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6. Batman Arkham Knight

ps4 game, Batman Arkham Knight

Batman is back! After an episode “Origins” a little below, Bruce Wayne returns more muscular than ever, with his amateur club spandex, and especially his Batmobile, ready to impose peace and quiet tatanes shots in the snout. And given the state of Gotham City, forgetting right away the easy way.

When you look back, yet all began as a routine mission for Batmec. The Joker was at it again, he had been captured and had our vigilante STILL brought back to Arkham penitentiary, this time a little surprised by the lack of resistance of his nemesis. Subsequently, it is known: Arkham rises and is soon all that Gotham is overrun with criminals all sicker than each other. Now in Batman Arkham Knight, there is more than that, crazy: civilians were evacuated and now the man bat stuck in the middle of all this madness. And this time, everyone at the Penguin Mystery Man, all have only one idea: to make a cosplay Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wayne skin.

The Penguin will ask you many problems.

If all this merry band Forbans lawless decided to march together against Batman, they do not hand in hand. Thus, each faction has a emblem, which, on the map, lets you know who will tackle making a particular mission. During the demo we could try, emblem dedicated to Penguin has led us to a mission purely “battle arena”, while another took us to overcome a challenge of Mystery Man at driving our Batmobile. We can choose our goals easily, using a wheel grouping the various symbols of gangs, and then be guided on the map, quietly.

This game session was unfortunately not able to report gang activity on the map, that we imagine hectic, always here and there to prepare traps, ambushes, and other ambush. So we hope to see a city rather full despite the desertion of the traditional inhabitants of the city.

Pimp my batmobile

batmobile, Batman Arkham KnightThe star of the game, more than our gugusses tights, it is of course the Batmobile, the new feature of the game that Warner highlights to motivate you, fanboys big you are, to unpack your hard-earned for Arkham Knight tickets. A Batmobile who impressed at this test, even if not everything is disposable, far from it. The conduct of said self is not bad but then we could expect a kind of supercharged big tank, it was rather the right to a French sedan to retirees. Shielding, anti-tank gun and the boost in addition, of course.

Challenges Mystery Man are downright amusing.

The driving experience is actually a little flat and move into Gotham driving this steel monster is ultimately not so fun that much. Fortunately, to get us a little excitement, Rocksteady has thought of variety. On this test session, we were able to strain the Batmobile in two different tests. In the first, we were supposed to overcome an obstacle course imposed by the Mystery Man. Stuck in a long tunnel, it was necessary to arrive at the end by enabling / disabling bridges to allow the passage of our metal monster, not forgetting the passage of time and by not hesitating to make casks using walls the tunnel in question. Not obvious, the test proves that the Bat-car can give us a good feeling of speed! Hopefully the game will feature other levels like this.

The enemies are enough to contain the Batmobile.

The second test required us to use the combat capabilities of the Batmobile, facing enemies themselves rather well equipped. To combat, Rocksteady had a good idea: Batman can pass his car in “battle” mode, whereby the vehicle can strafe and thus slide on the left, right, forward and backward. Sensations that course I have mentioned those obtained through the control of the Apparitions and Other Ghosts of Halo, those who played Bungie FPS / 343 Industries will understand. The fights are rather nervous, especially that at any time you can completely abandon the battle mode to enjoy the acceleration of the Batmobile and so you go to a refuge advantageous position, a strategic move that some ignorant n ‘not hesitate to describe as “cowardly flight”.

There is nevertheless something destabilizing in the conduct of Bat-car, at least in battle mode: the key layout. As in many racing games, the trigger right serves to accelerate; we would be tempted to use the left trigger to brake. While no: it serves to activate the battle mode, the brake located on Round (demo indeed turned on PlayStation 4). This is actually very destabilizing, but rather logical, since with the trigger, you can turn on and off very quickly that famous battle mode. We say that it is a blow to take.

Nightwing will be among the characters who will help Batman.

A final word on the fighting, one of the essentials of any good Batman game. Personally these are probably fighting that always prevented me from appreciating at fair value these Batman Arkham: printing hitting sandbags always irritated me. Especially since Batman is rather oafish (but terribly violent, in-agree). This seemed more enjoyable in Arkham Knight, especially in certain combat zones, you will have the opportunity from time to time perform combos with one of your buddies lovers underpants over the costume.

fight combo, Batman Arkham Knight In the demo, it was Nightwing who came to give a hand to Batou. The surprise is that at the end of this combo, the game automatically puts you in control of intervernant, which was an opportunity to test the fighting skills of Nightwing. The latter is far more nimble and agile than Batman, and it is with pleasure that we distribute chestnuts, oats and other taser shots. A developer also promised me that all teammates (Batgirl, Robin, etc.) would have a unique way of fighting.

But anyway, the fighting, at least in this particular situation, are frankly pleasant and augur a wonderful time to spend on Arkham Knight.

