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10. Driveclub

driveclub game cover

Initially announced as the racing game of the PS4, Driveclub should also be launched simultaneously with the machine. However, it was postponed again and again, finally reaching us almost a year late. Is this a very bad sign or simply the time to offer us a great game?

As expected, Driveclub is neither a real car simulation, or as a totally arcade. Like most of today’s racing games, so it adopts a hybrid style normally aimed at facilitating access, while providing a minimum of technical challenge and the most persistent players. At least in theory … In this case, it rather offers us a fairly flat recipe, smooth enough and actually quite disappointing. To be honest, we did not at any time feel that our car has weight and that whatever the model chosen. Suspensions management is also reviewing the state since it is simply impossible to feel the mass transfer. Cars glide premium lot, so much so that sometimes we struggle to realize we lost traction. Finally, it was like driving a slippery bar of soap on the track without actually being subjected to its ruggedness.

Driving sensations are far from perfect.

We can go merrily on the grass or ground without feeling any difference in the behavior of the car and without losing a hundredth of a second, but beware, do this it is also exposing themselves to the possibility of hit an invisible wall rope. And if that is not enough to discourage you cut a tad, know that you regularly take the power of penalties if you bite too (or if you have planted and continue in the grass, which is significantly less nice). Finally, it adds frustrating mechanisms to punish the player when the gameplay does not. Fortunately, this is not too debilitating, since if the track is completely enclosed by fences or other rails impossible to cross, collision management is that one loses a rule virtually no time rubbing the edges.

Worse, you can even win if one chooses not to curb and bounce violently on the rail, which is all the more viable that there is no mechanical damage. Even from an arcade oriented game, we can hardly accept that this fact really ruining the interests of races, especially in multi where everyone seeks the flaws of the game to win. Moreover, the sensation of speed is anything but dazzling and it is impossible to set the behavior of his car or disable any aid (one simply has the choice between manual or automatic transmission). In short, you’ll understand that in gameplay, Driveclub is far from feeling.

The AI ​​cheats in each line.

screenshot from the gameBut what is its main weakness is its foremost AI. Not content to ride in single file systematically and at regular intervals, it takes forever especially worth addressing or be dross. However, she does not hesitate to make the player and hit him, which, incidentally, makes him lose XP. Regardless, one could forgive these little problems if the AI ​​playing a fair game, but this is unfortunately not the case at all. Indeed, the developers have tried to compensate for very slow corners opponents by simply surreal speed straight. Even in a race where all competitors have the same car, so be ready to be overtaken and even ridicule by all opponents before catching them and redouble any of them to the next curve.

To give you an idea of ​​the scale of the phenomenon, know that I happened to go out with greater speed cornering my predecessor. So I returned to him at high speed taking advantage of a highly efficient vacuum shift before me to attack what appeared to be an easy target, since I had to have at first glance 30km / h over it. Except he began to accelerate sharply (as he was to recall the same car as me) to leave me literally on the spot. And believe me, this example is very far from being an isolated case. This is all the more incomprehensible and infuriating that the AI ​​performance is systematically modeled on the player’s speed. Slow down or stop, and you will see that the AI ​​awaits you, but if you resume your head, your opponents will excite again and you will lead a hard life.

Reflection effects are sometimes very limited.

gameplay from DriveclubYou will therefore understand, this is not its gameplay Driveclub can seduce. Then see what it offers in terms of content. Already, it includes 50 cars, which is clearly not huge, especially as the customization tools are extremely limited. But it is mainly the lack of variety that will disappoint some players since the vast majority of available vehicles is of European origin. If you want Japanese or American cars, you can go your way or wait DLC that should not be long now. That being said, let the circuits are divided into 5 environments: Scotland, Norway, India, Chile and Canada. Each has 11 separate routes, although all have common segments.

Finally, it has a fast printing of redundancy, which limits the long-term interest. Anyway, the proposed career mode is relatively short. The goal is simply to link the events there while achieving certain goals (finish in the top 3, reach a given speed, achieving a time, etc.) giving the necessary stars to unlock the rest of the competition. Sometimes you have to parallel the leveling because some tests require car impossible to unlock simply by having played the career mode, but nevermind. This has something to occupy about ten hours before moving to the heart of the game: Multi.

Multiplayer challenges available to us regularly.

