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10. Alien Isolation

xbox one game, Alien Isolation

After the stampede that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, Sega had to react in totally revising its copy. The result did not expect so since in parallel with a change of studio, one passes a FPS / Action game with a directed infiltration synonymous with gigantic game of hide-and-seek in the idea referring to the very first long film by Ridley Scott. Bias dared to an exciting concept and logical in some ways. Now, in fact, is that the result is up to the ambitions of the studio Creative Assembly? Here are some answers.

If it did not take long for several film sequences in Alien passenger, Alien: Isolation knowingly chooses to return to the time between the first two parts of the film saga to highlight Amanda, Ripley’s daughter, mentioned in the Aliens James Cameron since discovers that she died two years before the awakening of said Ripley diving hyper-sleep for 57 years. So Amanda learns, 15 years after the incident of Nostromo which saw the disappearance of his mother, the Weyland-Yutani company would have information on where might be his parent. She decides to accompany Samuels referred to the orbital station Sevastopol that will quickly prove to be a death trap as a stronghold of androids wonky, survivors stranded nervous and especially having a xenomorphic fangs.

The written and audio materials you will learn more about what happened on the Sevastopol.

Beyond this aspect, plus a soundtrack after the Scott film perfectly suited to the mood of the game (although bitterly regret not having the right to the American or French dubbing voice of Sigourney Weaver), it will be issue to advance on tiptoe so as not to die every 10 seconds. To do so, a single solution: hide, be attentive to the slightest noise and especially, especially, avoid most enemies. So, as you progress, you will have various gadgets at your disposal to distract opponents.

flamethrower, alien isolationA sound emitter, smoke, blinding grenades, EMP bombs, although useful for removing groups of androids, etc. If you will also be able to use various weapons (colt, shotgun, taser, nail gun …) tell yourself that this will not be the solution to advocate since if they are prepared to be effective human face and androids, none of them can overcome the Alien.

While the flamethrower (obtained relatively late) will be appreciable to scare the beast but remember that it will return very quickly to the charge, especially if you show too noisy. In short, it must never hesitate to take cover under a table, in cabinets, carts on wheels, ducts and constantly checker his portable radar to know the position of our enemies, and act accordingly. Still remember for user gadgets mentioned above, plus the medikits, you will find enough materials scattered around the station, in order to build them.

Fear is what leads the game?

If in absolute Alien: Isolation works, like the first film, the fear of the unknown and the omnipresence of an invisible enemy, the result still shows a little unbalanced in this case . Blame it on an AI not always convincing synonymous with alien sometimes not seeing us while we’re squatting, partly hidden next to a crate to 2 meters of him, or strange reactions. I refer to the fact that the anhedral or androids sometimes stop in front of cabinets where it is and it will be enough to hold his breath while backing for hunters to stop their investigation.

fear in the game, alien isolationBizarre even at other times, these same opponents open without warning said cabinet chopper for us as we entered it outside their field of vision. Even finding about the behavior vis-à-vis the other members of monster station. If it is recommended to make noise about human beings so that the alien arrives to address all these people, we still wonder why the xenomorphic will never take androids. This emphasizes the difficulty of certain sequences, but this then makes the game lose its credibility.

Hiding remains one of the most important components of the game.

Speaking of credibility, it is also annoying that the race is automatically synonymous with alien arrival. Although everything is legitimate when the creature stalking us in a relatively fragmented and quiet, it gets a bit annoying and unrealistic, once surrounded by explosions and alarms of all kinds. However, despite these shortcomings, we must admit that all works well and is often tripant to play hide and seek with the alien or any other enemy.

In addition, it will issue regular hack doors (via various mini-games) or cut the locks while the patrol xenomorphic This course accentuating the player’s stress. However, is that the game is really afraid of? About me, I must not have jumped only once even if several sequences are perfectly thoughts to move in that direction. Now if immersion is good, very good even, at times it is short-circuited by clumsy choices and gameplay mechanics feeling a bit of mothballs.

Back to the future

game screenshot, Alien IsolationThus, beyond the useless QTE related to the opening of most of the doors, these flashlights will bear it again with batteries whose life does not exceed a few minutes. Okay, that’s great for playing with the primary fear of the dark, but despite the fact that we find everywhere refills, it remains more compelling than anything.

Nevertheless, the most questionable element in my view remains the manual backups often misplaced. Indeed, if we find plethora, one has the feeling that the devs have not always reflected in forcing us to retype sometimes we long sequences or cinematic following a game over.

Ultimately, although the gameplay is based on several elements a little outdated, Alien: Isolation is doing with honors and fans should reconcile with the franchise. Then forgive his graphics sawtooth since even in this case, insulation has some very successful designs alongside, indeed, places a little less controlled.

