Kristy Sellars

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Kristy Sellars was a dance instructor until 2007, the year she began pole dancing. Only two years later, in 2009, Sellars opened her own pole dancing studio, PhysiPole Studios in Ballarat. That was also the year she entered her first professional competition, Miss Pole Dance Victoria.

It took Sellars three years to finally go home with the first place at the 2012-2013 Miss Pole Dance Victoria. However, she won it in great style, with her “Flight Attendant” routine:

Sellars is a highly appreciated choreographer, adding ingenuity and great taste in music to dance performances in general. Even her colleagues and rivals in pole dance competitions seek her help in choreography, like Bendy Kate for example. Kate asked for Sellars’ help with her 1920s choreography for the UK Professional Championships in 2013.

Kristy Sellars dancing on the pole