“ Driveclub is not the game we all expected ”

From its name, it is clear that Driveclub is a widely oriented multiplayer play. This materializes in-game by the presence of open or private clubs whose level increases gradually as its members garner experience. Make a beautiful corner, a beautiful overflow and you raise the level of your club as well and unlock new vehicles. Another way to gain experience is to achieve various community challenges that are offered randomly at each race. It may be there to an average speed over a given sector, performing drifts or to follow a trajectory line at the maximum.

Completely optional, these mini-challenges have no other purpose than to earn a little bit of extra XP, which limits their interest a bit. Indeed, after each race, it is possible challenger to his friends, players randomly selected, or downright full club by inviting them to beat our time under identical conditions (warning, there is no ghost here). These challenges literally showered and may incite continue playing. The problem is that there is no other reward than the XP, and if you are not especially motivated to drive up your club leaderboards, you will find no other motivation. In short, this aspect of the game can be interesting, but still lacks a little depth to convince completely. Obviously, it is possible to turn to classic multiplayer races, but they seem for the moment well because bourrines inaccuracies gameplay raised a little higher.

The interior views are fairly treated.

driveclub interiorBefore concluding, let the visual aspect. Indeed, Driveclub is a PS4 and exclusive in the sense of a standard graph function. And if he sometimes impresses with its artistic achievement and depth of field, it is also quite uneven. Some environments seem so much dull and clipping is sometimes felt.

The rain touted by developers for months is not available at present and will only come later, and reflections are also quite variable. If sometimes the entire environment is visible on the body, at night the situation is quite different since we sometimes feel that all paints are matt. Still speaking of the body, we must admit that the management of the damage is very limited because you cannot lose a coin and that some stripes that appear in here and there are not particularly well done. Fortunately, the cockpits are very well modeled and turn out to be perfectly playable. It’s still far from the slap graphics, making the final of this Driveclub a very disappointing Thurs.

Driveclub is unfortunately not the game we all expected. A little too low in content, it also offers well-medium steering feel and extremely frustrating AI that compensates for its lack of competitiveness through grotesque cheating. The system of clubs is widely highlighted in turn simply to gain experience to do well in the leaderboards, which should be sufficient to ensure long-term success of the game. Fortunately, the challenges that rain each day can motivate competitors to surpass, but that does not mean Driveclub of a good play.

9. Killzone Shadow Fall

ps4 game, Killzone Shadow Fall

The poor little PS4 is not a lot of titles to highlight during its launch. Fortunately, quantity and quality are not synonymous. This is a particular title which crystallizes the different expectations around the machine, it is of course Killzone Shadow Fall. He has the final studio Guerrilla baby the middle to carry such a burden? It does not save perhaps the launch line-up on its own but will have at least the merit to give us faith in the future of the console.

It has become traditional, the end of the year is always rich in SPF great show. Unfortunately, the fall of 2013 vintage will not necessarily remain in the memories of fans of genre. Call of Duty between a lackluster and Battlefield struggling to repeat the formula, blockbusters are not necessarily the party. Finally, the surprise comes from a Sony exclusivity, and more specifically the flagship game lineup of launch of the PS4, Killzone Shadow Fall. With this series, the studio Guerrilla has accustomed us to ever more spectacular titles that best exploited the Sony machines. We therefore expected to logically demonstrate the technical capabilities of the PS4, but it is clear that Killzone Shadow Fall is much more than that, it’s just a good FPS.

The arrival of refugees Helghast on Vekta was done in pain.

You who enter here without completing Killzone 3, abandon all hope not to get spoiler. Indeed the end of the previous installment was particularly radical: we witnessed outright destruction of Helghan. Thirty years have passed between this planetary catastrophe and the action of the Killzone Shadow Fall. The Vektans were forced to accommodate refugees and survivors of the planet Vekta is now divided in two by a huge wall: on one side a pseudo democracy that wants to own in all respects, the other a military dictatorship that manages both less well the misery of his people.

Killzone Shadow fallIn this context inspired openly of the Cold War, you play a Shadow Marshall in charge of maintaining the fragile peace between the two camps. This unique role will allow you to see that the reality is not nearly as simple as it seems, there is no Gentile on one side and evil on the other. While most current FPS merely throw us into a Manichean conflict by simply asking us to carefully knock the enemy soldiers, Killzone Shadow Fall offers us a vision of a more complex and gray world. The various collectible items throughout the levels are going in that direction and you will find that propaganda is rife on both sides of the wall. In short, the character that embodies, and by extension the player himself, is allowed to ask questions, to think to understand the world around it in its complexity.