“ There was certainly room for improvement's ”

Creative Assembly has finely thought her baby who enjoys an excellent life synonymous with many twists leading to a very successful last line although a bit long for my taste. But never mind that, by wanting quasi fusion with Ridley Scott, insulation looks like a cog in a large company that since 1979 seeks to prevent the infinite space that conceals distress calls which it do not always pay attention …

It took many years before the Alien franchise is interested in the survival horror but it is now accepted that the idea was not so crazy as that. Indeed, although qu’Alien: Isolation is often unbalanced in a lot of levels, the overall impression that emerges is extremely positive with good ideas and a successful atmosphere.

A true homage to Ridley Scott film, filled with references more or less subtle, intelligent thought and able to please fans of the film and videogame saga, that Creative Assembly first attempt done its office even if there was certainly room for improvement in many small details. To be continued? We hope so …

9. Farcry 4

Far Cry 4 cover image

If by chance you want to enjoy mid-November to isolate you in the heart of the Himalayas, skillfully alternating between guerrilla warfare, hunting, exploration and climb to fill your days: you must know, dear readers, Far Cry 4 does just that. So that is what Far Cry revisited sauce stalactites, we shall see right away … carabiners, ice axes, ice picks in case, follow the guide! Since its announcement, Far Cry 4 suffers from a realization that our president could very well be: “In less than two years, you can not do much! “.

That’s what skeptics have said (including yours truly was part) on this fourth episode of Far Cry severely eyeing the side of his predecessor as the realization that the gameplay.  Far Cry 4 is it “the same but elsewhere” or introduced there enough news for a pleasant way, even if we do not want to review, copy and paste sKine Far Cry 3? Dunia Engine 2.0 “heavily modified” to achieve, new-gen passage, open world for the coop, level editor and competitive multi: zoom on a solo adventure a tad disappointing, however, that catches up on its sidelines.

Far Cry 3.5?

Let’s talk about technology as it is historically the base of the series. As the game goes directly from the pot Far Cry 3, at its engine, entertainment and textures, similarities abound. Nevertheless, the result is all the same honor to the next generation consoles and the PC and allows rendering rather pleasant without being extraordinary. We nonetheless regret that the new generation consoles are locked at 30 frames per second while the PC is no limit on the refresh. As for the older generations, they are trying to do the job properly, which implies a well this anti-aliasing and a clipping fog logically more massive than other media.

Your first “wow” playing Far Cry 4 is there.

himalaya, far cry 4Work on the 2.0 Dunia must therefore focus on the fine effects and technological upgrade made possible by new media affected. Special mention to vegetation and light effects that embellish the widely Kyrat. FC4 also reserves some missions for environments Shangri-La and the heights of the Himalayas are for once the most beautiful effect.

Aesthetically, not much if not nine is a pretty marked visual atmosphere and some sequences “Madness” which unfortunately in the low-cost with color filters and appearances wacky elements … Not enough match the quality of psychotropic sequences in the 3rd episode. The soundtrack is well crafted and made in Hindi Zen themes and most of the time, note the English dubbing of very good quality with the inevitable Troy Baker doubler Pagan Min, big bad adventure … But we also tells the beautiful story of Far Cry 4?

A little history…

After Jason’s adventure against Vaas, Ubisoft serves us Ajay rebellion against Pagan. Change frame but no structure since our hero finds himself support a rebellion against a tyrant, browsing a vast map to conquer gradually towers, outposts and fortresses of the enemy along a main quest that directs you indirectly to a myriad of quests.

rhinos, far cry 4Facing us, the army of Pagan Min, but the harsh environment of Kyrat, populated by animals to hunt and random events (hostage taking, guerrillas …). If the main frame has a little left on our hunger at his direction, intensity, and originality, it is quite sad to note that our nemesis Pagan also disappoint.

Not at the level of interventions of Vaas and not at the level of his performance during the intro of the game, our service takes on the role of villain James Bond villain type that amendment also cruel. His rare interventions are more memorable than this, even if it occurs quite regularly via radio of our car. We also salute the work of the studio that introduced a radio talk show in vehicles, enhancing immersion blows of anti-system messages.

The storyline is a little disappointing, between repetition of Far Cry 3 and shy audacity.