My impressions

As the date of Knight Batman Arkham output approaching, we truly look forward to try the game in its entirety. This short demo was particularly convincing, but also leaves open many questions: What about the script? The Batmobile does not she occupy too much space, leaving to make his artificial use? They occupy the gang a real place in the reconquest of the city system? So many questions we cannot answer before 23 June. Hell, it’s sometimes hard to wait.

5. Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X, ps4 game

The most violent fighting game in history is back! After ninth episode noticed in 2011, Mortal Kombat is back with Mortal Kombat X. The Paris Games Week 2014 was the opportunity to test a little beast.

By way of introduction, and before being entitled by a comprehensive and detailed opinion MKX, know still in this day, the name preview of “preview”, as never up to its name. I played a little over 30 minutes, on a version to be presented to the public several months of leaving the game. Both say that in terms of content, it was pretty basic. But it was enough to appreciate the potential of soft.

The game is still just as violent.

Once hands lever and the round started, it only takes very little time to understand that one is here on familiar ground. And that’s good, as proposed by the fighting Mortal Kombat X are dynamic, nervous and, therefore, very catchy. The series is not really known for its highly technical combos come out easily, making the fighting accessible even to beginners; it will nevertheless a good knowledge of characters and match-up to appreciate the depth of this game that really does not lack. Everything is especially significant that arrives accompanied by a slew of small innovations have enriched this a little Mortal Kombat.

The many faces of characters

Speaking of innovations, many of you expect me to make a long list of characters who will be playable at the exit of soft, 14 April. This will not be the case. Sure, I have learned during this session MKX game will have 24 characters, including 8 completely new. The number made me wince a bit, since it is fairly finally. But it would put aside the big news of the game.

Scorpion is unleashed once more.

Surprise, when selecting your fighter, you must also choose a “version” of it. This version of this mode (call it what you like) will depend on the movelist your character. And he’s not here with minor changes: your character is downright different, and may, from one mode to another, win or lose some of the most significant techniques. For example Raiden, you can benefit from three versions (like all the other characters, actually): if one will focus on its electrical power (making it easy to attack from a distance), a Another allow him to teleport and trigger devastating surprise attacks. If the concept has left me doubtful for a moment, we must admit that it has the merit of always bring more wealth to the game. Players will have to work their lot (s) Character (s) and a point view “match-up”, it will probably create more complex situations than usual.

Ferra and Torr are new to the series, and fight together in the ring.

fight scene, Mortal Kombat XDevelopers NetherRealms Studios are starting to have quite an experience in virtual rumble, and they would be foolish not to reuse, where relevant, some of their old ideas. They apply this logic MKX on to perfection, as we find in the game many elements reminiscent of Injustice: Gods Among Us. When they do not come directly.

The player can interact with the particular setting, for example by blowing the face of his opponent against a large statue, or sending him on the corner of the nose a brazier that was lying there. Of the four arenas that were available, the system seemed attractive enough in this particular context. Highly leaving the game to find out all these interactions. Knowing the developers, they probably have not lacked imagination …

My impressions

Shortly game yet Mortal Kombat X looks really, really promising. Nervous, violent, at once accessible and technical, the game is obviously on the right track. It remains to see what will be offered in terms of game modes, since this trial was just the Gobi Desert. The only small disappointment at the end of this rapid test phase is not being able to “enjoy” no Fatality; the Paris Games Week is open to the public, Warner chose not to shock the younger visitors who could put their eyes or their hands on the game. A choice that makes sense, but we cannot help but think “Shame!”. Anyway, Mortal Kombat X looks very, very promising.

4. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

front cover, Assassin's Creed Syndicate

The Paris beach hooded our adventurous tour is now. Las to skim the rooftops of Notre Dame or the Louvre, the series this year takes you through the Channel to wash up on the lands of perfidious Albion in full Victorian period. Once is not custom, it is in control of two assassins, the twins Jacob and Evie Frye that you will try to uproot Starrick Crawford and his henchmen Templars in London adventure awaited the turn after the mixed reviews received by Assassin’s Creed Unity.

One year after the technical woes Unity and controversies that led to the free provision of DLC, so the young guns of the series Ubisoft Quebec has chosen to entrust his destiny, relying on past experiences studio on different sides and downloadable content for the franchise bring some creativity Welcome to all.

Jacob Frye seeks to rid London of the Templars.

The action takes place in 1868. London is ill, suffering from cancer to multiple symptoms: Child labor, gang warfare, confrontation between science and religion, it is in this context that you take the controls of Jacob and Evie frye. Both siblings are already part of the brotherhood of Assassins, a legacy they now take their father disappeared and obviously did not leave the same impression on everyone. While Jacob continues to assert its character by opting for pragmatic decisions without thinking about the consequences of his actions, more Evie follows the precepts of his father, preferring to turn to the search for fragments of Eden to continue the work of the Shadow of the brotherhood. After a brief introduction taking place outside London, the two orphans are thus catapulted into the English capital they are about to discover at the same time as you.

