Bendy Kate

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Bendy Kate has been training in the arts of acrobatics ever since she was a little girl. At the moment, although she’s just 23 years old, Bendy is an acrobat, aerialist, hand balancer and lately a pole dancer.

After becoming a pole dancer, she has won several awards, the World Pole Sport and Fitness Champion 2014 being the most important and recent of them:

Apart from being a world champion in 2014, she also won the following awards: The UK Professional Champion 2013, The UK Professional Champion 2012, The UK Professional Champion 2011, World Pole Dance Doubles Runner up 2012, World Pole Sport Doubles Runner up 2012, Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles 2012, Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles 2011, UK Amateur Champion 2010, Pole Divas Champion 2010.

Pole Dancer Bendy Kate

With a simple goal, to change how people are negatively thinking of pole dancing, Bendy Kate is now performing at events all over the world. She also teaches pole fitness and circus master classes, by using what she has learned through years of training and hard work.