Natasha Wang

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Natasha Wang’s love for pole dancing came in stages, very late in her career. She began attending pole dance lessons once a week, at the age of 29, with her friends and only for the work-out, nothing serious. At that time she was a publicist for about 9 years and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

However, by now, Natasha is one of the best aerial pole dancers, holding several titles: 2011 US Pole Dance Champion, 2013 IPC Ultimate Champion, 2014 PWN Inspirational Artist of the Year and 2014 PWN Female Performance Artist of the Year.

Pole Dancer Natasha Wang

She accomplished all of this without any gymnastics or physical training prior to the pole dancing lessons. To put it more simply, things started to happen. She found herself on the stage, dominating the pole dancing scene and winning many championships. It was that time when Natasha put her career as a publicist on hold to see how far pole dancing can take her.

This is a video of Natasha Wang’s performance, live on “The View”, as well as talking about pole dancing: how it is viewed now by our society and how long it will take until people will learn to accept it as a sport: