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3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

cover photo, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

He always arrives at the end of the year, when it smells fir talking about him. Call of Duty video games have killed, murderer until the end of the trigger. The most visible game world, as this unwanted guest at the table of the great, has its critics. Of those who never spared when it rears its gun, yet even his community if it has singularly diminished over time, remains attached to their inalienable fetish.

Activision blockbuster arrives on consoles and PC, as the first snow of winter. Call of Duty does not always rhyme with finesse, even less with episodes of Treyarch, insiders know. Artificers California mother of the house are rather the type to go to the end of the codes. Between violence and assumed comeback, Black Ops 3 barbaric sign of his character, his unreasonable Wake jousting between rail and leaded guilty fun. Back in Black?

Our Video-Test Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on Playstation 4

Treyarch has always applied across the series begun in 2010 to determine how the secret operations of the largest states of the world could lead humanity in total chaos. This irresistible urge to play conspiracy as a kind of dogma founded, the fuzzy boundaries, to dedicate the myth of rebuilding its worst hours, Treyarch is a motor. The studio also does not hesitate to blink players when he led them through the nose into the intricacies of the mind of his heroes or protagonists of his previous games. Up to involve in the murder of Kennedy, with nuance, always with nuance. Everything is in the suggestion. Is not Mason?

Even in the area of the brain, the black holes this is troubling

40 years after the escalation of violence in the United States, the world is divided and plunged into a total economic and ecological doldrums. Coalitions are mounted and acquire new arsenals. The system DEAD (Directed Energy Air Defense) was established after the signing of agreements Winslows (which later became the western faction grouping Atlantic nations). This anti-aircraft equipment directed energy has also been the basis for technological advances in this New World fragmented when Russia Federated neighboring nations under the Common Defense Pact and where in the East, a powerful triad called the 54 immortals handles traffic human like cocaine Tony Montana in Scarface. In this dystopian future, transhumanism is prégnant.

Treyarch – WTF did you just do to my mind?

game screenshot, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3It all starts in Ethiopia, wholesale company tough guys out of a Series B of the 80: Taylor and Hendricks. A time when Commando stole the show with films by Sydney Lumet. Despite DEAD system in action, a drone crashed on the airfield NRC base (Nile River Coalition, the water shortage in the world has made this area of ​​the Middle East one of the strategic points in the world) you come to infiltrate to extract the Egyptian Prime Minister held in the complex. From the first minutes of play, the feel and feedback are there weapons in hand. The Treyarch leg is quickly identifiable, the sensitivity is adjusted, the pop-guns, each with their level of decline, their special hand made and offer all the expected accuracy. Treyarch reformulate its proposal without upsetting the codes, or so it is thought, the first minutes of play.

For if the early game is a preamble obliged to mechanical gameplay of this third episode. At its scenario Black Ops 3 is a UFO in the saga of Call of Duty. After your break in the Ethiopian pampas you are quickly overtaken by the horde NRC and robots. Trap? Ambush sponsored? On the extraction point you are torn to pieces by the arms of a giant iron caring is not just what you feel when you tear the ground arm. The carpaccio is raised by a red white blue-collar high gastronomy, the blender that’s for later. It starts strong and smooth, time to wake up to the local hospital and you’re ready for a IDN interface jalonnera and labellisera your gaming experience while being in the heart of the plot of this episode.

game screenshot, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3This neural interface is not just the game but practical device irrigates his scenario of an unexpected force. Black Ops 3 is verbose, prolix when it develops and entangles its narrative tracks, especially as your IDN allows you to read thoughts or memory carriers of the same device. Extract brain information is a double agent fail grilling his brains without seeing pouring in torrents from his ears. You are spectators via video footage, fragmented segments you want. And there is the Grand Bazaar, as in this future connected, how to isolate the real from the imaginary? Truth from falsehood? If you are prone to hacker anything that comes into your hands, nothing guarantees the security of information you have in your possession, or even your identity.