The single player campaign is particularly varied.

This desire to appeal to the player’s thinking skills is also reflected in terms of gameplay. While previous Killzone put more emphasis on intense action under very linear levels, this episode expands our horizons and gives us more choice of our approach. You are a gross real and you like you jump headlong into battle? You are free to rush headlong but beware, you may die quickly … If you take the time to reflect on the situation, you can instead you play more or less stealthy. By opening his eyes a little, you discover that the environments are far from being limited to mere corridors, you will most often take a circuitous route to the lapels of enemies.

This is sometimes a vent, sometimes a little detour into the background, in all cases it is also an opportunity to get in on various weapons or collectibles. The level design is dense, intelligent and full of surprises. The gameplay is designed to help you explore these environments. We think of the tactical echo, a touch of the cross, reveals the enemies and the surrounding area. Do not think that this radar oversimplifies the task, you will just put a strategy developed before attacking. In the end, we are left with a game rhythm is very different from that of his elders and is closer to what one would have liked to see in the last Crysis. Exit the non-stop action in a scripted corridor and welcome to a balanced adventure that will keep you spellbound over ten hours in varying pleasures.

You are generally free to choose the approach that best suits you.

owl droneThe main gadget that will change your life is of course the drone that accompanies you throughout the campaign. This pet next-gen still has various functions associated with the L1 trigger. For starters, it can revive you when you fall in battle, provided of course still have an adrenaline pocket in stock. This return to the last minute you can even activate a small bullet time when you are targeting.

The drone, which can be called by the pet name of OWL, is also able to hack terminals to disable enemies such as alarms and prevent reinforcements turn up. This famous OWL is also directly linked to the tactile surface of the PS4 controller: you can indeed quickly choose one of the last four features by quickly sliding your finger on the pad the DualShock 4.

The drone is able to deploy a zip line to turn into a real flying machine turret to stun a group of enemies or to set up an energy shield. The different capabilities of OWL let you especially to have the choice of tactic: for example some will look for the best corner in the map that will allow them to stay safe behind their shield while others prefer to play mobile by sending the drone create against fire and focus attention then take out enemies from behind. More than just a gadget, OWL itself as a real find, which brings even more diversity to the gameplay.

The sets are simply gorgeous.

If Killzone Shadow Fall is a success in terms of atmosphere and gameplay, so do not be hypocritical, it is primarily a graphics slap that requires the player. Let’s put things in context, the owners of PC with a very very big config will not be blown away by cons when compared to other games the title on consoles, we realize that agit- there a real leap forward. Between the realistic volumetric smoke, the effects of light sumptuous (but sometimes a little too supported), dynamic reflections in the smallest puddles, the incredible depth of field of some scenery or management of particles, you’ll really difficulty eyes off this magnificent spectacle.

“ The level design is dense, intelligent and full of surprises ”

Also note that the game runs about 30 fps in single player but it rises to 60 fps constant in the history of multi fit a little better the nervousness of playing online. In a word, Killzone Shadow Fall proves indeed that the PS4 has under the hood. If your retinas will be at the party, we can say the same for your little ears: the sound effects have been worked to adapt dynamically to different environments and music is a real treat.

Two composers were mobilized for the occasion: Tyler Bates was in charge of the futuristic atmosphere on the side of Vektans while Lorn proposes a more industrial sound to stick to the Helghast. Throughout the game the other, the realization is a real success, just-we noted a small bug progress that has asked us to restart the game at the last save point. We will put this small inconvenience on account of the fact that we realized the test on a non-final version of the game, it is likely that the problem will be solved when the game will arrive in your hands.

There is no doubt, Killzone Shadow Fall is indeed the most attractive game of the line-up of launch of the PS4: not only is it a technical success, but it is also a beautiful lesson level design successful and intelligent screenplay. If the solo is flamboyant, the multiplayer is a little more classic but it remains very well made. In short, Guerrilla puts the bar high right from the launch of the PS4 and hopefully soon find other titles of this caliber on the Sony console.

