Jenyne Butterfly

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Jenyne Butterfly, one of the best known names in the world of pole dancing. Great muscle control, flexibility and beauty in what she does are only some of the things that represent her.

This is one of her most famous representations, on the Pole Convention 2011. The music is “Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine. Jenyne’s performance is a very natural one, followed by some moves that leaves some of us wondering how she does it:

Jenyne has been an inspiration for many, including fellow pole dancer Anastasia Skukhtorova: http://www.polepassionbyellea.com/2013/04/get-inspired-by-anastasia-skukhtorova.html and will continue to inspire others with her work.

Jenyne first began studying pole dancing, but she didn’t stop there. 10 years of being a professional pole dancer wasn’t enough for her, so learned the way of the aerial trapeze, hoop, silks, rope and hammock. After learning them, she passed on her knowledge by teaching others or performing at various events.

Jenyne performed in the “Le Reve” show in Las Vegas, directed by Franco Dragone (the director of almost every prestigious shows at Cirque du Soleil), and for famous DJ’s like Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold and David Guetta.

Pole Dancer Jenyne Butterfly and her moves