This new technology gives a broadly changed the methods of international intelligence agencies, in addition to equip you with skills for the less extravagant. The game is always sequence missions but now it is the player to create his experience. By incorporating an experience system in its device, Treyarch has brought a little more freedom to the buyers of the franchise. The challenges are everywhere, in every mission, and allow to rake in XP, to get new outfits passing the levels, to kit infatuated manufacturing to meet its collectionnite weapons or abilities. And everything is playable solo or co-op up to four players without at any time the reasons for procrastinating game. Devilishly fun, it coop helps develop the spirit of synergy, team, multiplying cybercores profiles for each of the stakeholders of the game.

Some will cry wallhack, while others include the advance in terms of visibility and readability for players. Former Call of Duty episodes have revealed the limitations of the script to the death, the mechanism that was well hidden pop automatons in a corner of the card and invisible, making the chaotic experience as it was sometimes difficult to distinguish in the decor.

And for the optimal configuration of your character you can choose the gender and face towards your Safe House. This space, a sort of minimalist Motherbase, is the place where you can improve your profile or even play a mini-game solo or coop (the mini game is called: Fighting Immersion, so playing Horde mode 16 sleeves and whose goal is to reach the end as quickly as possible).

Now Call of Duty Black Ops 3 provides the ability for users to create their own classes affublant are Jokers cards (type Danger Close and extra lethal grenade). Climbing level in other cards will be available (over-equipment at 15 or at 20-armament for example). The studio is so reinvents the approach levels for its audience will enjoy use of the most suitable profiles to reach the end of each mission. And as Treayarch has a gargantuan appetite, it does not stop there way, another novelty: the tactical equipment.

Find all history and timeline of zombie mode on our website

Zombie hand, Treyarch, again, refined the experiment with a map 2 times bigger than Black Ops 2. Tranzit Gobblegum system instantaneous potential and this transformation by generating different approaches sprawling creature level while serving the interest survivor group, since you will also be required to cure or revive your teammates in that form, strengthen the overall experience of the mode.

zombie mode, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3With its bright colors, its framerate placid aura bosses on the back, Black Ops 3, is emerging as a mastiff game content reassuring in addition to increasing the pleasure it can inoculate the players in managing the Sharing parts online multiplayer both on the solo part of the title. And of course, finishing the game you will have the surprise of Nightmares mode, we will say no more, but you can imagine, this is not the only secret of the game. Again the mode is working to both understand the campaign of the game but also the origins, perhaps, Zombies. Who spoke of the Nova 6? At Treyarch, no doubt, the developers knew what they were developing the game. Delivered the least attractive in addition to assuming his ultragore side and its clear vision of fanservice.

3 Black Ops offers a rich experience, varied and connected end to end. Firepower, he mainly draws from this bloated content for Call of Duty at launch. The other surprise of the game is its solo campaign, can be the crossed-out that we have ever played on the license. In a dystopian world where neural interfaces are objects polymorphic characters, Treyarch theorizes his vision of mind control in a space where the codes and minds are clouded by conflicting wills.

Between Ghost in The Shell in the US, and Inception having abused Colombian coffee, the third episode of the series of lunges azimuthed scenario, and end up as a comma at the WTF sauce. Everything is integrated with a multi-focal device where the cooperative system is king and multiplayer still the heart of the brand value of Call of Duty. Black Ops 3 marks the return of a studio, which after Infinty Ward, could become the owner of the license. Beautiful One batch on Xbox, Playstation 4, oldgen versions are far from that result.

2. Fallout 4

front cover, Fallout 4

After proper gameplay code of worship license to move it into the next generation with Fallout 3, Bethesda – not without foresight – entrusted the writing of Fallout New Vegas Obsidian, which had in its ranks veterans of the first installment. Modern gameplay and science of writing were then allied to give birth to an episode of Fallout that was not ashamed to face the prestige of its name, on the contrary. In 2015, Bethesda has chosen to fully take control of the making of Fallout, hearing the legend well open to the public. For the best or for the worst ?