Key characters in this episode are unfortunately a little too caricatured and predictable, even if we find some familiar faces came straight from the 3rd installment: Hurk and Willis. Note especially Amita and Sabal, your two main quest givers on the main frame. These two diametrically opposed characters with motivations represent a choice in your follow the main plot.

game characters, far cry 4For if one is fighting to preserve the traditions of his people, the other will not hesitate to use all possible means to overthrow Pagan and does not hesitate to use drug money to do this … your point of view! You will have a choice to make regarding these two as to who you will follow during several missions … It’s always good to take and replayability of the title is thereby enhanced. New approach in the scenario, okay, but what about the gameplay?

The open world is rich and explores in solo and coop.

Regarding the feel of the gameplay of this new album, it is clearly on familiar ground. The movements, animations, takedowns, the mechanics of craft and skill are the same as in the previous title. Some new features are emerging, however, and are directly attributable to the new environment that we explore.

Thus, it is now possible to shoot while driving, and even activate an autopilot to aim freely without worrying about the ledge a little steep on which changing. Vertical forces, Ubisoft has added climbing in the gameplay of the title. A nice feature that gives us a bit of a climb if you want to visit unexplored areas. It is actually “getting in the mountains’ side is the strength of the open world of Far Cry 4. From the beginning of the adventure, the title lets us move freely in nature, putting us face barriers to around and a small work of observation, necessary for your evolution in Kyrat.

Far Cry 4 is therefore a good FPS solo and multi appreciating fully if one is tempted by the solo, co-op, and competitive. While each of these styles of play does not excel in his way, we must admit that the mixture of the three makes it effective soft without being revolutionary. We can rail against the repetition of the solo side (with a less good than the previous campaign), against the lack of graphics innovations including a series yet it is the workhorse since the first episode, or rail against the gameplay is enriched by a few features, but the formula works quite well in the end and announcement of hours and hours of adventure in a far Cry more beautiful, searched, and more comprehensive than before.

8. GTA V

xbox one game, gta 5

GTA V is one of the most ambitious games including the seventh generation consoles has given birth. More than five years of development and a record budget of over $ 200 million were needed for the design of this blockbuster potential. Powerful enough to generate much expectation that the output of the next-gen, the title of Rockstar arrives full of promise. Dissected for months by its community of fans, Grand Theft Auto V is finally ready to deliver all its secrets. And if there was held the biggest game in history?

Return to San Andreas! Nine years after we have told the story of CJ in neighborhoods seedy Los Santos, Rockstar wakes his Los Angeles virtual, as he did with Liberty City in GTA IV. Invited back, redesigned the city of angels has become immense. Symbol of the ambition of the studio, the map covers a scary area incommensurate with the open worlds of previous signed Scottish team. The whole Hollywood (Vinewood in the game) is here, and if only the urban area lives about 20% of the card, the remaining 80% have nothing of an abandoned flora.

Each pixel is likely to host an activity, whether human or animal, desert Grand Senora, a real third world populated by coyotes in Blaine County, popular with climbing enthusiasts and other tourists cable subscribers. And the heart of Los Santos is not left out, many rich entertainment and reproducing sauce well-known places such as Venice Beach or Downtown. Complete history and GTA V will live to the rhythm of its thousands of NPCs, swarming like bees in a monumental swarm discovered gradually, fog of war.

IF you wish, GTA V becomes a FPS!

characters, gta 5For the first time in the history of the series, the player controls three characters. A novelty that brings in a lot of other influences and quite logically on the progress and the scenario. Michael to command, we discover the life of a quarantine, bank robber repented, who owes his quiet retreat at an agreement with the equivalent of the FBI. Father of poor family, Michael is in perpetual conflict with humanity. Unable to assume his actions, the owner of a small villa north of Los Santos is able to string together headshots in the manner of John Marston in Red Dead Redemption.

Franklin is already more withdrawn. Children of the ghetto, he earns his living selling cars then … in the steering wheel to his boss. Experienced pilot, skill allows him to slow time to zigzag through traffic at top speed. Finally, Trevor is by far the most colorful character. Psychopath by trade, bloodthirsty killer, he lives in a caravan and shoot with gasoline. Uncontrollable, self-destructive and threat to the whole world, he was a pilot in the army before being downgraded. Logically, permanent hatred allows it to enter a trance that doubles the damage it causes and mitigates those he cash. A real machine to make room on the blue planet.

Technically, the game is particularly successful.

game screenshot, gta 5If the game has 70 main missions of rare quality, the most significant are those concerning Michael, Trevor and Franklin both. And the rich and cared for are obviously robberies that require preparation, tactical choices and recruiting reinforcements. I would have liked there to be more, but may request a hold three or four upstream assignments before being achievable. At this rate, we can be surprised that there are not a string. Thus, before being ready to rob a jewelry store or attack an armored car, you will potentially provide ammunition, vehicles (from classic to most improbable, like a submarine), masks or suits, even taking pictures of surveillance cameras or location of the alarm.