Our Live Gaming devoted to exploring the Thames

old londonIf we can once again rail against the surface treatment of certain themes (child labor is reduced to a simple game mechanic), London is undergoing a revolution in economic, scientific and industrial that the title succeeds regularly to appropriate through some key characters of the era, built to both the main scenario and the title quests.

The first remains centered around the Assassins and Templars conflict but the context of the time fits together more in the main narrative line in Unity Syndicate. As for the quests, they also offer us to discover other facets of the English city which we will return in a few paragraphs.

To conclude this brief review of the London atmosphere, it Not surprisingly the quality of art direction, always supported by light effects that flatter the retina. Technically, however, the team has not made any concessions on pure modeling and preferred to relieve the engine by slightly reducing the distance display and by offloading the streets of some of its inhabitants, providing a sense of fatally city ​​less filled than the previous episode. A wise choice that night, however, immersion thanks to a pervasive feeling movement symbolized by vehicles, trains and boats present and the voluntary choice to fill certain areas of advantages, bridges and important places in mind.

“To infinity and on the roof!”

VehiclesWe were talking about it a few lines, the London streets are wider and accommodate the vehicles, the perfect opportunity for Ubisoft Quebec to incorporate new modes of travel within the title. While a new ecosystem centered around the carriages appeared, a grappling hook also pointing the tip of his nose to allow our two assassins to skim the rooftops saving valuable time. The latter offers two options: The first is to place a few meters of a building and watch the arrival of the key L1 / Lb on the screen to be hooked to the roof and climb it in the space of a few seconds. The second allows you to link two points to create a zip line on which our murderer can slide, climb or stop.

The tool certainly is convenient for easy travel but sometimes a little capricious, in some cases forcing us to juggle the camera twisted way to find a hook point. Left to incorporate this new tool and go through with the idea, we would have liked to have more possibilities since it overturns anything else mechanisms, offering no more moving than the ability to placed above a target in an open area … which in itself already tends to drastically reduce the difficulty of infiltration which nevertheless seemed to have found an interesting balance with Unity. It is becoming impossible to use from a point in motion, including cutting its way vertically from a train at full steam released or boat in motion. Finally, unlike the dagger string of previous games, it cannot be used in combat.

The carriages do not shine by their presence

“ The game is pleasing to the eye ”

And another piece consisting defined by Ubisoft as the fourth pillar of its series vehicles already offer more opportunities than the primary functions of a carriage. Only problem size, most of these options are not satisfactory either in terms of immersion and fun game title offers and regularly stages chases, during which you will opt for more options. Pull on opposing horses to tilt the carriage, shoving those trying to pass you to damage or even reach the roof of the vehicle to indulge in direct fighting with your opponents.

No matter which way, the result is always materialize in a messy form respectively arising from the very arcade-style battering your carriage, the narrow surface vehicles that do not facilitate travel between these or the general chaos you will provoke within the city. The radius of bad ideas, note again an assignment inadequate keys since dislodge a driver from the roof requires to press the O / B button, which will result in you get off the coach if you are too near the edge when planning the action. A scenario not uncommon on a thin area, especially in the context of a chase which already undermines the balance of your character. In short, after a few tries, we will quickly return to the basic functions that allow carriages to rally at least two points faster for refractory fast moving system.

The fights are disappointing.

fight scene, Assassin's Creed SyndicateDraft is the buzzword for the mechanisms of this episode that we dress up more chaotic elements of the carriages provides us with a combat system there too elusive. On paper, the ideas are present with the desire to offer the most brutal clashes neat animations. But it was enough of a few grains of sand in a good position for the mechanics to totally derail: blame a system dodge gunfire in the form of a QTE using the same key as the secondary weapon, with animations repetitive conclude that half the time by entering the face of your opponent assassin, a more whimsical behavior of the AI ​​in Unity, episode or she could compensate for its low credibility by greater aggressiveness.

Without roll and without context-dodging, title therefore offers the player a solution once surrounded by guards: press the buttons on the screen to make blocks and dodges at the right time and enjoy rare moments of respite to hammer the attack button or break a defense. Under these conditions, needless to say that placing a combo with the secondary weapon is more a matter of chance than pure technical skill. Too bad, especially in the clashes that face some enemies in combat clubs Title clearly suffers less from these defects, evidence that the overhaul of the combat system had some potential. To note, the title here offers three different types of weapons that are Kukri, a sword cane and brass knuckles you can freely fit the character of your choice.

The verdict may seem harsh at best, at worst acid for a player waiting to Assassin’s Creed experience an mimicking the principle of machine time travel. For the latter, Syndicate will probably job through flawless visual reconstitution an artistic direction always pleasing to the eye and a particularly successful soundtrack. Past the pleasure of discovery, this new episode, however, never managed to captivate us, the fault of a disappointing scenario and unable to sublimate a relationship Evie / Jacob yet not devoid of interest. The return of former mechanisms coupled with questionable news does not argue either in favor of a title that looks more like a patchwork of ideas tasteless as a product that smells new. Without being a complete misfires, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate therefore never manages to surprise us and offer that little extra something that makes the salt of the series. Pity.


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