8. Infamous Second Son

front cover, Infamous Second Son

The PS4 well be a global carton with 6 million copies sold to date, it still has a line-up down compared to that of the Xbox One, and regardless of the quality of the Microsoft exclusives. The euphoria of the first months of the discovery of titles like Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack, our eyes are naturally riveted on inFAMOUS: Second Son, the first large excluded from the machine in 2014. After months of teasing, pictures of alluring and spectacular videos, it is time whether Delsin Rowe, the new hero, really deserves all the praise he sings.

inFAMOUS: Second sonen cinema like video game, the trend is the trilogy. So when Sucker Punch announced that for the third episode of inFAMOUS, Cole McGrath has been sacrificed on the altar of glory, but mostly common sense, one can only be curious as to the idea of ​​landing his successor . This is none other than Delsin Rowe, a rebellious young man in teen look that spends most of its time tagg on the walls, until he will cross the path of a bearer (a kind of mutant) that will transmit its power by mistake.

Now considered a bio-terrorist, Delsin will have to flee the authorities of the DUP (Department of Conservation Units) capture all those responsible for the X-Men in the making and so channel their desires to use their powers. Aided by his brother Reggie, Delsin Rowe then heads toward Seattle, where some Brooke Augustine turned the city under siege. It also has powers, she is able to bend stone and concrete as a person, which makes it a formidable enemy. However, before you can put him in full of cum, Delsin will have to gain power and what it takes to acquire powers to par with that old hag.

This is the story of an X-mec …

Delsin Rowe, infamous second soninFAMOUS: Second Delsin Rowe SonFaire of a superhero, as is the leitmotif of inFAMOUS: Second Son who gets in outline the series codes. The adventure began timidly elsewhere, with the famous smoke power which allows our hero through walls, sneak into the ducts, hovering briefly swinging but also all kinds of projectiles in order to attack the soldiers DUP, which does not leave easily done. But before you can get entire range of attacks, Delsin will have to find the core of the relay DUP has spread around Seattle. Each of these devices allow it to inflate its arsenal, like the ability to load an attack, swinging specific shots or better yet, unlock the famous final attack capable of scanning an entire area of ​​a sudden one.

The Sucker Punch developers have also thought about integrating a skill tree that enables Delsin Rowe to improve some of its attacks, with fragments which can find here and there in the city. This is also part of the side missions that require off in search of these skill points to not find yourself stuck facing enemies, certainly not very intelligent, but the formidable tenacity. Whether officers DUP thugs is interrupted in full or simple traffic policemen doing their job, they often attack in numbers and if you leave Delsin Rowe with its basic powers, may bite the dust beyond reason. Fortunately, at the discretion of the adventure, Delsin will meet other mutants, carriers of different powers he can escape, our hero acting like a sponge. Between Fetch has a weakness for neon or Eugene, a video enthusiast, we appreciate the opportunity to ramp up, each new power providing the player to best enjoy gameplay that gains in intensity. Enjoyable.

inFAMOUS: Second Son is the term that comes up quite often when one has fun with the new mumuse newly acquired powers, it is really unfortunate not to combine them and make the most of this idea of ​​gameplay. Unable to use the example neon dash with the video stream, Delsin must choose between the powers obtained by sucking the items he finds in Seattle. A truly frustrating restriction, like the moral choices we were literally oversold. Like the previous episodes, Delsin will face decisions in his career, sometimes forcing them to sacrifice a friend or save his skin, bribe a mutant or conversely put it in the right way.

Infamous Second Son gameplayIn the end, except for a different purpose depending on the chosen path (that of justice from that of infamy) and separate the two types of missions (red and blue), which will be of interest to repeat the set a second time, the consequences are identical to previous episodes and are not as thorough as expected. A big disappointment that developers have however mitigated by a narrative effort that did not exist in the series. The game has matured and this is due mostly to the really successful kinematic and acting Troy Baker, who epitomizes the character of Delsin Rowe, arrogant, narcissistic and a little hothead.

inFAMOUS: Second Son throws in a lot, we must admit. Overall, the game pays homage to the technical capabilities of the PS4 with an open world both rich and lively and distance quite impressive display. It is true that sometimes some textures lack finesse and details and that the citizens of Seattle give the feeling of having been taken over from the previous generation, but the game is easily caught up by the amount of special effects and particles although prove is passed to the next gen ‘. It will not be unusual to stop for a moment to enjoy a sunset at the seaside, ogling these neon shine Chinatown Seattle, or even enjoy the rain effects that give the city ​​an atmosphere worthy of Blade Runner.

