Top 10 Prohibited Films

posted by Kevin Lannister

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Top 10 prohibited films
1. The Exorcist (1973)
2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
3. Cannibal Holocaust (1980)
4. The Evil Dead (1981)
5. Natural Born Killers (1994)
6. A Serbian Film
7. Scum (1979)
8. The Human Centipede 1&2 (2009, 2011)
9. Mikey (1992)
10. Grotesque (2009)

These are the films that terrified thousands of people! This is the Top 10 of movies which got prohibited in several countries due to their incredible sense of violence.

Prohibition status

Even since the beginnings of the cinematography there were several films that had to fight censor of all types: political, social or moral. Before they are shown in cinemas, all productions go to a complex image editing process if those pieces contain extreme violence and only afterwards they are launched. Still, looks like some movies generated a lot of controversies, even achieving a prohibition status for their extremely violent scenes. And here they are: Top 10 Prohibited Films due to their raised violence content.

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