Every detail counts and as long as you do not have everything planned, the mission can begin. Once the gear together, Lester, the brain of the band, presents a table riddled pictures, data, diverse and varied plans. After his explanation to you to choose one of two approaches proposed, for example buggers or stealth. A tough choice that has nothing frustrating because all of the game’s missions can be replayed both to score and to succeed by adopting a different method.

FPS view, the gunfights are much more dynamic.

gta 5 action screenshotThe gameplay of GTA V remains fairly close to GTA IV. It is actually an evolution of the latter, not bad correcting defects, improving the entertainment, travel and thinning clashes. Thus, the characters are obviously lighter, although moving in a narrow space always leads to comical situations, to ridiculous falls or involuntary well walls of hugs. The developers have however made sure that inside, the whereabouts should always more attended. But this flexibility, they benefit especially during gunfights as more able to adapt to the surrounding configuration. And it is a necessity to the extent that some walls have become destructible and therefore, only the temporary covers.

Helped by a semi-automatic aiming, however, the player has no trouble getting rid of an AI certainly superior in number, but not very fine. It must simply seek to multiply headshots to prevent a wounded man continued to shoot once on land. The weapons are available which, additional customizable (silencers, suppressors, torches, etc.), ample enough anyway to the task: Beretta, Uzi, AK47, hunting or precision rifle but also rocket launchers, grenades paralyzing or sticky bombs are scheduled. And master complementarity of all these toys can make easy gunfights frankly, although still very intense.

The character creation tool is revamped.

distance view, gta 5Obviously porting GTA V on the new generation of consoles is accompanied by a clear graphical facelift. Now in 1080p 30 fps, the title of R * is enhanced by the capabilities of current machines. The viewing distance is considerably increased, which allows a significant reduction in the clipping on the most solid elements on the buildings, mountains, without removing it completely. Aliasing has also dropped frankly, work on textures is quite daunting, especially on faces.

Traits, clothing, accessories, tattoos, everything is much finer, worked. The game is more fluid than on PS3 and 360, the framerate being tossed in rushing at top speed with a race car in the middle of the traffic from the center of Los Santos. I also noted that pedestrians were more numerous and better textured. And, more generally, all animations have been improved, whether facial expressions or flora. Management lights is also better, on the car bodies, under and around projectors, at the day / night cycle, etc. In short, the graphical and technical experience is even better on PS4 and Xbox One and could justify itself to relive the adventures of Michael, Trevor and Franklin. But there are even better …

“ The game is more fluid than on PS3 and 360 ”

More than a game, GTA V is a world that mixes genres with a perpetual concern for balance between realism and playfulness. Potpourri good ideas, the title of Rockstar open world and reinvents narrates with diabolical precision for the three vile villains in a huge virtual Los Angeles. More than ever, free to move and control its progression, the player consumes a panel of incredibly varied missions, executions in bank robberies in the local underworld via parachute jumps or search the seabed.

Despite its somewhat predictable scenario and purposes a tad shipped, GTA V is masterfully staged and has a narrative with onions, although aided by the constant switch between Michael, Trevor and Franklin. The feeling of freedom pushed to its climax. As for multiplayer, GTA Online offers a real extension of the single-player experience and creates a new kind subject to change. The result is satisfactory, offers a real comfort of playing in teams or solo, and content galore! This version xbox one brings even more to the genre that offers lovers of the kind of experience the adventure in FPS mode, for obvious immersion gain. In short, a must!

7. Titanfall

xbox one cover, titanfall

Whereas as the messiah by many players a little worn by now classic Battlefield and Call of Duty, Titanfall arrives in early this year on PC and Microsoft consoles

Building on a sure embodied by the Source engine, which blows this year its 10th candle, the Respawn Entertainment team wanted to offer a fresh perspective to the multiplayer FPS microcosm. And if the shortcomings of such a technical basis are clearly visible, the result in turn no doubt: Titanfall is clearly a fun game, if not really smart. Clearly felt talent of former Infinity Ward who left the ship to move towards an original title, enjoyable and above all affordable, far from AAA iterations of recent years. Therefore remains whether a good gameplay does everything, or it must be accompanied by a string of attractive content to give gamers enough reasons to play after the discovery phase …

Graphically the title is very correct.

Titanfall come a long way technically, which is a bit surprising for EA, now used to cook all the sauces the Frostbite engine developed by DICE, no matter what kind of game that the company publishes. So one wonders what could have been a Titanfall including achieving higher quality with its destruction sets or managing the climate for example, as was the case on the technology supporting satisfactory Battlefield 4. None of that here, Titanfall shooter is a technically honest, but not very impressive. Sometimes notes the limits of the engine and his greed is a bit surprising, implying on One a few slowdowns, slobbering textures and a bunch of tearing logically present to around mostly 60 frames per second.

