Top 10 Longest Tennis Matches

posted by Tudor T.

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Top 10 Longest Tennis Matches
1. Isner vs Mahut
2. Mayer vs Souza
3. Santoro vs Clément
4. McEnroe vs Wilander
5. Becker vs McEnroe
6. Clerc vs McEnroe
7. Skoff vs Wilander
8. Stepanek vs Karlovic
9. Djokovic vs Nadal
10. Mathieu vs Isner

Tennis, what a wonderful sport. We chose to do this top list of the longest tennis matches with only the matches we could find video footage on. We’ve decided to include only singles matches since we consider them to be the matches where tennis player could showcase their individual skills and stamina rather than what’s usually displayed in doubles: teamwork.

French Open 2012

We’ll take it slowly, from the French Open 2012 2R match between Mathieu and Isner (match that lasted for a full 5 Hours and 41 Minutes) until we reach the epic Wimbledon 2010 1R match between Isner and Mahut that lasted 11 Hours and 5 Minutes. It will be a ride to remember for every avid tennis enthusiast out there.

We are pretty sure that some on this list will be replaced by even longer matches, the slower match court pretty much guarantees that longer matches will follow. However, the Isner vs Mahut match is likely to never be broken again. The 70-68 final set is pretty much impossible to be done again.

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