Anyway, the game is built so as to push the player to visit every corner of the city, with many secondary task to be done to not only try to finish the game 100%, but also increase points Delsin competence. It is perhaps here that developers Sucker Punch unveil their limits to their imagination, with some repetition in the actions to do. Interrupting a demonstration, locate the DUP undercover agents, finding hidden drones, to end drug trafficking, or even make graffiti in the manner of a Banksy (a minigame certainly very nice, appealing to gyroscopic functions of the DualShock 4, although we would have liked a more inventive way grip Jet Set Radio), that’s basically what awaits you in side quests. All this obviously has a specific purpose, increase the life of the game, because based solely on the main quests, inFAMOUS: Second Son ends in a dozen hours. This is my honest enough faith these days.

open world, Infamous Second SoninFAMOUS: Second SonSi the title of Sucker Punch has great visual qualities, it nevertheless reveals some weaknesses in gameplay, starting with the absence of lock, which interferes with the proper course of action, especially when it is as vivid and dynamic. With this maelstrom of enemies and events taking place on the screen, it would have been better able to target an enemy not enrailler attacks the body-to-body, for example. It is not uncommon, for example, begin to bind an enemy and switch to another when we have not finished ruining itself. Similarly, with the many projectiles and other projects can be made available, zooming with L2 is unfortunately not sufficient.

Because by launching an assault on prohibited areas guarded by soldiers of the DUP, it is not uncommon to have to face thirty enemies at once, making frantic action, which has the effect of confusing the camera sometimes difficult to follow. Another pitfall also caught our attention: the climb. Even if it becomes trivial once Delsin acquired its full powers, the first hours of game show by quite painful moments. If our rebellious can cling to anything he wants, he comes off as a floating feeling not always great at the beginning of the game. Delsin Ezio is not, even if we wished he could climb cornices with as much class as the hero of Assassin’s Creed.

Between good & evil

inFAMOUS: Second Son, it’s true, some people tend to quibble but it looked liked FAMOUS: Second Son can bring all these qualities for a result close to perfection. If there is still a lot of things to improve for next episode, the game meets its specifications and fits like a very good stress relief demonstrating the next gen capabilities’ of the PS4. Because beyond some technical imperfections and some wanderings in terms of gameplay, the fun takes over the rest, thanks to the feeling of omnipotence conferred super powers Delsin.

Malicious pleasure one takes effect to leap from building to building, sometimes stopping for a moment to enjoy beautiful panoramas and then drop several hundred meters fist toward the ground to create a shock wave to to reign chaos. Because honestly, it’s fun to play good Samaritans but falling to the dark side of the force provides much more fun. The path of infamy at the expense of good behavior befitting more casual character Delsin Rowe, always there to fuck or shit from the mouth of his brother, a prisoner of his cop status. This is also possible thanks to the acting, and specifically the great performance offered by Troy Baker who after The BioShock Infinite and The Last of Us shows us that the new generation video game can not do without him. BG as we say nowadays!

7. Order 1886

cover, Order 1886

The uchronies are often pretexts for original stories based on all known reality to which we will add various elements, fantastic or not. The Order: 1886 So share this assumption by projecting us in a steampunk Victorian London where matiné Lycans and humans coexist. A bias interesting for a game that intends to become the technological showcase for the PS4. But despite all the ambitions of the studio Ready at Dawn, is the result to the task?

And if the Knights of the Round Table had crossed the ages and found themselves in 1886 in London to fight an army of Lycans? As unlikely as it is, this pitch is nevertheless that of The Order: 1886 which highlights the so-called Galahad. The latter will, with the help of Isi Igraine and the Marquis de Lafayette (yes, ours, freshly income Americas) thwart a conspiracy within the brotherhood all while watching a growing rebellion within the same the city.

The game contains many lavish Plans

If almost everything has been said about the cinematic feel of the game, let us look however at this point who plays for many in the fantastic atmosphere (literally as figuratively) of the blockbuster. It should be noted at the outset that The Order: 1886 is the shooter qu’Heavy Rain is the videogame thriller: a work posed never losing sight of his story (whether good or bad), true vector progression player. In fact, this implies, in the view, all positive and negative aspects. Thus, it is undeniable that the completion of the game is in the service of narrative and atmosphere, each plan is revealing cleverly designed to immerse the player. Nevertheless, it is ironic that the most poignant sequences seem less controlled as much studied lambda plans. It felt, however, proves to be very personal and rather anecdotal, since the staging turns at the general atmosphere of the app that takes advantage also of a mind-blowing art direction.

