6 Jump’n’Run Games

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6 Jump’n’Run Games
1. Little Big Planet
2. Thomas Was Alone
3. Super Meat Boy
4. Limbo
5. Speedrunners

Jump’n’Run games have existed since pretty much the beginning of games, starting with the likes of Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros, we always enjoyed a bit of running and jumping over enemies and objects that seek to harm our favorite character. In the following article, I compiled a list of 6 nifty jump’n’run games that range from pure exploration and fun adventure to high competitivity between friends or random players.

Up until now, my articles focused only on PC titles, but since I used to own a PSP, this time, in the article one PSP game has been added into the list due to its pure awesomeness. Even if you do not own the device, an emulator can be easily found on the internet as well as an iso containing the game, allowing you to try the said game either on your Android phone or PC. Enjoy!

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