Best Female Pole Dancers

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Best Female Pole Dancers
1. Jenyne Butterfly
2. Jamilla Deville
3. Anastasia Sokolova
4. Marlo Fisken
5. Natasha Wang
6. Anastasia Skukhtorova
7. Bendy Kate
8. Dirdy Birdy
9. Mischelle Shimmy
10. Kristy Sellars
11. Marion Crampe
12. Phoenix Kazree
13. Karo Swen

Men like going to strippers, watching them take their clothes off to music. There are lots of girls as well who enjoy the odd strip and pole dance show. 

Every stripclub has a pole and oftentimes the focus of a striptease act is mostly on the part when the stripper gets naked and her luscious moves. However, you can see from time to time 1 or 2 of the simpler acrobatic moves on the pole in stripclubs.

This leads us to the new trend that we’re facing. A trend that takes us away from the nudity and sexual part but focuses on the true art that is real pole dancing. An art that requires both sexual and acrobatic moves. More importantly, the acrobatic part of pole dancing.

This video of Nicole Williams giving some lessons on the pole is a fine example of what pole dancing can become, after people get pass the misconception that pole dancing is strictly related to a strip club:

After auditioning for Rihanna’s Pour It Up video and getting the part, Nicole Williams got a lot of attention from fans of both Rihanna’s music and pole dancing itself.

Pole dancing has come as far as to having its own events, national championships and even world championships.

Some of the most prestigious events are: International Pole Championship which is being held by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA),  US Pole Dance Championship, World Pole Dance and other events held all over the world.


We’ve updated our article with another talented and beautiful pole dancer, Karo Swen. Karo impressed us with her moves and we decided that, even though Karo doesn’t have any professional recognition (trophies or medals) so far, to list her as one of the best female pole dancers in our opinion, because we saw potential in her perfect movement on the pole.