Mischelle Shimmy

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Michelle is a Sidney-based pole dancer and instructor. Together with her sister, she co-owns the Pole Dance Academy in Bondi, Australia. The two sisters are also the creators of two world-known pole competitions: Dance Filthy and Pole Theatre (now held in South Africa, Croatia, Ireland and England).

For Shimmy, the most important aspect in pole dancing training is the effect that pole dancing itself has on her students. The way it increases their confidence in themselves and in their body. Shimmy also has a “Pole Diary”, a blog which contains her thoughts about pole dancing. Read more about Shimmy’s view of pole dancing on her blog: http://shimmypolediary.blogspot.com.au/ .
Shimmy is also an ambassador for Bad Kitty and X-Pole Australia, brands well known in the pole dancing business.

Pole Dancer Mischelle Shimmy