When it attacks a piece like Fallout and provide a successor to last episode of the saga already 5 years old, you must make choices. Bethesda took his and opted for the democratization of post-apo license tries to recover in her lap while a public pan having never set foot in the universe initiated by Black Isle 97. This desire open Fallout 4 to as many will be felt from the first seconds of introduction since for the first time, the context that led to the war is copiously explained through a very serious and tearful cinematic frankly that does not match the tone of the series. However, this booster shot allows Bethesda to create a completely new intro since it will allow you to live the day the bombs were dropped, destroying the civilized world.

A Fallout without roughness please

Fallout 4, weaponsIf we will try to avoid up to the main plot spoiler Fallout 4, impossible to ignore the first minutes of play and the event that will lead you to lead your quests in the wasteland. So, go lower section if you wish to know nothing. An indeterminate time after you cryonics, you wake up locked in your capsule and watch helplessly the killing of your wife and the kidnapping of your son before being again reduced to the state of ice. Later still, your awakening will be definitive, and your cap will open. Your first instinct will be to open the cell facing you and trapping the body of your partner. If all should have been dramatic, a VF that clearly lacks conviction and a virtual absence of staging will make you better insensitive to doom your family at worst tear you a chuckle.

This is the first manifestation of a defect that will be repeated throughout your adventure: writing dire need of care and we struggle to find throughout the adventure cynicism and acid humor once characterized the DNA Fallout. Fallout 4 is undoubtedly the most toned and smoother Fallout released to date and ignores the way your freedom to act as you please. Indeed, do not expect to be faced with frankly immoral choice, do not consider the possibility of making your character the last garbage, Fallout 4 asks you on rails, and defined for you outline your protagonist may just be cynical in order to give some asperity.

This is indeed the main criticism that can be invoked against the game: by evading any reputation system to the old and the principle of karma, Fallout 4 will be more hindrance of the choices the glory of the series except the last segment of the main quest, which, if it follows without disinterest is not the most exciting in the world still lack a somewhat cliché to write and widely served by VF often shifted, mainly if you play as a male character.


dog from the game, Fallout 4The craft appeared in Fallout 4 just as a building mode that has left us more than skeptical. Given that the first result of the second, let’s talk about the construction system, in which you will face from your first moments out of the shelter 111. You will find yourself quickly to militiamen, a sort of independent vigilante willing to give a little from order to chaos by helping the inhabitants of the wasteland. You will have no choice but to help and install them in your home city devastated today so they will build your stronghold. If again, the characters you’ll meet clearly lack of asperities, the meeting with the militias will result in a tutorial introduces you to the possibilities of building mode. A simple press of a button will allow established to build the necessary elements to establish a colony: beds, water and rudimentary cultures guarantee you rest, hydration and satiety if you were to miss one of these elements.

To build the structures needed for the survival of your colonies (before you can build several such stations); of course you will have a generous amount of resources at all is in the recycling of junk that you can glean here and there in the world of Fallout 4. It’s simple, the previously unused items in Bethesda games are aujourd ‘hui utility, will be stored in the tab “Bric à Brac” your pip-boy and all can be recycled to be converted into raw material.

“ Fallout 4 is undoubtedly the most toned and smoother Fallout ”

If you can extend your outposts to enhance the impact of the militia in the Fallout universe 4 through repetitive quests consistent especially to clean an area of ​​the threat before you establish new strongholds. The build mode also helps build your quiet oasis, with that it includes water supply, food and cosmetics elements not essential. The functionality is fortunately optional because it is ultimately not really interesting even if it opens the door for some fun quests. It allows you however to have access to craft workshops that give a far more interesting dimension to customizing your equipment.