The 15 maps of the title are well designed and offer a valuable verticality!

gameplay, titanfallTitanfall brings something eminently pleasing to Block multiplayer FPS: gameplay at two speeds. If you have not read or seen about it, a little clarification is needed. The game puts us in the heart of multiplayer battles in 6 against 6. “It’s just” you will say perhaps, but know that the battlefield, the size is usually at a small map of Battlefield, is populated with NPCs, like a MOBA. The minions here are grunts, spectra, and other classes of soldiers stupid AI deliberately neglected, which will serve two purposes: moderately annoying players who will ignore or farm, and furnish the action, creating a illusion that war is sometimes difficult to distinguish the real players from AI.

Therefore opposed the war from both sides NPCs and players, who can call on Titans, XXL flyable exoskeletons, which are invoked every 3 minutes to support their master in battle. Since their spectacular fall from heaven, hence the term “Titanfall” titans are under the orders of their player. The latter may also be getting into or out according to his vision of the battle. The cattle are equipped with an AI that can get in Guard mode and strafe roughly custody, or Follow Mode if you find yourself away from your mechanical mount and want her to join you at top speed. Once inside, totally changes the gameplay to deliver epic battles blows of rockets, guns and 8 tons straight

The little content is slightly offset by the complementarity of weapons.

Besides, we remember with nostalgia that the first information about the title made reference to clashes resembling the biblical story of David and Goliath. It is clear that the result is palpable today as an infantry soldier all his chances against a titan if a little trick and plays cat and mouse with rocket launchers shoulder, or he jumps on his back to her engines blow.

Therefore, the driver will be attacked two options: run to his allies so that they flush out the parasite of his back, or take the risk out of the mecha to neutralize the player, thus making it vulnerable. The title includes several small routines and surprises of the kind of ingenuity during the first hours of play.

Customization of equipment offers a range of possibilities limited but effective.

Two “original” modes also piggyback content, and unfortunately take more of variant rules that the real game mode. We thus find the Last Titan Standing, which offers 6 against 6 where each player has a unique mecha on which it must ensure diligently since the team has no more titan in working order directly loses the round. The mode is strategically interesting and really highlights the need for cooperation, often dispensable variable in Titanfall. Obviously, if your Titan is in trouble in a fight and it begins to smoke, you can eject to combat and sabotage the titans “ground”. The last mode, which for once does not really one: the Hunter Pilot, a Team Deathmatch in which the goal is simply to kill a certain number of players to win. Well, after all, the majority of players play only on TDM multi FPS, so spend the absolute classicism of game modes and new uninspired to tackle the content and the life that are … also a little disappointing.

Some technical details on Xbox One

Titanfall Xbox one gameThe weakness of unlockable content thus betrays a lifetime subdued rather lean for a multiplayer FPS. Count twenty hours to reach the maximum level of your profile if you’re doing well, by releasing the passage several accessories, technologies and weapons according to your performance on the battlefield. After that, you will be able to access Gen 2, Gen 3 to Gen 10, which gives you zero your experience and makes you enjoy a small XP bonus in addition to unlock some Burn Cards exclusive.

It also welcomes the studio for introducing these consumables cards that grant advantages, which will stop at your approaching death. Along the same lines, there is a good slew of challenges to complete, for the XP they relate or for access to new accessories. So we guess Respawn has bridled the concept of long-term multiplayer game to make it accessible to the greatest number and to avoid a player gets tired of a game if he does not win a maximum level every 5 parts . A laudable intention which unfortunately forget that a gamer, regardless of level, does not like to necessarily unlock its full equipment available in less than 25 hours of play

Difficult to judge Titanfall as its gameplay turns out tasty and content, a little disappointing. The experience certainly appeal to beginners who will find a FPS title immediate fun. They can engage in extremely nags and even some tactical clashes still having the impression of progress: in Titanfall, we always gains experience even when you lose. As for the other players, so the first few hours are a real slap pleasure, lack of originality of game modes and how quickly the turn of the title is made will tire after a while.

Titanfall is above all as an extremely pleasant and downright addictive game, until we see the limits of life. Count so three hours to complete the campaign and twenty hours to reach level 50 in multi. After that, you will not have to wait for additional content, or return to a level via the system Gen (equivalent Prestige), for the glory, if you do not mind an increase again as fast .. . But with such a unique gameplay, obviously we go back with pleasure, right?


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