what happened to Lara Croft, star of the 90s, put on straw by Kratos, Nathan Drake, or Master Chief, post-bug idols of 2000.

But the matron has well successful comeback in 2013 and now, the English again became one of the prominent figures in the world of gaming. So naturally, her second adventure “new formula” was eagerly awaited … and it should not disappoint anyone. So in 2013, Tomb Raider made a comeback, thanks to a reboot orchestrated jointly by Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics. Players, accustomed to a Lara Croft confident, brash, and finally almost superhuman, discovered the wanderings of a young adult suddenly confronted with the violence of the world, and barbarism of men. Lara Croft 2013 changed so badly, perhaps too much so, to change little by little into a vengeful goddess, much more combative after hours of play … and torture.

See that icon “lowered” to a mere mortal, a vulnerability and very fragility, actually human, had created a real shock. Yet this bias had rained and Tomb Raider was a success. A sequel was therefore to be expected, but it was expected to live something different … More was to come back on some of the biggest flaws of Tomb Raider as she could no longer rely on its greatest strength: the evolution of the central character in the game. Yet with Rise of the Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics managed a second time, we taped our controller, with an exciting and action packed adventure, mystery and magic.

Enjoy the warmth of Syria, it will not last.

game screenshot, Tomb Raider: Rise of The Tomb RaiderLara is back, determined to kick some butt to achieve her objective. In this new adventure, she engages in a mad chase after a source of immortality artifact, a power that stirs up lust of a millennium Christian sect.

Her journey will lead her to Siberia, where most of the adventure will take place.  The star of the game, once again, it’s Lara: our young archaeologist has taken up the ranks and if the episode of Yamatai and Solarii has visibly scarred her for life, it also allowed her to pass a course. Lara is now much more confident, and surprises several times in the game with her language, cursing and insulting her enemies and making radical decisions. Because she does not just talk: her lethal capabilities and willingness are up.

We continue to feel pain for her.

It is therefore no longer the feel fragility that made her so interesting two years ago, but the new insurance is however tempered by a certain naivety which continues to play tricks on her. Is fun to discover throughout the game’s personality, so radically different from what we knew of the icon that was known before in 2013. This is made to perfection by modeling her face, especially expressive in all circumstances. To remind us that, despite her evolution, she remains a human like the others, her body is covered regularly in cuts, scrapes and blood, a chilling realism. Brief clearly, the main interest of the game is the new Lara Croft, and we will have at heart to find out what it will fall on the muzzle to each cave exit, the next corner, at every door to open.

You can always opt for a more discreet approach.

gun fight scene, Rise of Tomb RaiderAfter its release in 2013, Tomb Raider had redefined many things, starting with its action sequences. Especially now, our hero is able to sprint at will, and thus to lead the charge against the enemy (sometimes a little stupid, do not be afraid to say it). The various counters that can be acquired through the skill tree are particularly interesting in play, especially when it comes to finish an enemy down pump gun.

The feeling with the weapons is excellent, and the basic grunts strafe is downright pleasant. Things get tough with enemies in armor, but one learns to use roll and cons to find an opening and put a wicked ax kick where it hurts. I would advise all the same to raise the difficulty of the game by one notch for game enthusiasts with a demanding hair. If Rise of the Tomb Raider is not a really difficult game, the eponymous difficulty setting may be too generous, and more tension will be felt in the higher difficulty levels. However, by default the game can live a fluid and extremely well-paced adventure, that too many “try again” could disrupt. You choose.

Fracture of the retina

If you follow the news regularly, developing a game on Xbox one seems complicated. Either you call Turn10 and you are able to lay a flawless game, turning gently to 60 fps in 1080p, or you’re more 343 Industries and you make compromises. This was chosen to Crystal Dyanmics with its game, remembering, however, that the team is under the pedal. In 2013, Tomb Raider was superb; early 2014 is Tomb Raider Definitive Edition that came to confirm the talent of Californians.

Their new effort is in the same line. The game is simply beautiful, especially indoors or in midsize levels, where we appreciate the delicacy of the textures of the rocks, the sculpted stone, water effects and above all the incredible work done on the light. Visiting a cave in the light of a wild beast is a source of wonder.

