Top 10 Best Movies in 2015

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Top 10 Best Movies in 2015
1. The Revenant
2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
3. The Hateful Eight
4. The Big Short
5. Room
6. Mad Max: Fury Road
7. The Martian
8. Joy
9. Creed
10. Sicario

In every year we see more and more tentative to conquer the movie lovers market in different ways. Some sell sex better than anything else these days, some sell 2nd hand stories with explosions and bang-bangs to captivate our interest. Only for the money.

We became scrupulous, deadly in our art-form creations and careless for the pure beauty that comes with it. We almost forgot it, and I say we, cause we all started buying all kinds of crap which is sold nicely on cinemas like it’s some sort of innovation, and with us buying them, the big companies, alongside us, form a crappy never-ending snow-ball which tends to rupture the fine line which is ART, becoming…a whore.

Personally I don’t see the same vigor in movies as it used to be, instead I see lotsa films released one after another, no limits in subjects and budgets, making still one of the most flashiest and some of the best movies released ever like The Revenant or Star Wars: The Force Awakens for instance.

Except those two I haven’t seen a reasonable good movie in years, dunno what happened with the movie industry but it’s not good, making almost every story for sale only with the profit in their heads. Never mind, here is the top 10 movies in 2015:

10. Sicario

movie sicario

Great fucking stupid movie. It barely made any sense and the main actor I’d may say it has a handicap or something.

At one point in the ending of the movie I felt like slapping the make-up of that whiney face of hers when she didn’t wanna sign cause of her personal ego ”Are you stupid woman? They killed his family and now he has a gun pointed at you and you start crying”. Definitely the way a woman would operate in this kinda serious scenarios.

Retarded, really retarded, didn’t make that much sense when he was helped in a personal vendetta by operational CIA soldiers and other stuff. Really a waste of my precious personal time with nothing good to remain into my memory, the acting was poor, the scenario terrible, nothing big, captivating, something, no.

They felt like a “let’s film something so we can rob people for their tickets”. Well that’s not happening with me fellows, sorry to tell you that. Bad bad bad, I don’t recommend it at all, even though it’s one of the most requested movies of 2015. I don’t see why, probably cause there’s gunshots in it, otherwise I don’t see any clear motive…

9. Creed

best movie of 2015

Hmmm, Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stalone. This should be a booring movie, not even bothering to review it. Nothing interesting to see here.

I’ve got nothing bad to say about this movie, the lines are brilliant, the background music captivating, the story is just mesmerizing and Sylvester Stalone tore smiles from me every time he opened his mouth and definitely earned his prize. This movie is worth every buck, not gonna lie to ya, couldn’t get me eyes from it.

A change of generations where the main actor, Michael Jordan makes all the action backed up by Sylvester Stalone, ending up in jail at some point cause he upset him, and the badass Stalone refuses to get himself into a hospital being ill of cancer. It represents perfectly an old man who has nothing important to live for, having only that kid to teach.

8. Joy

best movies of 2015

Booring boooring boooring. A movie where nothing important is actually happen, not a bit of comedy, nothing actually interesting to keep you waiting for something important, the only thing being a stupid retarder phone call…

Seeing the black and white screening made me think ”oh, no, not again. Why me?” then it all faded back to normal. More like a disturbed kinda family situation in everything is a mess, all being garbage, a drama in the real meaning of the word. It’s a story of a fighter who tries to fulfill her dream while stuck up with a divorced husband and also a divorced dad, all in the same old house.

“ Keep you waiting for something important ”

DeNiro is put in a nasty secondary part while the main perspective it’s looked upon Jennifer Lawrence who has caught upon a serious amount of experience from the Hunger Games, succeeding not only to immerse us in her fucked-up universe, described by her grandmother with a series of skills that we see only in big names who have played a long career, handling in bringing us on the verge of our own reality and gasping the air with the actors.

In addition she is fighting the system to overcome her unsuccessful career with a low expectance business, borrowing money from her father’s fresh lover. In the end, Joy’s being rejoiced for her efforts. Like what I did there?

7. The Martian

the best movies of 2015, The Martian

Brilliantly made film, with some resources at their dispose, keeping you mouth open like 2 thirds of the time hoping that will end off well for them, very immersing in that reality as well as captivating.

I have nothing to mock in this movie, sincerely, a very good movie. I understood now why it’s put on to musical or comedy having a little of both, having not less than 10 tracks displaying in along the movie, tearing you smile after smile, even could tear tears of happiness for the imaginary troubles solved in along. Amazing twists now and then, nicely played by the main character Matt Damon, a very optimistic figure that makes you wanna go along the movie entirely. Bravos.

A movie full of characters, not, full of action, not, full of suspense, kinda, with a reasonable taste for good-sense, a movie that the new generations can learn from and develop quite nicely.

6. Mad Max: Fury Road

the best movies list 2015

Just as we are used with the Mad Max series, in a powerful reality disruptive, in a hard apocalyptical scenario, fairly reasonable for modern art but perfectly conservative in the flashy area, full of explosions, shots and action, a fairly good movie, with an amount of $150 Million invested in this movie’s ass, wasted in perfectly usable cars only for the viewer’s entertainment, making only $3 million in profit.

What could I say. I loved it except the fact that the entire movie I felt like in a Japanese combat scene where the voice was differentiated by the course of the mouth.