Infiltration sequences have the merit to exist

gameplay order 1886Conversely, it may be somewhat disappointed by the construction of the game which campaigns openly for constant alternation between cinematic and true gameplay phases. It will also accept moult QTE for staging it again at the expense of further interaction. The most telling example is some fights against the Lycans, impressive graphics and openly motion but simply asking players to press the stick to avoid the blows or the relevant key to bludgeon attacks or escape chopper monster. Therefore, for you to see what you expect of the game though, whatever your camp, we note perfectly portrayed and extremely tasty universe thanks to guests like Darwin or Nikola Tesla, true “Q” in the service of the Order.

Visual and milestone marked

Visually, The Order is difficult shows to criticism as the work is stunning. The modeling of faces is astonishing realism, almost all the places are full of details or enjoying superb lighting and it is a real pleasure to evolve through this alternate history of pixels, a reflection of the hard work of artists decidedly gifted. Nevertheless be mentioned too vague and unattractive pronounced during gunfights although this does not detract from the excellent overall impression.

Moreover, besides a soundtrack flawless, also include the fantastic work of the Rose brand that offers us once a near-perfect French dubbing. Each vote corresponds to the character, each doubling is in the tone and the end result brings a lot to the finished product.

Quid of gameplay?

order 1886, game screenshotSo technically, the game provides, as is its playability? Again, there are pros and cons. In fact, the gameplay is based on mechanical views and magazines relying in particular on a cover system that works well. Note also a switch weapons just as simple and efficient management via cross to quickly select a handgun, a more powerful and two types of grenades. However, nothing new under the sun. Nevertheless mention some pretty funny weapons like the Thermite allowing swinging flammable spores or the electric gun, longer to load but powerful as to be able to extract members.

In short, everything is clean and more than enough to progress especially if we add the Black view. Kezako? It is simply an automatic fire that you can use after having eliminated enough enemies. You will now simply press the L1 button and switch from one to the other opponent to screen the balls until death follows. Very useful face guards armor or suicide bombers trying to evict you at the risk of their lives. In this regard, we note nevertheless an AI completely synonymous with strawberry enemies hiding or sometimes clumsily sticking to their positions waiting to be degummed. Especially a little strange that the title sometimes offers action sequences just pretend longuettes from a sort of Horde during which waves of enemies will be eliminated. The true cannon fodder!

Last but not least, undercover phases, allowing a break between two gunfights, but again poorly thought. Indeed, if we can sneak approach an opponent to place a stealth kill, we will again be dependent on a QTE and a timing to meet. If we made it, hard not to pester when it was spotted because they supported too early when we would normally have had time to kill our opponent a dozen times. Fortunately, these QTE are less frustrating to the body-to-body, the result offers us, in action, the finish moves rather classy.

Between dumping and semi-deception

galahad, order 1886All this helps to situate The Order: 1886 midwater. On one side, we salute the visual and sound work, his fabulous atmosphere or even the overall achievement. On the other, the short life of one finger will point, the enemy AI, an increase not always inspired or tutorial accompanying us from beginning to end without any possibility to remove the on-screen instructions. It is therefore inevitable that the game would be divided only by their biases, however, entirely supported but do not appeal to players looking for a supercharged shooter claiming reflexes and composure during 10 hours. However, The Order: 1886 is a quality food that probably could apply to the rank of “exceptional game” though several aspects were refined. It remains sincere in his approach and taking little we adhere to his creative vision, longitudinal progression leading to a fluid storytelling and cinematic inspirations.

Arduous task than to note that The Order: 1886 which constantly oscillates between various problems and immense qualities. Driven by an absolute will to approach the film, in which he draws moultes inspirations, sometimes to the detriment of its gaming dimension, the game Ready at Dawn is lived intensely but for a few hours only and lets contemplate sometimes to the detriment of its interactivity according to the final hypnotize or otherwise annoy your sensitivity and what you are looking for. The most important ultimately is what you expect because if the game is short and it is based on a basic gameplay, but efficient, the atmosphere coupled with a very neat completion guarantee under a real charisma. And as always when talking about strong personalities, they can only cause reactions, good or bad …


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