Especially as studio artists are not left out, and so that the graphic does not attract all the glory, they produced high quality work. If Tomb Raider shocked by the violence of its world, dirty, bloody and almost too dark for the series, Rise of the Tomb Raider returns to something more classic, but so much more effective. It is a real trip back in time that the player performs in the company of Lara, in the footsteps of this famous prophet. We visit many temples and the big adventure, once past the dark gulags of the Soviet era, therefore takes place in the ruins of an absolutely magnificent medieval town. You remember the little butterflies that you had felt in the belly when you saw the first image of Assassin’s Creed in 2007 (before you realize that the game is insanely repetitive)? You should end here.

The many animations “bonus” of Lara make her more human.

Rise of the Tomb Raider looks great from an artistic point of view. But I will be less categorical technically, since in the most open spaces, where details abound, the console takes a little tongue. The textures are less precise, the viewing distance is diminishing, in short the game is less beautiful. This is particularly convincing when one moves from one level to the indoor outdoor level. But fortunately there is nothing to hold it against the game, from beginning to end that line of major strokes behind the head.

lara croft, redesignThis is complemented by animations of Lara and attention to detail in her hair, her face, her skin, making it more credible than any video game heroes emerged in recent years. Some may find it a little annoying at times because the girl has a sacred character, which can cause it to take some stupid decisions. Nevertheless, this game serves as impulsiveness for our heroine that has the merit of bringing some very interesting twists to adventure.

Although it is less original in its treatment than its predecessor, Rise of the Tomb Raider is a near-perfect success which corrects all errors of a reboot yet placed from the outset on track. Even if its scenario is not very original, it is a great excuse for a skillfully paced and crazy adventure. With its tombs, caves and great levels to discover and rediscover with the tools obtained throughout the adventure, Rise of the Tomb Raider finally incorporates exploration aspect that was lacking the last title of Crystal Dynamics.

Less dark, less violent, this suite is a journey through time and space that gives the game an undeniable charm. Despite a good life (21h unhurried, 70% completion rate), it leaves the adventure sated but sad that it is already completed. And that, in 2015, it is rare when it comes to an AAA! This is probably what makes Rise of the Tomb Raider one of the best titles released this year.

1. Halo 5: Guardians

xbox one game, Halo 5: Guardians

Three years! Three years since Halo fans await a sequel to the events that have sprung-taught, the powerful Forerunner warrior, came back to life and declared war on all humanity. Three years waiting for a new title to definitively turn the page of the multiplayer of Halo 4, particularly criticized by players.

343 Industries understood the lesson: the saga is perhaps more the splendor of the past but it still has a very, very large fanbase that we must not disappoint. But the studio could not avoid the question of money and appeal to the public, especially when Microsoft and its Xbox One living in difficult hours. Halo 5: Guardians must revive the series, but also place the Xbox One on a springboard. A complicated task, but luckily for it, it has the means.

Despite the obvious qualities, Halo Reach and Halo 4 have not been able to avoid some controversy, in part because many players accused them of trying to attract a new audience, more fans of Call of Duty and other Battlefied fans. Less demanding but more dynamic games, which replaced gradually Halo in the heart of the public, a rather volatile target. Bonnie Ross’ troops had so much to do to revive the saga of Master Chief. And they dared to do what no one had dared before them, not even Bungie: fundamentally change the gameplay so atypical of the series. Good news, Halo 5: Guardians did not suffer, and after having tasted it, it will be difficult to return to previous titles of the series. If it is not free from defects, the new effort of 343 Industries will at least have the merit of a good kick in the anthill.

Levels well built

Halo 5 Guardians action sceneTremendously fun, especially in the early hours, since we must now further analyze an area before striking, and it gradually becomes aware of the possibilities offered by the game. It is sometimes surprised at what intelligence levels were built, and used to wonder what about the new gameplay. Unlike many FPS (or GST) in which a look is enough to understand where to spend and where to hide, most of Halo 5 sandbox: Guardians are conceived with an idea in mind: to ensure that all seem the most natural and consistent as possible. We can always argue that destroying the walls, which sometimes allow to bypass the enemies or give access to more powerful weapons are easily identifiable, but still have to find them …

Hoping to find a power weapon or secrets

In short this point of view, Halo 5: Guardians is actually better than many of its predecessors. In terms of design-level, the game cleverly used its new gameplay and allows it sustained and very dynamic, especially in Normal and Heroic. Legendary is another story, since the game is particularly devious from the first levels. Playing cooperatively (up to 4 players, but via online only) hardly makes things better as the game automatically adjusts the difficulty based on the number of human players. Vicious. But it must be that difficult to pull up since it is now possible to regenerate your teammates, or even being brought to life by them, whether human or AI controlled. The deadline is necessarily shorter in  Legendary but this addition was perhaps not necessary. However, the ability to give orders to your teammates will be very useful on Legendary, unless you are a top player. It’s always a pleasure to come to the rescue of colleagues though.