A movie sincerely not for my taste where everything is fucking illogical for the sake of marketing and show, where nothing looks familiar still all are normal in that world.

5. Room

best movies of 2015

A movie  that’s sad an boring at every step, combined with a mixture of emotions hard to explain by any of our modern society members. I can’t really tell if I liked it or disgusted me.

At some portions I was feeling like breaking into the movie wide free and kill that son of a bitch for grabbing those innocent creatures and using them just as you’d use objects. If it was in real life I wouldn’t stop hitting that motherfucker but luckily this was a movie, phew.

Truly an immersive movie, waiting mouth-openly that they would escape as soon as possible and hoping it will bring to them better days. Flawless acting by Brie Larson and the little kid as well, Jacob Tremblay, making you forget that you are watching a simple movie and nothing more.

Firstly I really thought that “Jack” was his/her name, thinking it was a girl, to mask from that retard from raping her as well, but it turned out when he shortened his hair that she was actually a he. Never mind.

A movie without any real intrigue until they escape, being more of a psychological waiting game than something you would wanna watch on a Sunday afternoon with your girlfriend or your family. A niche of a movie, truly seducing in the subject but boring to its core. Nothing more.

4. The Big Short

the best movies in 2015

This true story inspired film really looks upon in sucking you right into it, making you feel like a part of the scheme.

The whole movie itself it’s knowledge-friendly, translating every fucking concept of bank investments and schemes via know actors of even a chef to make you understand the whole picture you are watching, getting a hold on this and limiting the sky of the awaiting for them, the main actors, that also includes Brad Pitt, to prevail their mission in the await of worlds collapse and forfeit of one of the biggest bank players out there in the market.

Overall the movie was quite boring, having nothing but the main subject that everybody knows to get our attention, lacks in action, comedy or drama, even if it’s describes one of the biggest drama of the last century in terms of reason why it happened. Decent movie nonetheless, I’d give him a fair 6 for its actors and main course of the story.

3. The Hateful Eight

best movies in 2015

When I saw Quentin Tarantino on the front picture I was like ”yes yes yeees”. Really love this guy’s movies and it met my expectations quite well, even though till the middle of the movie I didn’t really expect that much shootings and blood and I was thinking that Joe Gage, the so called writer that was standing at the table from the corner was the writer witnessing the whole drama and expected to be the only innocent there.

Everybody hated him, so I went by their side seeing all that fury in their eyes for a writer(everybody hates writers cause they make you feel stupid) so nah, I went where the crowd went cause he has an ugly appearance and kinda dubious. All that blood spilling made it a very intriguing and interesting movie, lotsa suspense, almost you could cut it with a knife.

The box office was $46 million and the budget $64 million that kinda disappointed me, wanting to donate him to continue making movies like he does, hoping only not to be demoralized by the publicity fail on this movie, being more of a hole than a mountain. A movie really worth watching, I warmly recommend it, and hope for more from Quentin Tarrantino, maybe more flashies to bring the audience’s trend to its style.

2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

best movies list of 2015

A much flashie and pew-pewie with chewie on the side opposite the dark side. The Star Wars style is definitely in there as we were used to, and instead of taking a trip back in time to see what happened, instead we take a trip into the future and see Obi-Van-Neghiobi’s student, Luke Skywalker at the end of the movie, leaving us with our mouths open in expectation of the next movie, hoping a much more desired continuation.

Han Solo dies, oops, spoiler, I knew that when I first clicked on the movie, for me a cam version that wasn’t that good, looking forward for a better version in the future to delete my fade colors from my retina.

The same old desert-river-like- tundra-like planets that shelters a one pattern kind of backgrounds. In the middle of the movie there is a resemblance where the dark-side looks more like Russian pattern- with a red logo, army positioning and climate type and the resistance-Antanta with a temperate lotsa colors kinda army.

The Force Awakens it will be felt somehow familiar by the first trilogy fans, portably one of the few things we could reproach for this follow-up . Han Solo himself says in a trailer “Chewie, we’re home” and it can be filled up with ”Everything is the way we left it”.

One of the most impressing production this year. The Force Awakens proves once more that J.J. Abrams has a phenomenal eye for show. The size of the production is impressing, from the huuge ships left astray in the endless desserts on Jakku, up to battles between Resistance’s ships and those of the First Order. Forgotten planets, wonderful landscapes, snowy mountains, perilous creatures from dark corners of the Galaxy, everything is created to the last detail to amaze.

1. The Revenant

The Revenant movie scene

One of the best movies of DiCaprio, no doubt in that, full of substance, action, interaction, suspense and living side to side with the actor in his tragically quest of survival after his son was brutally murdered by a racist son of a bitch.

Before all that he was more like dying then struggle to survive, having his revenge to fuel him, he succeeded and thriving in chasing his enemy no doubt, and actually killed by him, but better let you see this film yourself, I don’t wanna give you any kind of spoilers lying  so better see for yourself.

One of the longest fighting scenes was with the bear actually, having one of the most tensed actions in line for him. Pretty annoying if you were to ask me, actually wanting to grab that beast’s throat and kill to leave poor DiCaprio alone, but I couldn’t, sorry.

What astonished me is the fact that at 1:46:30 they kept a sequence in which a phone message is heard and  has it’s print in the film, not bothering to cover that up, kept for eternity. Those damn phones back in 18’


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