Snooping, explore and collect everything that comes to hand you has never been so interesting when in Fallout 4. Indeed, you will be able to upgrade your weapons, to arrange your armor but also to make you your own doses medications to ease your resistance to fight for example. A touch of a button on a workbench will allow you access to the craft shop that offers a look at the components necessary to improve the precision of your favorite weapon, the damage resistance of your armor or making some stimpacks. Weapons, such as armor kits, are numerous and quite impressive customization options and we salute Bethesda effort to offer the player the opportunity to produce almost custom equipment.

A word about the technique

Fatman, weaponNavigation is frankly painful PC and makes it almost impractical build mode, forcing the player to juggle too many buttons for all enjoyable. However, if we have seen some stability FPS on PC and even on the shoulders configurations not very wide, the console versions regularly accuse inexplicable framerate drops. The menu navigation is more comfortable on consoles, but the performance is better on PC. It will – again – wait for the modder community just reduce the size of the interface text and overall interface ergonomics … a scandal in 2015.

It would still be possible to hold forth for hours on the qualities and defects of this Fallout 4, but we must, dear readers and dear readers, to conclude. It would be frankly cavalier to say that Fallout is the best iteration of the franchise since its inception and even since its takeover by Bethesda. While Fallout 3 has been maligned by fans, he respected a certain idea of ​​the world post apo. Fallout New Vegas, great forgotten (disowned?) Studio, restored him acclaim. Fallout 4 marks for his willingness to democratize the license which translates into about too smooth, but offers most to put one foot in a universe governed by its own codes, to the atmosphere neat and duration colossal life, count minimum 120 / 150h to do everything, see everything.

Reasonable, accessible. These are words that characterize Fallout 4 which are all adjectives that fans of the license worship in many ways not easily accept. Forget the Fallout corrosive, acidic, liberty huge roleplay allowing you to play a much junk than a saint. In its desire to open all the prestigious saga, Bethesda has watered down his remarks, making Fallout closer to a Skyrim purely as a franchise post-apo with what it contains cynicism and black humor. However, it would be criminal to punish a game of such wealth, which at a minimum includes over 100 hours of play and that allows dynamic battles, a system of full and fun craft, all crowned with a direction artistic fly high. A great RPG, a fantastic universe, a Fallout subdued.

1. Destiny

ps4 game cover, Destiny

For the first time since it was announced in early 2013, we could finally play Destiny, the next production studio Bungie. Combining loot items to a strong multiplayer and social dimension, all in SF universe, the new FPS from the creators of Halo will land in a few months on both the old and the new generation of consoles: the ideal opportunity for a first point on the mechanical of a game that looks promising in many respects.

As much you confess right away, the prospect of playing Destiny proved enticing. But Bungie, nothing is left to chance, and when a player is trying for the first time in Destiny, is exposed after having all the features which the latter will have access during that hour and a half game. After a short presentation of a gameplay sequence of about 10 minutes making tutorial office, so joystick in hand we could feel the beast via a “Strike”, a mission in cooperation only accessible a group of at least three players. We have scrutinized the loot system, equipment, character customization, talent trees or the three classes available: an extensive menu, but definitely not stodgy. Above all, make a brief review of the context of Destiny, which takes you into the distant future where humans live a difficult period in their history.

Humanity lives dark hours and counting on you to return it to its former glory.

Destiny as well be a strong focus on the notion of community, he does not forget however to have a clear background and history. Humanity has experienced a golden age following the arrival of the traveler, a strange character materialized in the form of a sphere which opened the doors of the space, bringing most of the representatives of the human race to explore previously unknown planets. Unfortunately, everything will not take place as planned.

game screenshot, DestinyFeeling their last breath to come after being pushed by an alien threat, humans will dig on Earth to deliver the ultimate battle. Fortunately for our darlings, the traveler will sacrifice to avoid seeing mankind disappear, and the last survivors regrouping under its protection in the last bastion of humanity appointed soberly … The Last City. Centuries later, a resistance group called “Guardians” is now responsible for protecting this city and the whole of mankind, and it is in the skin of one of these you’ll have to act, accompanied by many other players.

Your teammate throws himself headlong into battle.