Team chief vs. team locke

Halo 5 Guardians screenshotAll these levels are fun, but remember that they must serve an epic adventure worthy of the previous episodes. For months, I feared that Halo 5: Guardians is too tight to casual gamers or less passionate for the big fans of the series, who read all the comics and novels out in the past three years. I must say that the universe of the series is rather complex and the last events did not help either.

This required that the game relies on its extensive universe, while remaining clear for the less hardcore players. And I think in both cases, Halo 5: Guardians failed.   I enjoyed the adventure that seemed well-written, and above all extremely well-paced. The campaign is made up of many highlights of memorable scenes and visually very impressive. It will be appreciated that team members constantly talk to each other, delivering many scriptwriting details that one could have obtained otherwise, or that allow us to know them better.

I feel it is important to clarify that when I first finished Halo 5: Guardians, the scenario was a little disappointed. Mainly because it does not really deliver what the promotional campaign of the title promised us from the beginning, namely a manhunt with a rebellious Master Chief, Spartan Locke and a relentless, scary coolness and efficiency. Without wanting to say too much, this ultimately took little place in the unfolding of events, despite some pretty exciting passages. And the “twist” screenplay also occurs very early in the game, which does not help. After finishing the game once, so I decided to start the campaign by setting aside my expectations and so my subjectivity. And if some scriptwriting choices always seem as lazy, I must admit that the adventure is very pleasant to live, even if it does not offer what was promised.

Magic req system

By playing, you’ll earn money that you can buy REQ packs, where you will find, randomly, of pieces of armor, weapons, vehicles and other small things. If hitting a new helmet or a new skin BR is very pleasant. At each respawn, or using the brackets provided for this purpose and located on the map, you can order a new primary weapon, temporarily get a power weapon or even a vehicle. These commands thus depend on REQ cards you own, but also the level of REQ. Of course, do not expect to fly a Scorpion tank in the opening minutes of the match!

The system is rather well seen and allows a gradation in the violence of fighting. If early in the game, everyone plays with AR and Magnum BR quickly enter the dance and shotguns, the Warthog, Banshee … until the land is hammered by the power of Scorpions, rocket launchers and rifles binary Forerunners. Depending on the situation, you can totally seek a requisition consoles and order a more suitable weapon. Of course, the REQ System only works in Warzone, however you can use the pieces of armor and weapon skins in Arena.

A note about graphics, and music

master chief, Halo 5 guardiansFrom a visual standpoint, Halo 5: Guardians accomplishes the feat to alternate between very good and awesome. Some scenes are particularly impressive and technically successful, playing on the warm colors and light effects for you to dazzle the eyes. However, the game has a lot more difficulties to manage, vegetation and the few “green” levels are not really enjoyable to watch. Just as some textures are sublime, others are downright dated. In multiplayer, it’s okay.

If Halo 4 was able to recall in its time, the series was a real technical showcase for the Xbox brand, Halo 5 sometimes arrives at the visual level of Killzone Shadow Fall, out there for 2 years now. Sure levels of under 343 Industries are much broader and less dark (dark sometimes making misery cache office), but more could be expected of the new Halo. Fortunately, we had not lied: the game is running continuously at 60 frames per second and never weakens, except possibly during loading micro-time, in the countryside.

Halo 5: Guardians is not the savior expected by some, since it has certain undeniable weaknesses. However, if a certain laziness can point fingers regarding a screenwriting choices in particular, the campaign will offer many memorable scenes, supported by quality music and graphics. Adventure is probably a little short but is lived fully, with gameplay that is finally honor the superhuman abilities of the Spartans. Multiplayer side is just a big slap in the nostrils, and many players should see their social life to disintegrate in the coming days. 343 Industries has managed to renew the series while retaining its bases, making Halo 5: Guardians a must for all FPS fans. More technical, more demanding, the title will not be forgotten.


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