But knowing the characteristics of different weapons is not enough, and nothing beats a game session to judge for ourselves the efficiency of gameplay. This is a type of cooperation Strike mission proposed to us, incorporating the classic architecture of an MMO Dungeon: several clashes facing mobs, some intermediate enemies a stronger hair, a sequence consisting repel waves of enemies, all are concluding in a final fight against a high-level bosses.

Accompanied by your two acolytes led by other colleagues (not NPC), your goal here is to infiltrate a base, each with its own special weapons and abilities which will be discussed in the next paragraph. In case of fatal injury, it is possible to revive your partner by going near him and pressing a button for a set time, classic for a cooperative basis. Fighting prove pêchus and really enjoyable, whether cause a complete mess with our special powers to make a quick slide to dodge a devastating rocket or simply enjoy the pleasure of seeing a head after a jump headshot. The bad thing, the enemy AI seems to work sometimes met hers, alternating between good camouflage sequences and more nags passages where your opponents seem destined only to pounce on you as suicide bombers, ignoring any survival instinct . Too bad, although this hardly spoils the fun of party cooperation.

More open explorable areas will also be taking part.

The strikes it is fine (ling?), But what about the next open world? On this point, we have been allowed only a short presentation of about ten minutes, showing us a much wider area than visited during our party group. First positive point, know that the vehicles will be on hand and will allow you to explore these areas more quickly: it will be enough players to make them appear to see your guardian beast to ride in the third person.

These serve a priori only moving means, as the ships: it is certainly possible to unlock new and change, but their interest remains limited for the moment only a few loading scenes where you see your ship bound for the chosen area. Those who expect the fighting ships must a priori to wait a little until we know more, Bungie did not wish us to disclose more about it. Most large exploration areas should be connected to several other smaller, though again, we have not been able to freely explore the different worlds proposed in Destiny and the concept is still fuzzy. This famous open world remains in any case a beautiful promise on paper we soon be able to judge for ourselves.

Visually shimmering, the title also has lighting effects worthy of the new generation.

Cannot leave you without evoking the visual and sound aspect of Destiny. The soundtrack signed by Marty O’Donnell fresh off a hit from the first notes, accompanying perfectly typing this adventure in space opera. Let’s be clear, precise, artistically title is a true success. We find on one side the post-apocalyptic appearance symbolized by urban architecture, where sheet metal, concrete and buildings in ruins coexist with other relics of a bygone civilization. On the other, the typical science fiction paw Bungie studio stands out thanks to bright colors, from violet to red through the green. Cohabitation is done smoothly and Destiny gives a design of its own, enhanced by lighting effects worthy of the new generation of consoles and that flatter the retina.

game graphics, DestinyThe characters also benefit from special care, another important asset for those wishing to compare the look of their Guardian with the other players. A day / night cycle non scripted has also been established, which allowed us to replay the mission under various conditions, from the beautiful shady sky as total time going through a dark night with only the moon to light mark . However, the pre-alpha version which we have tried we suffered from some bugs and technical problems such as slowdowns that occurred during the transition between two areas or some pretty average quality textures. Nothing to worry about for a pre-alpha version of a title yet led to evolve, but we remain cautious on the subject until its release scheduled for September.

My impressions

Difficult not to be charmed out of this first session of play on Destiny. Combining universe background with rich and promising pushed customization elements, the new baby of the studio Bungie has also convinced us with an affordable gameplay, enjoyable and above all nervous when it comes to going to rub company boss of your brothers in arms. The achievement is also quality, both in terms of epic music worthy of the Halo series as the artistic mess leg that emerges graphics.

One point a little frustrating, impossible to judge hands handle the open world dimension, only revealed through a short presentation. Obviously the title is not free of defects, with the image of IA opponents behavior sometimes a little strange, however, excusable or some slowdowns for a session unveiled in pre-alpha. But there are still a few months to the guys at Bungie to deliver us a fully developed version of their SPF, and with such bases, we can only be confident about the future of the title.


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